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  1. I Love this mod but i am experiencing a few issues, the main one being Gov Thing Says I Don't Have A Station Station In Orbit Of Kerbin Station Has: Solar Panels, 1 Science Lab, 2 Kerbals, and Several Antennas I Have All Required Modules, So ...... ? Also The Station Was Noticed By A MKS Or USI Contract Not Sure Which
  2. Ah yes If they put it in i would like it so it doesn't suddenly decide that kerbol is the horizon or something fun like that
  3. I Support This Ksp 1.3 Methinks?
  4. Mods Cool Just though it was interesting
  5. I find it interesting That You Named Your Ship After The USS Akron. Otherwise known as the worst airship disaster ever
  6. Anyone else having the same bug as me? Because this just happened again and i have to close the entire game to get rid of it which sucks bc i have a 15 min boot time due to tons of mods
  7. Ive know about this mod for a while but have never really seen the point.. Until yesterday when i finally discovered the wonders reusability works for your career mode budget, plus it just looks cool. I did i really just launch and land a rocket on the same pad?
  8. Love The Mod Very Handy One Thing Im Not Loving: Teh Issue ( Ignore EVE And Scatter.. Someone screwed up with some numbers I believe the blue text box is from your mod? Ive had it pop up several time now when I switch scenes. Not always the same text either.
  9. Finally A Mod That Gives Me Reason To Blow Stuff Up! Cue 1812 Overture
  10. Yeah Its was Konstruction Or something not entirely sure where these ports are from
  11. For how new this mod is, i have to say its pretty damned good. I was even able to get Jeb into a buggy again. He says he feels "safer" Wait until he finds out we just painted some old fuel lines.
  12. I figured out the issue with food transfer. I was using modded docking ports and they messed with the transferring of fuel. Thanks anyways
  13. Why Wait For Official? The versions im using now work fine
  14. Is there Any reason why i cant transfer food from one container to another? I want to resupply my station but for some reason its not letting me transfer food
  15. I Have 1 Word Actually 2 But I Cant Post One Of Them ****** AWESOME!!! Finally =)))))