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  1. How much people you follow?? Ah.. Hi!

  2. Sorry (I did not know)
  3. Hi

    1. monstah



      Why are you repeatedly following and unfollowing me?

  4. bonjour j'ai besoin d'aide pour mon mod et l'aide sera me trouver des idées. merci (si vous avais vue)
  5. It's done! (But i need more idea pls )
  6. Excellent request!
  7. It is in PRE-RELEASE!
  8. Everyone from ksp I have good news! ISV Venture Star will arrive soon!
  9. I modeling on the stock parts
  10. What are you talking about?
  11. This plugin will make an api with the TextureReplacer. The Alien Manager plugin will be a model plugin to change the kerbal model. EX: in the future of the mod Avatar-Mods it will have the model and the skin of the Na'vi and Human!
  12. Hello everyone from ksp here is my second mod (it's not a mod but a plugin!) My plugin will be alien manager. But in the future the mods will be public. thank you for your patience