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  1. really nice! now @Stevie_D i was just wondering, how's development going? i absolutely love your work!
  2. i absolutely love this mod, but could somebody add some caft files? thank you!
  3. @Stevie_D hey man, i was wondering, will the warprings utilize roverdudes warpdrive? 'cause that would be pretty awesome!
  4. holy excrements i am hyped beyond birds right now
  5. okay now i am hyped as love
  6. @Denko666 hi man, just wondering how the mod is doing, as in development of the pods etc. i love your work man!
  7. as soon as i install this modand launch KSP it keeps crashing... sad since i absolutely love scifi inspired mods
  8. i'm not asking you specifically to screw the license tho. i was joking.
  9. me too. i really hope @StarVision changes the licence. otherwise just love the licence and do it anyways since he is ignoring it and therefore simply does not care about this mod it seems.
  10. i hope so... hate to see him go. he was an awesome modder...
  11. Hi guys! first of all, I absolutely love this mod! keep on doing what you are doing 'cause you are doing it very good! second, i'd like to ask for some craft files, as i am quite a lazy love and i just want to dick around with this in sandbox. thanks in advance!
  12. hi @JPLRepo i love the mod! great work! second i would like to ask if there is a possibility to add a craft file for us lazy people out there. if you could do that that would be amazing!! thanks allready for this amazing mod!!
  13. @StarVision are yu just ignoring this thread or what?
  14. could you add craft files? i really find it difficult to assemble each ship by hand
  15. @MacLuky thanks a lot! about the help part, i wish i could help, but i dont know how to mod... sorry... also is there a possibility to add a craft file? thanks!