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  1. This hype train derailment is hilarious given the community's utter disdain for the plight of the console players.
  2. Does anyone here actually think FTE are working on it anymore?
  3. Thanks for the much needed info on the console versions.
  4. My apologies for not noticing your post. I'm as baffled as you are, I'd love to know what this award is actually for. It's crazy considering the state of the game on release and the fact that the only patch released is a bust.
  5. You speak with such authority despite not having a clue whats going on, it's actually pretty impressive. Squad told me that FTE won't cooperate anymore and squad need them to fix the game, doesn't sound like much progress is being made. Mark my words this game is staying good and broken for a long time.
  6. What exactly are they working on?
  7. Wondered when the obligatory condescending pc player would show up. You said you haven't played the console version of ksp so youve no idea what you're talking about. You said that they're working on it??? First of all they've being saying that for four months!! Secondly a member of squads staff told me that FTE aren't working on a patch. It seems things have broken down between these two companies and they've left us with a broken game, sure why not pick up some awards along the way.
  8. Check out the post from yesterday. An award??!! What's wrong with this industry. Where else can you sell a broken product for months and receive an award? Can someone please explain to me what the award is actually for?
  9. I've actually given up on this game ever being fixed. What bothers me is that it's still on the stores ripping people off. A class action suit seems like the only option left to us.
  10. I'm sure squad will sort it out without FTE (thats the only way it's gonna happen). I really hope so because it's such a great game and such a shame FTE messed it up. Dont know if anyone noticed but FTE Facebook page previously had a review section. Before the release of ksp on consoles they had some positive reviews but as you can imagine in the last week or so some people put up negative reviews. Now they've removed that bit from their page, what a bunch of clowns.
  11. I was in contact with squad and they had no idea what I was on about when I asked how the patch testing was going. I get the impression they're as displeased with FTE as we are. FTE are lying about this mythical patch and I don't think they're even working on it anymore. Bottom line, don't expect much from FTE.
  12. Against my better judgement I have to respond to this nonsense. So because the console version is a port it should be hopelessly broken? And we shouldn't expect any support for four months and counting? I paid at least as much for this game as you did, I expect it to at least work on a basic level.
  13. Does anyone here actually think FTE are capable of bringing 1.2 to console?
  14. Squad didn't mention a ps4 patch in the KSP weekly. They don't have anything to test.
  15. Squad have no patch to test. FTE are straight up lying at this point. I feel sorry for squad but I'm furious with FTE.