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  1. Well dang... I mean if it makes you feel any better I'm currently stuck with a MacBook Air (not by choice, school computer that was given to me after I left) that has impressive specs if it was 2007. I also do feel you on what you said at the end of your comment (not sure how sarcastic you meant it, but I get your point... I think).
  2. So, I've been playing KSP for almost a full year now and have always loved building space stations. When I first started the game, my first big goal wasn't actually to land on the Mun, but to build a giant space station. The first one I built had no particular purpose, I just made it to look cool and have something to brag about. It wasn't until much later that I actually started using them for a purpose. I placed a relatively small station out near Duna before I sent my first manned missions there. Its purpose was to be able to act as a lifeboat in case one of the missions went wrong. It had a decent amount of fuel onboard that would hopefully allow a stranded crew to be able to come home. The next time I built a station for a real purpose was when I started my first "science mode" save. After sending about 6 missions to the Mun to collect me some science, I decided it would just be easier to have a small SSTO lander attached to a large refueling hub in orbit around the Mun. I would periodically send missions out to the station to refuel the station itself (I hadn't unlocked ISRU yet), take home science, and transfer crew. I guess my whole reason for creating this post was to ask what other people use their space stations for and create a place for people to share any space station tips they have that could be of help to both newbie Kerbonauts, and veterans alike. ...psst... I love pictures, so by all means... post away. Cheers!
  3. Awesome! You have inspired me to create my own space station to post on here!
  4. That has a pretty cool looking "near future ISS" feel to it. Have you thought about trying to assemble it in orbit in multiple modules?
  5. I'm going to one up everyone and post a few pictures! Brace yourselves! This is me! Remember folks: Click it, or ticket. Then there's also me looking super dank: And #albumcover.
  6. Space puns and Captain Murica'.
  7. A little pic heavy so I tossed it in a spoiler. Open at your own risk.
  8. I may sound a little silly if I'm incorrect, but that isn't an Orca from Command and Conquer, is it? It looks similar.
  9. Hi all! I've had an issue with BDArmory that comes and goes from time to time. Some bullet-based weapons will occasionally not fire (or will fire one shot and not fire anymore). I've messed around in game with this a lot and have tried to figure out what causes it but have so far been out of luck. I've done the classic, uninstall and reinstall which has done nothing. I've checked to make sure that my game along with BDArmory is up to date (and compatible). My only thought is the possibility of mod conflicts, however, this is highly unlikely as I've had this issue when BDArmory was the only mod installed. I'm just curious if anyone else has encountered this problem and if people have thoughts for a way to possibly fix this.
  10. If I could, I would. To make the Hornet look almost on par with the "real" thing and have it be the correct size too AND be able to fly, is just physically impossible. The hornet is a pretty small air/spacecraft from the year 2946, it's just not possible to make a craft in KSP that looks the same and has at least enough Delta-V to make it into orbit. Trust me, I won't get discouraged. I have a lot of fun making other aircraft/spacecraft that CAN fly and still look super cool in the process. I may post some more in the future. Cheers!
  11. Hello everyone! Recently I've found myself trying to make spacecraft in KSP as futuristic looking as possible and have been using lots of different sources to give myself some ideas (Halo, Titanfall, Destiny etc.) I've been a huge fan of Star Citizen for a while and decided to see if anyone had built a realistic replica of the F7A Hornet into KSP. I found a few pictures of things that definitely resembled the spacecraft but none of them really quite got it. So I decided to go all out and try to build a (kinda') functioning replica of the F7A Hornet for myself and here are the results: There is only one downside to this thing. Becuase I was focusing just on aesthetics, it is unable to fly with the amount of fuel it carries. As such, you will have to use the good ol' debug menu to turn on infinite fuel. Nonetheless, it is still fun to mess around with. Craft File: Hornet.craft?dl=0 Required Mods List: - Tweak Scale - B9 Aerospace (including B9 Legacy and B9 HX) - Bahamuto Dynamics Armory (BDArmory)