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  1. Is the sun supposed to be a lot smaller than stock in this mod? It seems very tiny to me, almost like a distant star. I haven't messed with any configs and this is the second clean install where the sun seems way out of proportion. Not sure what's going on but any help would be appreciated. I would like to get my sun back to how it was with Galileo's sun flare I have installed. Thanks! Here is what it looks like now (yes, that is the sun, not a star): Here is what it looked like before(how I would like it):
  2. I was just curious if there were any plans to bring some city lights to Earth in this mod? Thanks!
  3. Hi. I just installed this mod today and seem to be missing a bunch of parts. I even tried reinstalling but am having the same problem. The files appear to be in the correct folder, and my 30 other mods are working just fine, but some parts don't appear in the VAB and others do appear. I am on 1.3 and not using RSS/RO. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Edit: Nevermind. I am an idiot. They were there the whole time. Mod is great and looks amazing, but I ran into another hiccup. Any reason why the windshield of the crew cabin and the inside of the fuselage doors would be bright purple. The crew cabin looks normal in IVA. Edit 2: Windowshine solved that problem.
  4. Hi. I am having a little trouble with clouds on this mod. Just downloaded and installed this and now there are no clouds and scatterer doesn't pop up at the start menu. I am also getting an error message when starting up KSP, "1 error related to gamedata/stockvisualenhancements/sve_configs/scatterer_setting.cfg". Any ideas or help? Thanks. Edit: I just reinstalled everything and it seems to be working fine now. Love the mod. Thanks!
  5. That's nice of you to say. It's not everyone that comes across that way certainly. I am sure that things will be much better when 1.2 finally drops. With the game in it's current state on console though, it is hard if not impossible for us to participate in a lot of the community challenges and events. Perhaps we could start some console challenges in the mean time. I am still able to do certain stuff on the console version, like build an ISS replica, or create Apollo type missions. Can still build SSTO's. Anything past Minmus and I usually have issues though. Would anyone even be interested in console challenges?
  6. To be fair, us console players have had it extra bad. I mean, I have been around here long enough to know that Squad communicates more with the PC modding community than it does with the console players. Squad is already on 1.3 for PC users, with no word of if or when that might come to console as well. Please don't pretend like PC users get ignored as much as we do. We have had a broken game for 9 months now after all. Our whole experience with KSP and Squad has been negative. We have seen plenty of communication and plenty of updates between Squad and PC players in that time. The general feeling has been that Squad and a lot of the community look upon us console players with some sort of contempt.
  7. That does sound ideal, but I don't think that's going to happen. Console players are dealing with corrupted save issues with the Flying Tiger port that weren't present on PC. To my understanding, Blitworks is not working on fixing corrupted saves from Flying Tiger's port, but rather just porting 1.2. The PC iterations probably work different because Squad is actually working on those themselves. I could be wrong here. I would be happily surprised if our saves will carry over, but I'm not holding my breath. Squad doesn't communicate too well with us console players, and they have taken a real hands-off approach to the console version. We have still not been told if the new 'Making History' expansion will ever be coming to console. They don't answer us when we ask questions and we are just left to speculate. I'm not even sure what save anybody on console would really want to carry over anyway. I plan on starting a whole new career and building all new crafts with antennae and such.
  8. It is highly unlikely that our corrupted saves will work with 1.2 when it comes out. Blitworks is porting 1.2 from scratch, not as an update to 1.1.3. They are not working off of anything that FTE did, so I do not see how they would be compatible. I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  9. I think that the console players are just looking for some more info here. As another user already said, Blitworks is just telling us to ask SQUAD about the update. Having people who don't work for SQUAD making excuses for why the game we paid for isn't working properly isn't helping, and it just creates these petty arguments. If you are going to claim that updates for consoles cost 5 figures or that you know SQUAD's budget, some sources would be nice for these so called "facts". Here is an actual fact: there are plenty of other PC games that port to console. How much time, resources, and money go into that vary drastically. Since SQUAD and Blitworks would be the only ones who really know these details, and since Blitworks just tells us to ask SQUAD anytime they are asked about the update, it seems that we are waiting on SQUAD to give us more info. This is the same situation we have been in for 9 months. Since SQUAD doesn't give us updates about progress on the console version very often, except for an occasional mention in the devnotes, it is understandable that people who have paid full price for a game that doesn't work properly are growing impatient and feeling ignored. The class action comments are ridiculous, but I understand their frustration.
  10. I am pretty sure they are close to releasing 1.2 on console guys. Squad just spoke about the console update in Friday's devnotes. Also, I found this on Blitworks twitter feed: To me that sounds like they have submitted some builds to SQUAD that seem pretty close to finished. Probably just testing for bugs and optimizing the UI and such. The devnotes seem to confirm that.
  11. Click the left analog stick to switch to the cursor. Then press B on the command module and it should get you some options there, one of them being to do a crew report. You can do one on the launch pad. In flight on the xbox one is a little harder because the SAS gets turned off when you use the cursor but it is possible, just easier to do landed, in orbit, or in stable flight.
  12. Great news about the console build! Really looking forward to getting back into this game.
  13. Wow! This sounds awesome! Any chance we will see this content on consoles?
  14. try pressing down the left analog stick to take control of the ship when on the launch pad. it sounds like you are in cursor mode. if you can see a mouse cursor, press down the left analog. hope that helps.
  15. Finally some good news. Thanks for the update Squad.