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  1. OH! That's probably my issue then... I despise the nature of the VAB editor and use the SPH for every build, plane or rocket. Since my first launch in career is always a rocket, and I always launch it from the runway, you just might be onto something there. I'll try and remember to test this theory by launching it from the launchpad next time I start a new career... (which is probably soon with 1.3 on the way.)
  2. No, the idea only just struck me when I stumbled across this thread. I'm trying to-- hell, I don't know what I'm doing, okay?! LOL I wanna go fast!
  3. I just slapped on a mess of Vectors and boosted away for about 30minutes of game time. I wanted to get an idea of what I'll need to make it happen through acceleration. It's actually still going as I type... but LOL, strange things are already happening. In map view, all the orbital lines and planet/moon indicators are flickering like mad... I sense the presence of the mighty kraken already!
  4. Can you go faster than light (299,792,458 m/s) in KSP? What happens? I'm going to try this right now. Because science. Mission update: MET +36:06, Speed 500,009 m/s. Sooo... what is that, like 14 days before I reach lightspeed..? I'll have to try this again later!
  5. How long is Eeloo "inside" Jool's orbit? I've only been to Laythe once legitimately, so I haven't really paid attention to that at all, really. I had so much trouble getting there, I figure my laptop just can't handle more parts/stages for an Eeloo encounter. It would be nice to know I actually have a shot at landing there too!
  6. Is geostationary altitude at Kerbin really 2,863,334m? I didn't pay much attention to more than my orbital period and station-keeping, relative to the surface, but I seem to remember questioning the Wiki afterward because I still needed minor correction burns at each apsis to circularize the orbit with a perfect 6 hour orbital period... but I'm kind of OCD about that, so maybe Kerbal Engineer Redux isn't accurate? Stock KSP won't tell me my orbital period unless I'm EXACTLY at an apsis or maneuver node, so I really just don't know. I'm far too lazy for all this complicated math! I think hard enough in planning and assembly of these crazy contraptions...
  7. If Cunjo Carl didn't solve your problem, you may have encountered a bug. I'm cruising through trying to be helpful to others and this question remembered my own issue in the past with one of the first ever contracts. Maybe one of you can help, as this has happened to me a few times since I like to start my career completely over when updates roll around. So do you remember when you first start a career? You get four contracts available before you ever even touch the first structure or part, if you look. The one I'm referring to is something like "Launch your first vessel from the launchpad or runway." Also, there's one for collecting science anywhere around Kerbin, one for escaping Kerbin's atmo and another for achieving orbit, which is all great, because I don't have any problems with completing all three in a single launch... sometimes... but more often than not, I'll complete those three contracts and somehow still not have completed the "Launch your first vessel from the launchpad or runway." I'm in a stable orbit for crying out loud! How have I NOT launched? I promise a complete and total lack of BS here. No debug menu, no Hyperedit. Is this a bug I've yet to stumble across perusing the forums here? Perhaps it has something to do with reverting the flight? With the basic starter parts, it's really hard to nail the launch to orbit, so sometimes it takes me a few tries. I suppose it's not really that big of an issue, but in the beginning, your limited funds IS. When I'm just starting out, it REALLY helps to get every single contract and return every single part that you can.
  8. By the sound of things, you've still more yet to learn! Meaning no insult, what you're doing wrong is asking the wrong questions. You know what went wrong with your injection burn at Duna... you ran out of fuel! The real question, my musical, equestrian friend, is how to take more fuel along with you! Our friend above, Streetwind is right though... if you'd like some solid, viable advice in your rocketry designs, we need to see the subject in question. Did you know you can screenshot KSP at any time with the F1 key? Just make sure you don't press F2 first, so we can see all your HUD information too. If you have Kerbal Engineer Redux, even MORE useful information could be shown, provided it's properly set up... this would help us help you in ways we couldn't with a stock KSP. Or to simplify things for yourself the most, just record your attempt and post a link to the video here so we can properly scrutinize it. If you'd just rather figure it out on your own, I couldn't suggest Kerbal Engineer Redux any more strongly. It doesn't just give you deltaV approximations like you see in the stock KSP manuever nodes. There are a myriad of calculations going on in simulation that aren't shown to you. KER gives you a heads-up display readout or pop-out window for ease of access, and even offers a great deal of in-editor calculations as you build, such as your total deltaV, thrust offset torque, thrust-to-weight ratio and many more, most of which can be modified by the specific celestial body you wish to encounter. That's really more helpful for complex designs, but it makes rocket-building easy-- well... a lot easier than just "eyeballing it" and hoping for the best. An educated guess is better. Less Kerbal, but more survivable. By the way, mods like Space Y and the Near-Future set of mods aren't intended to make the game easier in any way, they only make certain objectives easier to obtain. So don't think you're terrible at KSP... I've been playing a little over a year almost non-stop and still haven't successfully visited every moon and planet. Hey, even NASA sucks at making spaceplanes! LOL don't hurt me Realism players, I know Earth is much bigger than Kerbin. I'm just saying the shuttle program didn't work out very well, but they finally found another, better way, with time and testing. Good luck TubaHorse! Hope to see your work at Duna soon!
  9. Just match the subfolder's name in the one you unzip to the subfolder in your GameData directory. I open 2 windows for each, so it's simpler. All you have to do is drag and drop the new addition((s) the sequencer is so very worth it) in the corresponding-named subfolder and presto. Oh, and I'm assuming you're using Windows, naturally.
  10. "Getting" KSP... Nawp. Still don't get it. HA ~~~I found the debug menu-- LIFTOFF! Jets and single-stage to orbit are all the rave on Kerbin. Kerbals? Many died. Many... MANY died. For science, mostly. Some out of sheer frustration. Some because OMG LOLZ and spaghettification. ~~~I figured out which freakin tank to put the fuel pipe on first for a proper fuel balance-- Stage One Sep! Lookout Mun, Minmus, Duna, and lots and LOTS of failed rescue missions. Oh, and Eve? NO! Just... ugh. The global Kerbin population suffers a near-extinction-level event known only as "Physics Testing." Whole stations were built.... just to be rammed by speeding, I'm-not-docking-at-140m/s-relative-velocity kind of vessels. Because... science. ~~~"You mean, if I hold Shift while using Offset... I can put any part anywhere?!"-- Interplanetary Base Descent I got chu KSP. There's nothing you can't build. Oh... ahem... Until you get on up in the parts count. I.... really.... love... playin'... K... S... P... though. Ugh, and then I randomly blow up coming out of warp and quickload more than I launch... I keep snacks though. ~~~MODS-- Let's see what chu got, KSP Players.
  11. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction? Specifically the dimensions or "zoom button" would be most helpful.
  12. I had a BLAST with this track man! Nice job with your rover too, but I gotcha beat!
  13. @Shadowmage, I'm thoroughly enjoying your work. There should be a ton more wheel parts in the stock game! As much as I've used them, I've come up with a few interesting ideas. We've got great options, but I haven't seen any wheels I can put objects right in the middle of... Think of it sort of like an inverse reaction wheel-- its gear on the outside. Attach it the same way, or surface attach anywhere by the inner circumference of the wheel with the friction on the outer circumference. Does that make sense? I'm thinking (with the help of Tweakscale) this "ring wheel" could slip over almost any rounded or cylindrical part flush and provide an abundance of uses otherwise left to the imagination. I found an okay example to sort of illustrate. The first Star Trek movie-- uh, well the first one with Chris Pine; remember the bike Kirk gave away when he gets on the shuttle for the Academy? Have a look at those wheels and maybe you'll see the little green node sphere in the middle of it too!
  14. Hey, thanks @V8jester! So I actually figured it out before I checked back here, which still only made me feel slightly less noob LMAO! Edit: I felt complete and total noob-ality when I realized my spider-bot was going to lose her feet the second weight settled on them. I don't know how to use the "MM-patch" you guys referred to so many times in this very thread. Perhaps one of you might link me to a handy tutorial or post one here? The utilitron grabbers are now the only thing stopping me from successful, uh... inversion testing. After that, nothing can stop me from infesting Tylo-- with spidey-lights!
  15. Is anyone else having trouble with the scaling/scrolling of the editor window? The settings scaler simply shrinks or enlarges the whole thing. Dialogue box, buttons and text are uniformly resized by the slider, but I still can't view the options fully. Especially far right options like inversions, or even as far left as the presets button on parts with longer names are cut off by the editor window's limit. As I add more parts a scroll bar appears for up/down, but regardless of how many parts added to the list, no horizontal scrollbar appears. Naturally, this makes certain builds impossible without manipulating those much needed servos. I'm trying to build a spider bot to plant lights on the ceiling of a ca-- well, it's a dark place. If I can't invert servos and properly limit the legs, it's going to take forever to "climb" into position. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance. P.S. For those having troubles mirroring your servos: Place a small cubic strut, wing, panel or any other part appropriate for your attachment (surface/node) anywhere and build your servo on that. Build the full structure of the part assembly you'd like mirrored before you place it properly though, that way you maintain a perfect symmetry. Once you're finished, be sure you grab your new moving assembly to its proper place by the part you started with under your servo(s.) Eureka! Perfect servo symmetry! Note that you may still need to invert your motors, depending on function. My current dilemma.