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  1. @Gaarst Thank you very much
  2. 10/10 because your avatar is colored
  3. @SartinMax Very good video
  4. I speak French and English
  5. ?/10 Because I do not know what it is!
  6. @CarnageINC Thank you very much
  7. @Jack Joseph Kerman to be honest, the planet I do not like is Dres, because he has no interest, color and texture of the planet, that's why I do not like Dres!
  8. I do not know
  9. Very good mod
  10. it's the best! @Artyomka15 @Artem Kerman @SQUAD @dundun93 @ISE @ProtoJeb21 @Benjamin Kerman @Malah @Majorjim! @Kerbal101 @ModerndayLink64 @linuxgurugamer Vote Them!! Are very nice guys
  11. This is exactly what my mod adds
  12. Hello

    1. cratercracker


      *Breath in*


      If you want to say hello, just do it via PM.

  13. It's very interesting