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  1. As of lately, I have been working on a project to replicate all major post WW2 fighter/attack aircraft of the US/USSR/Russia. All new ones will appear here. If you have any suggestions, post them here. They were built in KSP 1.2.0. All require BDarmony, a lot need TweakScale and Airplane Plus, plus other mods as needed. WW2. None Available Korean War MiG-15 https://kerbalx.com/dundun92/MiG-15 F-86 https://kerbalx.com/dundun92/F-86 Veitnam/Early Cold War. None Available Late Cold War/Modern Era None Available
  2. Ill take x-51
  3. I have multiple times. With identical aircraft, I can beat them. If i have a less maneuvrable aircraft, i can avoid being hit. In a WW2 style dogfight, me, and my other AI pilot beat 3 faster aircraft. Its on my youtube channel here. And it was all without a joystick.
  4. As far as you know, will this affect the HARM missiles if i keep the the version of BDAc i have?(v0.2.1.0)
  5. I'm using BDAc v0.2.1.0 on KSP 1.2.0, and the Radar Warning Receiver has no graphical display. The noises still occur. Is it due to to the version of BDAc? If so, what version would I have to install? I really dont want to go below, due to the aiming recticle appearing directly under aircraft issue.
  6. What about HyperEdit?
  7. Despite reading the entire OP, I still don't understand how money works(e.g, test flights, budget). Also, what's the use for this thread compared to the craft submission craft thread?
  8. The issue apparently isnt the mods, as i just re-installed KSP, installed the mods,(including the 3 versions of module manager) and it works! Thanks anyway!