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  1. Nope, all that is affected is the max launch range(4 to 19 km for AIM-9, 10 to 85 for AMRAAM) Just use Sidewinders.
  2. Just build normally. The plane will import fine. The gun and missile range haven't been changed. Simply tweak the settings as you normally would .Yes, we are using 0.212 rebuilt for 1.2.2. Everything was left as default. Oh, and I tweakscaled the landing gear, as they were too low. Ok!
  3. Ok! I'll give it try when I next have time (probaly monday).
  4. Also, when installing visual studio, do any of the extensions/addons in the setup options need to be installed? is the KSP SDK needed (sorry for obvious questions, previous c++ experience was for orbiter 2010)
  5. Ok! Next dogfights coming monday! Oh, and A LOT of missiles will have to come off the KF-122. 18 is FAR (get it?) to much.
  6. For the sake of time, id prefer one entry per person. Which one would you want to be entered?
  7. I didnt change it because I wasnt sure if you wanted the BDA AI or control surfaces tweaked, as BDA has a 35 g limit, quite high for FAR. Also, FAR works In degrees, from -40 to 40.
  8. I simply modified the configs, although I have considered recompiling it (havent worked with c++ for 2years though)
  9. So far I've done all the Mk8x bombs. I'd be fine hosting a 1.2.2 version.
  10. Thats what I was doing earlier today (seriously, exactly as you said). I also needed to change names, due to localisation.
  11. Eurofighter Typhoon vs SF-1 "Prergrine" Had to do 1v1, since if there were 2 typhoons, one would always crash.
  12. YES! Theyre flying @jrodriguez! I simply have to take them off
  13. Hmm... Good idea! Ill enter my F-4 in that catagory . Oh, and the video should be working now.
  14. Its uploading. Your spitfire 2 is next in line.