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  1. @Urses Thanks man, you've been a big help! Made my life so much easier. I just can't believe I hadn't figured out about that earlier. I really need to use MKS more I guess.
  2. Howdy everyone! I figured I'd make a quick post to talk about some new, fun, sci-fi KSP stuff I've been working on. I've adding a lot of different mods and editing a lot of .cfg files to create one of the closest things I can get to a sci-fi/futuristic version of KSP. Keep in mind I'm not talking about futuristic as in what we will see in a hundred or so years, I'm talking about stuff straight out of games like Halo, Titanfall, and Star Citizen. Super efficient engines, FTL capability, giant flying boxes that can somehow fly inside the atmosphere. You know what I'm talking about, and if you're anything like me then you absolutely love all that fake, fun, nerdy, sci-fi stuff. Anyways... I was thinking about the possibility of doing a sort of series out of it all and posting stories relatively regularly here. It would force me to become a little more active here on the forums and make me play a little more KSP than I do currently(both things which I should really be doing). I have no idea where I'm going to go with this or if I will even keep up with it, but I figured I'd make this post just to let the community know about this and hopefully get some feedback. Feel free to ask any questions you have and please, please, please don't hesitate to give me suggestions for literally anything! I'd love to know what you think! I'll post some pictures below of different spacecraft I've developed for it just for a reference for the kind of stuff I could be posting. Here are some RRODD (Rapid Response Orbital Deployment Defense) troopers dropping from orbit. They're basically ODSTs from Halo, but I didn't want to steal the name. Here is an S23 Pelican flying away from an old colony ship. Here we have a Black Tip-Class Littoral Combat Ship preparing to warp out of Eeloo orbit. And here is a Constellation Andromeda-class Guided Missile Destroyer flying into LKO. It has a crew capacity of about 300, is approximately 120 meters long, and weighs a whole heck of a lot. Here it is preparing to warp out of the Kerbin System. Here we have a Retribution-class Orbital Battleship warping to the nearby star Plapau (I use the mod "To Boldly Go" which allows you to create relatively customizable star and planetary systems. Check it out if you haven't already because it's really cool.) Here we see an S23 Pelican inspecting a derelict Draco-class carrier scheduled for decomissioning in LKO. Draco-class carriers are just shy of 600 meters in length (I forget the exact weight of it, but I believe it is in the millions of tons). This large fighter aircraft is the ADF-101 Falcon. It is a dual-purpose space/air fighter (hence the wings). So far all of my spacecraft are capable of atmospheric flight (including the capital ships). Only the smaller spacecraft are capable of landing. I plan on making some very small one person and drone controlled, carrier based spacecraft that are meant purely for space combat. This will allow me to make them super small and sleek. Here is the Warlock X5. It fills a similar role to the ADF-101, but is intended primarily for space combat. Hence why it is a little sleeker and has less wing to it. It performs fine in atmosphere though, however the way the control surfaces are mounted it doesn't have a large amount of yaw control. That's about it for right now. I have a few more spacecraft not pictured here and plenty more under construction. Sorry for this not being quite as short of a post as I had hoped it to be. I got a little ahead of myself. Yet again, let me know if you have any suggestions for anything at all and of course let me know what your thoughts are on this whole idea. I do appreciate any feedback (critical or not) from you guys and look forward to what this might become. At the very least I have a pretty awesome version of KSP to mess around with. Cheers, Taylor
  3. @ZooNamedGames Hey it looks like both Urses and steuben have find some ways to get this done. You may want to take a look. You can have fun with your passenger airline business (don't be like United) and I can have fun conquering the stars with my massive fleet of starships and fighters!
  4. @Urses Oh, well that's the exact mod I have. I'll have to mess around and figure out the way that you are talking about for hiring multiple crew members at a time. Thank you by the way! @steuben Do I literally just copy and paste what you wrote (word for word/character for character) into the roster section or do I need to fill any of those values out first? (I'm a novice level programmer... and by that I mean I can figure out how to change some of the stuff inside the KSP files. ) And thank you too for your help!
  5. @Urses do you think you could provide a specific download to the mod you are talking about? I'm familiar with USI and I think I have a mod or two from them, but I'm not sure which one specifically adds the feature you are talking about.
  6. Potently Aging Wombat
  7. Hi all! I've been messing around with a variant of KSP that I created with a large combination of mods and a lot of .cfg edits to create the closest thing to a sci-fi experience that I can. Before anyone grills me for being a cheapskate cheater be advised that I also have a RSS/RO variant of the game that I use just as frequently . Anyways... In this game I am dealing with ships that have crew capacities of sometimes upwards of 1000+ kerbals. My question is are there any ways (or mods) that y'all are aware of that could allow me to add a metric butt-load of kerbals to my ranks? I'm not necessarily looking for to fill all my ships to the brim, but something just feels a little off when I have a 600 meter long carrier in orbit that has a crew of two. You know what I mean? Obviously I'm aware of using the debug menu to add kerbals or hiring a grouping of them from the AC and then time warping to hire more. Neither of these methods seem to be fast enough for me and I don't really want to sit around for a half hour just spawning in kerbals. Anyone have thoughts? Oh... and I have pics if anyone wants to see that supercarrier.
  8. Well dang... I mean if it makes you feel any better I'm currently stuck with a MacBook Air (not by choice, school computer that was given to me after I left) that has impressive specs if it was 2007. I also do feel you on what you said at the end of your comment (not sure how sarcastic you meant it, but I get your point... I think).
  9. So, I've been playing KSP for almost a full year now and have always loved building space stations. When I first started the game, my first big goal wasn't actually to land on the Mun, but to build a giant space station. The first one I built had no particular purpose, I just made it to look cool and have something to brag about. It wasn't until much later that I actually started using them for a purpose. I placed a relatively small station out near Duna before I sent my first manned missions there. Its purpose was to be able to act as a lifeboat in case one of the missions went wrong. It had a decent amount of fuel onboard that would hopefully allow a stranded crew to be able to come home. The next time I built a station for a real purpose was when I started my first "science mode" save. After sending about 6 missions to the Mun to collect me some science, I decided it would just be easier to have a small SSTO lander attached to a large refueling hub in orbit around the Mun. I would periodically send missions out to the station to refuel the station itself (I hadn't unlocked ISRU yet), take home science, and transfer crew. I guess my whole reason for creating this post was to ask what other people use their space stations for and create a place for people to share any space station tips they have that could be of help to both newbie Kerbonauts, and veterans alike. ...psst... I love pictures, so by all means... post away. Cheers!
  10. Awesome! You have inspired me to create my own space station to post on here!
  11. That has a pretty cool looking "near future ISS" feel to it. Have you thought about trying to assemble it in orbit in multiple modules?
  12. I'm going to one up everyone and post a few pictures! Brace yourselves! This is me! Remember folks: Click it, or ticket. Then there's also me looking super dank: And #albumcover.
  13. Space puns and Captain Murica'.
  14. A little pic heavy so I tossed it in a spoiler. Open at your own risk.
  15. I may sound a little silly if I'm incorrect, but that isn't an Orca from Command and Conquer, is it? It looks similar.