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  1. They flew a used booster once before, CRS 11 if I remember correctly.
  2. -80-
  3. In MY opinion, Jim passed you, going opposite directions. (I like science fiction, not weird-fantasy fiction.) I'm over on the IRC now, trying to figure out how it works.
  4. I'd put you in the top five: 1. @Kuzzter (Kerbfleet) 2. @KSK (First Flight) 3. @adsii1970 (Kerny Kerman's Journal) 4. @CatastrophicFailure (Ussari Space Program & The Kraken Trilogy) 5. @TotallyNotHuman_ (This!) 6. @Just Jim (The Saga of Emiko Station) 7. @Cydonian Monk (Forgotten Space Program) In my honest opinion, you just passed Jim, or more accurately, he passed you.
  5. I knew this was coming. Despite Squad saying I can still get it from their site, I'm worried. (I bought it from Squad store, not 3rd party.)
  6. @TotallyNotHuman_, this is some of the best KSP fan fiction I have ever read. Keep up the good work! Also, looking forward to the mod, if I can help in any way, let me know!
  7. 7/10 Probably a human, only a very glitched computer uses such bad spelling. I am a human. Proof: I [REDACTED DUE TO RULE 2.2a] (Which a computer won't !.). I root for @TheBeardyPenguin (The good guy) in Fall of Kerbin. This is what was redacted. WARNING: Technically Illegal
  8. @Benjamin Kerman Here is the log file: I had to add community resourse, as it is NOT included, @linuxgurugamer, still cannot make modules work, still texureless.
  9. Click, click, click!
  10. -83-
  11. @Benjamin Kerman I will not be able to get to my computer and get the log file until Saturday, but hope to then. I can give you reproduction steps: Clean install, add KIS, and FFK. Nothing works. Add dirt in resource.cfg file (In FFK). Blocks are now printable, but are textureless and once entering an airlock, there is no way to eva, as internals are missing as well.
  12. -85-
  13. -81-
  14. -81-
  15. Yes, I have KIS and other dependencies are included. I hade to add a resource 'dirt'. Now it prints, but blocks are untextured and one I board an airlock, I can't get back out.