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  1. @Freshmeat Thanks for the help before but I'm stuck again, I'm trying to run the demo16 code to get the green yellow and red lights to flicker on I am using an -Arduino Mega -KspSerialIO 0.18.7 -KSPv -KSPIOdemo16 -Windows 10 before I was using demo13 and I had a very slightly older KSPSerialIO (by like a version or 2) and when I loaded a craft I would get a quick flicker of the lights and then the green light would go on for a second but then nothing would happen when I launched my craft. Now I moved onto demo16 and updated to the latest Mod version and now when I load the craft I get the very fast flicker but nothing else but a warning message that says "Access to the requested resource is not authorized Error opening serial port COM3 Starting serial port COM3" I also went in and changed the HandshakeDisable from 0 to 1. and that caused the 1 second green light blink to not happen but when i put it back to 0 and used demo16 it blinked twice for 1 second when it was loading the craft. Do you have any idea what I'm missing? Please and thank you, Also should I get the most recent game? UPDATE: I figured it out (for reasons to long to explain I couldn't update my game) I just rebought the game to get the most up to date game and it fixed it all
  2. @Freshmeat and @stibbons Thank you for the help, you have given me enough information and direction for me to hopefully figure things out now. I'll definitely keep you guys posted we have the wooden beta version of the control panel pretty much figured out I can get some photos to show you guys once I figure out how to upload photos here if not we have a website (that needs updating) that we try and post statuses up there.
  3. So I'm working on a project to create a custom home made controller for KSP using an arduino mega but I am very new to using an arduino and with talking to the game so I was wondering if anyone could help me with getting a single switch when flipped to progress to the next stage of a rocket (in my eyes this is on the easier end of controls to figure out but I'm a moron and even from my research I have been getting confused. I think I need to use zitronen's KSPSerialIO mod but I'm not sure this is what I need again I'm just looking for help with one switch to change one thing on the game (the switch is a off - momentary on type of switch so a "push button") Please and thank you.