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  1. I'm sorry, but you cannot. The whole country concept is only limited in implementation and will be removed at some point. It was an idea from AlphaAsh, but this work was never finished and right now it is more trouble to remove if, than let it in. As soon that changes, it will be gone.
  2. I have no idea how difficult it will be. Sometimes the simple things give me bad headaches.
  3. Yes, I did this once by accident . I only need to add a configuration parameter and some extension of the editor. Kerbin look very crowded, when every static was suddenly an anomaly I pick up my work on KK next week. I want to finish the work of adding Antennas to the dishes, after that I look again at the build in statics and the anomalies.
  4. I was talking with Simga88 about it a lot. If you move the PQSMapDecal with the KSC, then there should be no clipping issues. (Kopernicus should be able to do that), I'll set myself a reminder, so I can look at it, as soon I released the next update.
  5. could you please create a github issue and upload the logfiles. Would it possible to provide access to the models, so I can reproduce the issue when I try to debug it? all models should have a unique "name" parameter defined. Most problems occur when there is no name-tag (which I use for the references) I'll have a look into that. It shouldn't happen.
  6. currently: no I think Simga88 pointed me into the direction, so I can make the Squad-statics available as assets for KK. I have some other tasks I want to finish first and currently I spend more time playing than modding It gets to boring, If you stare to much at the load screen and barely documented APIs. No worries, that is no goodbye post, I just wanted to make clear, that progress is a bit slower, than it had been in the past.
  7. The next version of Kerbin-Side will show up in CKAN. But no ETA yet, as I need some updates to Kerbal-Konstructs first.
  8. the module from Kerbin Side Jobs has been integrated into ContractConfigurator some releases ago, so Kerbin Side GAP should be able to run without Kerbin Side Jobs.
  9. Currently only LiquidFuel, Oxidizer and Monopropellant are supported. If you want more, please rise a issue at github, so I don't forget it. I was thinking a few days about it, but the answer is no and in a near future, there will be no such feature. (the list of functions, that are missing from KK to implement this is quite long. But I would happily accept patches )
  10. If you don't lose kerbals or money on a recovery, then the error ist harmless. Normally I see more errors from the stagerevovery mod, but I can try to have a look to see what happens.
  11. you can install kerbin-side CORE. This contains only the assets, but no prebuild bases.
  12. I think I found the error: You define a model without providing a model. using pointername = ksidebarracks3 instead of name = ksidebarracks3 and delete all other stuff except the instance difinition, because you really want use the existing ksidebarracks3 model and not create a new one with that name (which will end up with destruction and chaos) the cfg should more like this: STATIC { pointername = ksidebarracks3 Instances { ...stuff... } Also note: For now only Objects in the KSCUpgrades and KSCRace group will show up in the spacecenter view. I'll try to change that at a later time but during the holiday season I spend only litte time at my PC.
  13. @SpannerMonkey(smce) I can change the ui layout to be a bit more forgiving. Have you a position where the snap to ground fails? I can try to change to logic a bit (there are two ways of detecting the elevation) so I can try the other. The next few days I have little time for nodding nodding, but I try to release a prerelease with some changes. The base camp looks really cool. Very fitting for a rally camp.
  14. KK doesn't currently have a implementation for placing MapDecals It us on my todo list, but currently you have to disable terrain scatter for KK. Thanks Sigma, for the information, that makes MapDecals more important than I thought.
  15. Here is a paper with the formulas for slope and aspect. Good luck and make a post on the kOS reddit, when you have finished your script.