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  1. I came here to ask about that thread! Is it actually being locked then unlocked, or never locked at all? If I ask on that thread @Dman979 will accuse me of violating Rule 3.3.
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  3. VOID. You added more than one. I can't go right now, so the number is: -81=
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  6. I'm not sure if they aren't actually locking it, someone is always unlocking it, or its the kraken is in control of this thread (glitch).
  7. I see. I click. I laugh at moderators.
  8. What's the Kerman to Kermulan manpower count? I think the Intrepid has more kerbs on it then the Despair, Right?
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  11. I installed this, I have the antennas, put one on a ship, clicked open link, and it opened and worked. I entered that link on another computer connected to the same network, and all I get is "The target refused connection." (Edge) and "404" (Chrome). Am I not doing something correctly?
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