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  1. Thanks to @V8jester and @Agustin, my install of IR is now working properly =)
  2. hi @Jasseji Thanks for that tip! =) I do have KIS/KAS installed =D
  3. Hi @linuxgurugamer Got it! =) think I'll let my mistake "slide" this time. ="> don't want to mess up my career save =D Thanks again =)
  4. hi @linuxgurugamer =) Is there a way to change a decal on an already deployed vessel? I used Nebula decals to show designations for my satellites and numbered them. I've already set-up my Mun relay satellite when I realized I forgot to change the number set. =D ="> Regards! =)
  5. Hi @VaPaL =) It's defined in the cfg files, think it's "VesselType". Am not sure what would happen if it's removed ="> Regards
  6. hi @SpannerMonkey(smce) Will do that =) I already planned on restarting a new career save since @dboi88 was kind enough to convert the TGA files to DDS =) and I really want to use the parts made by z_thing ="> Cheers and thanks again! =)
  7. @dboi88 and @SpannerMonkey(smce) I appreciate all your help! =) if I don't ask questions, I'd never learn how things are supposed to be done =D Didn't know also the "underscores" messes up MM =D was just following the obviously outdated cfg file and stuff of z_thing's boxes (
  8. Hi guys, @steedcrugeon is right, just need one and it takes into account all FTL drives of the current vessel. Regards =)
  9. Hi everybody, Still haven't figured out the fxtextureswitch2 on the custom part am trying to work in my personal career save. =D ="> To move things along, I group the resources and paired them with a specific z_box container to skip the texture switching/selecting thing. Applied the same approach to "z's" circular hub parts which is going well. =D Thanks again for your comments and tips! =) Regards
  10. Here's my custom CFG file ="> I kinda combined z's B_white_long.cfg with... MKS' Kontainer_02.cfg in my amateurish attempt =">
  11. Hi everybody =) Thanks to @dboi88 for converting z_thing's boxes to DDS format, I've been using them on my sandbox save. =) Now am trying out on using FStextureSwitch2 and FSfuelSwitch to switch between... boxes models to use with different types of resources, but only got the FSfuelSwitch to work. ="> Am using a known mod's config as basis. Is this just a matter of getting the from MM syntax or editing the MU files is required? Again, this is only for my personal testing, learning/tinkering purposes. ="> all rights are reserved by their respective owners. =) Regards
  12. oh wow, thanks @HurricanKai =)
  13. Thanks @HurricanKai! =)
  14. Hi everybody =) Thanks for your tips! =) Thought I could wait for the wayward satellite, ship and space station until it gets into Kerbin SOI... but the unthinkable happened... they're gone =( I only noticed this when I decided to check them up again. I loaded up an earlier save and did a timewarp to find out what happened, the satellite slammed into a planet while the space station and ship collided with each other. *poof* =D Regards and thanks again =) PS No kerbals were harmed during the accidental Kerbin ejection =D
  15. Hi everybody =) I recently put a satellite at about 11,500km in orbit around Kerbin. After a few missions here and there, I got a contract to re-position it. When I checked on it again, it's now in solar orbit =D Is there a maximum safe orbit around Kerbin wherein satellites and space stations ="> won't get ejected to the far flung reaches of the kosmos? =D Regards and thanks in advance =D