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  1. Wow! This is cool. I know no current bugs with saving, but if you run into issues please upload the log file, so I can check if kk threw an error. You can now put your statics to any group you want and they will be visible from the KSC scene. No special handling of the KSCupgeades group anymore. I had the transmission sound of the pyramids as an standalone static (it's now filtered out)... So if the KSP part tools allow to export objects with an attached AudioSource component , you will hear it. if they block this, I can add a new static module for sounds (like the flag decals)
  2. I'm currently working to migrate the KK setting into the default KSP 1.2 settings menu. This should resolv some of the bugs and enable some wanted features, as I don't have to worry about the old settings GUI. The settings will be saved and restored by KSP and KK doesn't have to take care about it.
  3. You should never be able to enable RemoteTech support without having it installed. The disableCareerStrategyLayer will set all facilities to open by force and they will be all set to default (closed) when you disable it
  4. Thanks for the log. You have RemoteTech support enabled within KK also you don't have RT installed... (I have no idea how you could do this, but I need to look into this how this is possible), and you have the career features within KK disabled, so all bases should be open. Kopernicus also messes with the spacecenter camera, and KK thows an error, when trying to access the cam. I have no idea why this is happening, but I think I can find an workaround. Please don't expect a fast fix for this, because I have no idea what is going wrong..
  5. thanks, but you packed the wrong logfiles. I need the KSP_x64_Data\output_log.txt But I wonder, why you have Kopernicus installed. As I see no reference to any KK facility in the savegames, like there is nothing ever installed. The general mechanism for saving is working fine, because ne normal Setings are showing up at the right place.
  6. I have no Idea what is happening there. but from the first look it is like Kopernicus is breaking down. I didn't even know, that RSS now uses KK for the placement of buildings. the last time I looked at it they used the KSC switcher, which moves the KSC around. To fix this you need to move the KSC and use hyper edit to move a vessel there and remove the objects that are wrongly placed. (if there are really KK objects, that prevent a spawn).
  7. could you please upload a copy of your savegame folder and the KSP logfiles? I cannot reproduce this problem on my side.
  8. I talked a lot with Sigma88 about this and added some Code for him in one of the latest KK releases. The scaling is done on his side (SD), because he wanted to do this. There are a lot of problems with an automatic scaling (should the building scale with the scaling of the planets, but this will make them look funny or render them unusable when used) then there is a spreading problem (what is the center point you want to use?) the changes in terrainheigt and so on. As I don't use SD in my own games (the two times a year I really play KSP) this is pretty low priority for me to solve, because my current proirities are a bit more focused on optimizing Kerbin-Side models (recreating the assets under a free license) and cleaning up KK and adding a few fast to implement features (that I mostly need for the new KS model) I will not say I will never do this, but it will not before winter, when I start working on SigmaDimension support, as this will be easier to implement with some changes I planned for that time.
  9. this will be the same problem, as it is derivated work. You should ask squad about this first. You could distrubute a export mesh function within TRR, so everybody can extract the kerbals (and uv maps) and load them into a more advanged paint program (that is what I use for Kerbin-Side objects). Building a new model might be ok, (even as someone with a really bad day might claim that they violate a design patent as they look similar, but Squad is not known for such a behaviour. ) These models would require a new texture map or you need to be really carefull to recreate the original UV layout. You will need to export the textures in a format, that KSP will load them. Metallic-roughness maps are currently not supported and the lighning might be wrong, because the U5 PBR shader might use a different lighting model.
  10. If you find a somewhere some code how to paint textures in untity, you could create a "decaled" texture with code and assing this to the kerbal. You will only need the decal texture and the points on the kerbal-texture where you want it (and some pre orientation & scaling values for the decal). It is possible to extract the models and the textures from the game, but it is highly illegal to distribute them, even providing this functionality as a mod is borderline legal. (at least in some parts of the world) OK, I will now keep my mouth closed, as I start talking about stuff I have no clue about and continue breaking my own mods
  11. you might need to assing the right facilityType in the editor window. I think I found the issue. It might be an floating point error, because I recalculate the position vector (which is most of the time not needed), but use this as the identifier for the facilities in the savefile. Airports should be using a different mechanism, but I'll look into this.
  12. You can try something like this: var helmCollider = helmObject.GetComponent<Collider>(); helmCollider.enabled = false;
  13. forcing directx11 results in a better framerate. (for me) My patch I posted earlier will bring back the load time to 0.2s (regardless of the renderer used) No, they are all loaded normally. You need to update the content of the Shaders folder as well as the new plugin. @Avera9eJoe (and others) you can get the new reflective shader here: Githup override the existing file in the TextureReplacer\Shaders folder.
  14. as from KSP 1.2.0 and later, no. except that I have a better framerate.
  15. The code is already merged into the TRR master tree and I'll push in a few minutes a small update to the shader files itself. Old reflections new reflections: The reflections will now use a bit of the color of the underlying material (while not physically correct) I think it looks better. the sceenshot are from TRR. So this part is finished.