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  1. One note: new LaunchSites can't be used until you restart ksp.
  2. That is what a prerelease is for. I hope I can find the launch transform and set it in the models internal cfg. After that you should be able to make new LaunchSites. I totally forgot about it.
  3. oh, the crawlerway... I did not think about that. I'll have a look and see what can be done. about group editing: Shure you aren't a second account from @Galileo??? it just more work than I like to do before the next full release, except if someone comes up with a set of editing window unity prefabs....
  4. fly or drive to an new Location and then press ctrl+k. This will bring up the editor. It might be a intimidating, but when you read carefully, then it's should be possible to get it sorted our.
  5. Not much thought was needed, it was easy... Have a second look at my post.. :-) You will see it also in the editor.
  6. A new PreRelease is online: Changes: You can now place the models from the KSC. LaunchSiteIsHidden flag for Launchsites: Closed Launchsites are not shown in map or launchsite selector when marked "hidden". You need to go there first and open them isScanable flag for instances: These objects will show up in anomaly scanners as marks. a bunch of performance optimizations. KK will generate a lot less memory garbage (mostly flight an mapview) Added new StaticModule: "FlagDecal" This is basicly the same module as for Parts. It sets a texture of a Model to th actual flag. (The model needs to support this) You can grab the version here:
  7. it is pretty normal: Every part that is seperated from a craft and does not hold the root-part is named <craftname> debris. You should be able to check the crafts name within a custom partmodule and check if the vessels name changes and then rename your probe accordingly.
  8. 1. If you can deploy thier jetpack, then they think they are flying. I have no Idea how to change that. 2. If you can't they are in a RagDoll state, but you can try to recover them from that via a a Script like this RunEvent(eva, "Recover Start"); public static void RunEvent(KerbalEVA eva, string name) { var kfsme = eva.fsm.CurrentState.StateEvents.Where(f => == name.ToLower()).First(); if (kfsme != null) eva.fsm.RunEvent (kfsme); }
  9. Congratualation to the new release. I'll update the KK intro post to this thread. It would be really cool if you could move the one train station to support the Observatory of this mod.
  10. Have you tried the editor? If you look at the Screenshots in my previous message, you should see the heading, roll and pitch buttons.
  11. A new test release is online. Changes: * new: added dynamic runway markings by @whale_2. The model kourseXX will display the corresponding runway number according to its heading. * Bugfix: On new carreer games the facitlities are no longer autoleveled. (introduced in last Thanks to @whale_2 great work you might see this on some more runways soon.
  12. Here is a working implementation
  13. you pick up horizontal speed, when you drop vertical on a planet, which will flip you over when you dont compensate vor it.. this are the formulas from my kOS scripts. ch_rate = mass burned per second v_e = Engine exhaus velocity M = SHIP:MASS. v_burn = SHIP:VELOCITY:SURFACE:MAG. t = burn time needed to stop: M*(1 - e^(-dV/v_e))/ch_rate. stop_distance_horizontal = v_burn*t - (v_e*(t - M/ch_rate) *ln(M/(M-t*ch_rate)) + v_e*t) . here you need an other t, which cannot be simple computed, so you need an interatice solution. (or you have a solver for a lambert_W0 function.) until dv_change < 0.001 { set dv_total to dv_total + dv_change. set t to SHIP:MASS*(1 - e^(-dv_total/v_e))/ch_rate. set dv_new to g_mean * t. set dv_change to abs(dv_new - dv_old). set dv_old to dv_new. } stopping_distance_versical = (grav_mean_b*t^2)/2 + v_burn*t - (v_e*(t - M/ch_rate) *ln(M/(M-t*ch_rate)) + v_e*t) . (grav_mean_b*t^2)/2 is the the gravitation loss. this only works for vacuum. If you have an athomsphere... good luck, because the engine will have different stats depending on your air pressure and the ship will be deaccelerated by the air.
  14. 1. The way from a vertical to a diagonal suecide burn is relative trivial, as you just take the Integration of rocket equation and then you have the distance nedded to come to a stop. (doesn't matter which direction). the only real difference are cosine losses of your engine against the gravity, which are 0 ich you are horizontal, and 1 when vertical. 2. You really need to stop the surface velocity and not the orbital velocity. 3. The coriolis force is a poodle and will ruin your day. (and spaceship)
  15. I have put online a new testing release: CommNet Support: All Antennas are the same strength as the KSC. RemoteTech Support: the most antennas have about 50.tkm range (Minmus orbit) (600x the value displayed on the map, this will change in the furure) internal: New persistence layer for savegames You need to enable the Support each of the setting in the KK mod settings (from the spacecenter KK-menue) There are some quirks, when you close the groundstations and reopen them again, but restarting KSP solves that issues normally. I have no Idea what happens there, but normally nobody closes the facilites anyway.