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  1. It works in 1.2.2, I have a very dangerous looking fleet.
  2. That's neat, @cratercracker, my flag is based off the real world National Geographic Society. This is progressing slowly, driving a rover hundreds of kilometers is boring, but I want to Elcano so vesselmover is out.
  3. Teddy - Producer. Is that another reference to a certain movie? And WELCOME BACK!
  4. Too bad, maybe the place I got it will have it cheap like they did KSP.
  5. I don't remember when exactly I bought it, when did 0.25 come out?
  6. When was the border on free - not free expansions? I had 0.25. I bought it form a third party company though, will that affect it?
  7. Careful. Remember what Penguin did tok Laytra.
  8. I do have Pathfinder but I have a miner with about 6000 electric charge capacity and a BIG reactor with 1500 total. From empty it fills that in 3 seconds. Every distribution it sets miner to 1500, even if total base use is only about 500 per 6 second distribution. Am I just doing something wrong? All batteries are pathfinder buckboards.
  9. Is there a mod for extension cords that transfer power? I build distributed bases because of the kracken and use the Eva Transfer mod to move fuel, ore, food, etc. Power I need constant supply from my BIG Nuclear Reactor to power the drills, lab, isru, etc. and wonders if ant mod has NON-RIGID cords. KIS pipes cause problems. (Big bang at last base)
  10. What time does 1.2.9 become avalible?
  11. Where is this? I'm going to investigate further.
  12. Did he ever actually manage to take a base?
  13. Brian AKA Space Game Junkie ran the Velox Empire. He did make good defenses though.
  14. Yes, @KAL 9000, remember Twitch Jong I, Beardy's ally? That was VERY funny.
  15. Is there a pdf or other file of this story? I want to save it.