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  1. I think Ultimate Steve solution is pretty good. It explains why there are no house and cities on Kerbin. I have always imagined it was a bit more like K'n-yan in H. P. Lovecraft's "The Mound", From Wikipedia: Although, I rather like Snark's suggestion.
  2. MechJeb recently landed a 15 meter tall resource extractor successfully 14 meters underground. The only thing above ground was the advanced nose cone - but the ship was completely intact - just 14 meters underground. Even the landing gear and RCS engines were still intact. I had left KSP in orbit view, thinking it might land closer to my target if I just left MechJeb alone after enabling it. I keep thinking it is a 'feature' and I just have to use my imagination to figure out why that would be useful. Maybe if it was a habitat module, you could put a MK1 command pod on top for a ground level entrance to your underground silo Mobile Processing Lab?
  3. Well, I would probably upgrade to a keyboard that had more than one key. Since this happens with most updates to KSP, I have it down. I would, of course, just try to re-start the program first. Then after that inevitably fails, I clean out everything in the gamedata folder. Next I add the mods back in one at a time and until it crashes again. And now I think we all know what to do - you go to Add-On Discussion and curse at the unpaid modder for not having already fixed his free mod two hours after the KSP update which they had nothing to do with. But seriously, I lost my hard drive Friday night and I did upgrade to a SSD hard drive. It does help load the game faster. So to recap. When KSP crashes the steps to follow are as follows: . .. . ... . . ... >>>>>>!!!1!!
  4. Crafts can get into orbit? I thought this was firework simulation software. So, are you saying you could put five fireworks in orbit at different orbital planes and synchronize their deorbit to form a perfect star of streaking fire from the sky that explode simultaneously over the Kerbal Space Center just as you use a plethora solid fuel boosters to blow up multiple Kerbodyne S3-14400 Tanks? That would be spectacular. And I do feel somewhat inadequate.
  5. If you are indeed on version 1.0.5, go here https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/MechJeb2-Dev/ and download Build 698. I think the current ModuleManager.2.8.0.dll should still work (don't quote me on that), but let us know if you are still having problems.
  6. We'll go over the absolute basics first. If you have the Steam version, it has probably auto updated to 1.3. It is shown in the bottom right corner of the screen. You GameData folder should look something like this. You might not have the top three folders (that is a different mod) but make sure your MechJeb2 folder is there. Also notice that I am using ModuleManager.2.8.0.dll which you will need if indeed you are on version 1.3. Now you should be able to place the MechJeb2 part. Notice the MechJeb2 at the upper right on your screen after the part is placed. When out of the hanger the 'MJ' icon will be on the right. That is where you get the MechJeb2 menu. I am sorry if this is too basic, but on the off chance it helps someone else I thought I would post it.
  7. Thinking I must have misread the OP after reading the comments, I went back and read it again. I suppose, in a sense, the game is a bit like chess for me. When playing chess I tend to have a knotted brow and I am not sure what I am experiencing can be exactly described as 'fun'. But I am I am totally absorbed in the pieces on those 64 squares to the point that everything else in the room verges on nonexistent. Perhaps this is a bit overstated, but KSP can be that way too. You are confronted with knotty problems that do not always have ready solutions. And your solution can have consequences further down the road. I have found myself building advance rovers and taken radially mounted pieces off to re-position them, only to find I can't reattach it in the right configuration, and it will liquid me off. Liquid me off, in fact, to the point that I will sometimes voice oaths that will also never appear in this forum about my goodly designed piece of ship. But the problem has not been solved - and I resume the struggle (I think that last part is from Waiting For Godot). When you win at chess, you are ecstatic; When you lose at chess you brood and say 'set the piece up again.' Fortunately, I win more often than I lose in KSP.
  8. I guess this has come up before, but I thought I would bring it up again with the advent of the Comm Network. I was flying a test mission with a MechJeb attached. I was done with the craft, and decided to burnt it up over Kerbin. The ship burnt up fine enough, but the Navball was still there. Zooming in, my MechJeb did not burn up. I followed it down and it crashed in a inhospitable mountains area, I thought , 'Cool! it would be fun to track down that part and recovery it.' The idea for a mod would be a black box with a tiny bit of mass, so that it does not end up to far away, and is hard to find. It has a radio beacon, but limited battery. You can narrow down where it is with a relay antenna, but you don't have much time. Maybe the black box has all the info of the last say two hours of the flight. But the fun would be in just finding and recovering the black box - with the clock ticking...
  9. Has anyone mention this yet? -Preparing Command Pod for lithobraking
  10. To kind of put things in perspective, I work for a mostly software company that was acquired by another Silicon Valley company well over two years ago, and I am still sitting in the same cubical. My job duties have changed a bit, but that mostly has to do with infrastructure changes as we move to Amazon's AWS servers. Slowly people are showing up from Santa Clara, mainland China - and even an Harvard educated MBA who moved here from Singapore, but the culture of the office has not changed. If anything, we are corrupting them to our 'special' Portland version of West Coast Causal. :-) I am sure Take Two has ideas, but for the foreseeable future, it is all going to be at a higher level than any of us will see.
  11. I suppose it would rather tricky, but maybe you could utilize you jet pack.
  12. So the fuel tanks are knocking you off the ladder? I have had some luck with the space bar for a jump, but you have to be ready to grab the ladder on either your way up or back down. Sometimes I will even get the 'B' board during my jump.
  13. It sounds like maybe you are going past the top of your ladder? Boarding can be tricky, close enough is not close enough with a ladder I had just off to the side of the port. Grab the ladder, tap the 'W' key to climb and look for the 'B' board. Maybe if you posted a screen shot we could see where the problem is.
  14. I suppose it is the mission i am working on now. I have a highly functional mining base on Minmus with two miners extracting rocket fuel and a third making mono fuel. The rover tanker docks with the miners and transfers the fuels to a lander/shuttle that docks with an orbital space station that is really little more than a huge fuel depot. I am now able to do that with 85% efficiency. I only use 15% of my rocket fuel to get to orbit, dock and return to the land base.This allowed me to send an unmanned probe equipped with a M700 Survey Scanner up to the space station for refueling and on to Duna where it achieved a polar orbit. Today's plan is to send a rover equipped with a Surface Scanning Module to Duna to scout out a flat site with high ore content. I am thinking of doing it without a parachute.It is painstakingly slow, but it gives me more control of where I land.(Any expert recommendations are appreciated.) I suppose the prudent next step would be to send a miner to Duna so that the manned (or is it Kerbinned?) mission already has fuel when they arrive, but I am sort of biting at the bit to send a small space station with a lander to Duna now. The initial lander will be based on the Minmus shuttle and will only be designed to go from the surface of Duna to the Space Station and back. Return trips to Kirbin will be a separate vehicle.
  15. What I want is a Moose and Squirrel campaign ribbon for when you pull something out of your hat. Maybe you get it for using a part for something other than what it was designed for, or safely landing on Kirbin after you realize you forgot to add a heat shield. Bullwinkle: Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. Rocky: But that trick never works. Bullwinkle: This time for sure. Nothing up my sleeve....PRESTO! (Bullwinkle pulls Rocket J. Squirrel out of his hat.) Well, I'm getting close.