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  1. And that's my first successful rendezvous with Eeloo via SSTO. Thanks! Edit: After a white-knuckle landing at Eeloo and tedious refuelling, I managed to totally screw the pooch on my return window. xD I'll try that again later-- when I remember to wait before launch from Eeloo!!
  2. So I dunno if this actually counts as my KSP moment, but the pride is the appeal, right? Not too long ago, I got into a minor argument with my girl about the difference in games we play. She loves Diablo, for instance, and I absolutely zombie and sleep after more than 20 minutes worth of gameplay, while she does about the same thing, trying to watch me play KSP. Naturally, we childishly went back and forth-- Me: "Your game's redundant, and teaches you nothing but hoarding and button-mashing!" -- Her: "Well, YOUR game is boring! You stare at the same thing for upwards of four hours and actually play for less than an hour!" Back and forth we go. A compromise was in order, for sure... So naturally, we challenged one another to take on the other's favorite game, while helping one another out a bit. I haven't seen her playing Diablo since! Her first attempt was to build a jet, but she asked that I don't hover while she builds. So, I just stayed nearby to answer the onslaught of questions about our beloved KSP. Well... it crashed into the sea just off the runway at the KSC and made a fantastic speedboat! Nevertheless, it didn't work as expected, so she was totally against ever playing again. I convinced her to try again, but this time, let me help her more directly. This time, I just asked her some common-sense kinds of questions, like "You saw in the part description that engine requires intake air, right? How can you scoop air into an engine?" She went right to the aero-tab. Or, "Are you planning to take off from the water or the runway?" She went straight to the wheels tab. Etcetera... After no more than about an hour of this sort of turn-about, her jet, which she aptly named "Redemption" lifted off from the runway... I didn't think I could smile bigger when I saw it was stable... and FAST! But I was wrong... SHE LANDED IT ON THE FREAKIN SOUTH POLE, PEOPLE! If I'd grinned any wider, the top of my head would've fallen off!
  3. Shame on you for having no more imagination than a few more pixels in your profile pic than your typical new user... Shame on me for taking the time to find out.
  4. For shame: You still don't have a profile pic? For Miner's comeback: No stars on no shuttles is still worse.
  5. Firstly, I'll just say I've barely been playing KSP over a year now and I'm a swift learner. I absolutely love this game. I feel like Squad hooked us up with an unlimited supply of super-powered LEGOs or something! The freedoms... It's incredibly entertaining... but today I wish to personally introduce RNG to my kraken-fist! Okay, so here's the breakdown: My ultimate goal is to vacation the surviv-- uh, I mean Kerbals of my space program to Laythe. Naturally, there's a few things we'll need to truly enjoy ourselves on Laythe... You know, boats, jets, spider-bots and submersibles... the usual. However, for ease of transit and a larger margin of error, I decided that a Minmus refueling station would be, not only necessary, but PERFECT for such a feat. Not only does the super-low gravity prove simple to beat, but Minmus is also the furthest satellite from Kerbin, naturally nullifying a great deal of the deltaV required to escape Kerbin's gravity. That's going to come in handy with this career later, as well, considering my plans of sending many heavy toys to Laythe to play with. Jebs and Vals, I assure you I have done similar Minmus bases before, many times in past, now-deleted game saves. Never ONCE was I disappointed until this very evening. After starting a new career and establishing a communications constellation around both Kerbin and then Minmus, spending a few hours in the SPH designing a beautifully mobile and minimalistic Minmus refueling base, then building the launcher for it, it was finally time to send a probe to survey the minty planet. I didn't. Instead, I tested out the full potential of the refueler, from launch to landing to ensure a later success. After a near-perfect flight, I landed the base safe and sound, ultimately deciding it was no test flight at all. No time later, that surveyor launch was underway, and without failings of any kind (other than my inefficient piloting.) Soaring over the north pole of Minmus, my capture burn was a success, so I deployed the probe's scanners in haste, ready to move on with the next phase of the operation. I could always move the refueler to the nearest ore concentration, if necessary. And RNG kicked me right where the sun don't shine. Minmus was practically dried up. No more than 4% ore content at the hottest concentration, and that makes mining ore ridiculously lengthy, no matter how many BadS, 5-star engineers you have aboard. I'll time-warp through a day of mining, sure. No problem. Warping through years of mining? Forget it. It's one thing to have to stop the drills so the ISRU can catch up... it's a whole 'nother headache to stop the ISRU and wait for ore. Good thing I have so much experience in starting careers from scratch, because this will be the fastest-deleted game save I've ever started... having only spent about 6 hours in total, from beginning launch to surveying the prune that is Minmus. Hopefully the career I just started will be more like what I'm used to seeing-- averaging around 12% ore concentration, and generally in the Flats areas, where landing is even easier... Good luck to you, my fellow kerbonauts! May the odds be ever in your "flavor."
  6. OH! That's probably my issue then... I despise the nature of the VAB editor and use the SPH for every build, plane or rocket. Since my first launch in career is always a rocket, and I always launch it from the runway, you just might be onto something there. I'll try and remember to test this theory by launching it from the launchpad next time I start a new career... (which is probably soon with 1.3 on the way.)
  7. No, the idea only just struck me when I stumbled across this thread. I'm trying to-- hell, I don't know what I'm doing, okay?! LOL I wanna go fast!
  8. I just slapped on a mess of Vectors and boosted away for about 30minutes of game time. I wanted to get an idea of what I'll need to make it happen through acceleration. It's actually still going as I type... but LOL, strange things are already happening. In map view, all the orbital lines and planet/moon indicators are flickering like mad... I sense the presence of the mighty kraken already!
  9. Can you go faster than light (299,792,458 m/s) in KSP? What happens? I'm going to try this right now. Because science. Mission update: MET +36:06, Speed 500,009 m/s. Sooo... what is that, like 14 days before I reach lightspeed..? I'll have to try this again later!
  10. How long is Eeloo "inside" Jool's orbit? I've only been to Laythe once legitimately, so I haven't really paid attention to that at all, really. I had so much trouble getting there, I figure my laptop just can't handle more parts/stages for an Eeloo encounter. It would be nice to know I actually have a shot at landing there too!
  11. Is geostationary altitude at Kerbin really 2,863,334m? I didn't pay much attention to more than my orbital period and station-keeping, relative to the surface, but I seem to remember questioning the Wiki afterward because I still needed minor correction burns at each apsis to circularize the orbit with a perfect 6 hour orbital period... but I'm kind of OCD about that, so maybe Kerbal Engineer Redux isn't accurate? Stock KSP won't tell me my orbital period unless I'm EXACTLY at an apsis or maneuver node, so I really just don't know. I'm far too lazy for all this complicated math! I think hard enough in planning and assembly of these crazy contraptions...
  12. If Cunjo Carl didn't solve your problem, you may have encountered a bug. I'm cruising through trying to be helpful to others and this question remembered my own issue in the past with one of the first ever contracts. Maybe one of you can help, as this has happened to me a few times since I like to start my career completely over when updates roll around. So do you remember when you first start a career? You get four contracts available before you ever even touch the first structure or part, if you look. The one I'm referring to is something like "Launch your first vessel from the launchpad or runway." Also, there's one for collecting science anywhere around Kerbin, one for escaping Kerbin's atmo and another for achieving orbit, which is all great, because I don't have any problems with completing all three in a single launch... sometimes... but more often than not, I'll complete those three contracts and somehow still not have completed the "Launch your first vessel from the launchpad or runway." I'm in a stable orbit for crying out loud! How have I NOT launched? I promise a complete and total lack of BS here. No debug menu, no Hyperedit. Is this a bug I've yet to stumble across perusing the forums here? Perhaps it has something to do with reverting the flight? With the basic starter parts, it's really hard to nail the launch to orbit, so sometimes it takes me a few tries. I suppose it's not really that big of an issue, but in the beginning, your limited funds IS. When I'm just starting out, it REALLY helps to get every single contract and return every single part that you can.
  13. By the sound of things, you've still more yet to learn! Meaning no insult, what you're doing wrong is asking the wrong questions. You know what went wrong with your injection burn at Duna... you ran out of fuel! The real question, my musical, equestrian friend, is how to take more fuel along with you! Our friend above, Streetwind is right though... if you'd like some solid, viable advice in your rocketry designs, we need to see the subject in question. Did you know you can screenshot KSP at any time with the F1 key? Just make sure you don't press F2 first, so we can see all your HUD information too. If you have Kerbal Engineer Redux, even MORE useful information could be shown, provided it's properly set up... this would help us help you in ways we couldn't with a stock KSP. Or to simplify things for yourself the most, just record your attempt and post a link to the video here so we can properly scrutinize it. If you'd just rather figure it out on your own, I couldn't suggest Kerbal Engineer Redux any more strongly. It doesn't just give you deltaV approximations like you see in the stock KSP manuever nodes. There are a myriad of calculations going on in simulation that aren't shown to you. KER gives you a heads-up display readout or pop-out window for ease of access, and even offers a great deal of in-editor calculations as you build, such as your total deltaV, thrust offset torque, thrust-to-weight ratio and many more, most of which can be modified by the specific celestial body you wish to encounter. That's really more helpful for complex designs, but it makes rocket-building easy-- well... a lot easier than just "eyeballing it" and hoping for the best. An educated guess is better. Less Kerbal, but more survivable. By the way, mods like Space Y and the Near-Future set of mods aren't intended to make the game easier in any way, they only make certain objectives easier to obtain. So don't think you're terrible at KSP... I've been playing a little over a year almost non-stop and still haven't successfully visited every moon and planet. Hey, even NASA sucks at making spaceplanes! LOL don't hurt me Realism players, I know Earth is much bigger than Kerbin. I'm just saying the shuttle program didn't work out very well, but they finally found another, better way, with time and testing. Good luck TubaHorse! Hope to see your work at Duna soon!
  14. Just match the subfolder's name in the one you unzip to the subfolder in your GameData directory. I open 2 windows for each, so it's simpler. All you have to do is drag and drop the new addition((s) the sequencer is so very worth it) in the corresponding-named subfolder and presto. Oh, and I'm assuming you're using Windows, naturally.
  15. "Getting" KSP... Nawp. Still don't get it. HA ~~~I found the debug menu-- LIFTOFF! Jets and single-stage to orbit are all the rave on Kerbin. Kerbals? Many died. Many... MANY died. For science, mostly. Some out of sheer frustration. Some because OMG LOLZ and spaghettification. ~~~I figured out which freakin tank to put the fuel pipe on first for a proper fuel balance-- Stage One Sep! Lookout Mun, Minmus, Duna, and lots and LOTS of failed rescue missions. Oh, and Eve? NO! Just... ugh. The global Kerbin population suffers a near-extinction-level event known only as "Physics Testing." Whole stations were built.... just to be rammed by speeding, I'm-not-docking-at-140m/s-relative-velocity kind of vessels. Because... science. ~~~"You mean, if I hold Shift while using Offset... I can put any part anywhere?!"-- Interplanetary Base Descent I got chu KSP. There's nothing you can't build. Oh... ahem... Until you get on up in the parts count. I.... really.... love... playin'... K... S... P... though. Ugh, and then I randomly blow up coming out of warp and quickload more than I launch... I keep snacks though. ~~~MODS-- Let's see what chu got, KSP Players.