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  1. That round briefing room looks like its one of @Angel-125's, but I cant find it. And yes, I have the latest release of Buffalo, Pathfinder, Heisenberg, and MOLE. What mod IS it from?
  2. Time it so you are there for a launch. And make sure you give yourself several days leeway in case of scrubs.
  3. Do you want to support us in a 'Supplier' way? Chose a side, obviously Kruola, and a type, Land, air, or sea. We get one extra per round of what you select.
  4. Is that North Kerbin Dynamics, Kopernicus, Hyperedit shenanigans, or some mod I haven't heard of?
  5. Hey, @Triop, I just saw your Kerbal Risk Map thread. I have a RISK game on my phone, mind if I take that map and use it?
  6. I bought it December 23, 2016 during the Christmas sale.
  7. -55-
  8. Well, I think that Victory is near! #TeamBeardy #KruolaOverAll
  9. I'm just asking, How 'safe' is this mod? I'd really like it, but really don't want to break my game.
  10. I think your plane and bombing strategy is perfect!
  11. I'm not sure there ever was a file with the rules. Anyhow, I'm off for the night, tomorrow will have limited access, so this is General Brent Kerman, signing off!
  12. In Kolaborative Warfare, they could launch two air, two ground craft. I would say we have two land, two air, and two sea per person per turn. Something in the "heavy" class would use both slots. You would use common sense if it was heavy or not.
  13. I vote to use Kollaborative Warefare style rules, it will make it less of a headache. Beardy and Tapes rules work good for two people, but I see issues with six.
  14. I'm not sure if it is a spin-off of Fall of Kerbin or Kollaboritve Warfare, or both!