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  1. Today Jebediah went to Hell Thalia........and nearly didn't come back. He almost got killed by... The life support system. I poop you not.
  2. @astroheiko Indeed, not intended as a competition. I'm pretty thankful you came along....or I'd still be wishing I could start this. Tagging @Galileo while landed on Thalia with the original deadly heat curve...but with his patch that makes kerbals actually last a good while down there now, and not just mine, but yours...and yours. *points at everyone* I'm doing as @MaxL_1023 said, long before he said it, and torch shipping. I've started my own mission report thread for this too. There won't be much story but there'll be plenty pics, all neatly filed in their own place.
  3. First stop, Thalia, the cursed planet. Jebediah alone (out of a crew of 9, 5 of whom are frozen), descends in the spaceplane. While writing the flag he tags Galileo, GPP's main dev, and shows his thanks for the rudimentary but very effective thermal protection provided to anyone on EVA, and then quickly hops back in and returns to orbit. As it turns out, I had to F9 twice as for some reason the plane's nuclear reactor was being drained faster than it could charge, causing the radiators to fail and the reactor core to actually meltdown and utterly die, dooming Jeb to death. On the third try, my last chance after which I would resign myself to deciding that somehow there was a crippling design flaw, and let Jeb fall to his fiery death and abort the challenge, I realized my own life support device was on. Turning that thing off saved the day. Now he's on his way to Eta, Thalia's moon. The life support device nearly took his life. Seriously...
  4. After so much time largely merely helping build GPP, I think it's time I do the kerbal thing and try to plant flags everywhere. This is Sandbox, of course, and separate from my science game. With a bit of provocation from the amazing @astroheiko who is posting mission logs and tearing up GPP with 100% stock ships, I've finally gotten around to starting this, and developed a 700 ton mobile, landable station. There may not be much story to this, but there will be many nice pictures to view, and they'll be easy on your scroll wheel. Particular mods: GPP v1.2.3 with Thalia Reheat patch. She's nerfed in this version upwards (because players have complained about getting their pants handed to them by the stock heat bug or otherwise), but my personal game has her un-nerfed. OPT Space Plane v1.9.9 Featuring the new H & KH hulls. Stational Cunstructs (for the ring part) USI Life Support Habitation always off. Karbonite Plus DeepFreeze Continued Near Future Electric Solar Kerbal Foundries Airline Kuisine Ven's Stock Revamp Homebrew misc. patches Stock Ore drills and giant Ore drills "Industrial Strip Miner" take up Karbonite and MetallicOre (the latter is used for ballast); Stock Convert-O-Tron produces only whatever industrial resources I want; produces no fuels or life support resources. The Flags Made by myself and packaged in GPP, there are two grand tour flags. The gold for every last world, and the silver for all except Catullus. Maybe it should be all except Tellumo but I don't know better which is noticeably harder. Both giant bodies require nearly the same amount of launch dV and are incredibly hard in their own ways. The Flagship This ship may not look it, but it's fit to wear the gold flag. It is appropriately named "GPGT Station" and consists of the station body with scanners, a Mk2 spaceplane with no scanners, and a Mk2 rover with scanners. No probes. With the kinds of mods in this, go ahead and call it cheaty as heck.... I have an even more cheaty ship but it won't be much fun to fly in Sandbox and in GPP alone.
  5. My answer may not help much but I'm sure he's using 1.2.2 as he had the Tellumo rings issue early on. He's not using 1.2.3, that's for sure.
  6. @astroheiko Dude. If I could beg and get you to install just one parts pack it would be Mk3 Stockalike Expansion. I'd love to see what you come up with...with a wider and wonderful selection of Mk3 parts, including a giant Mk3-size nuke engine, and at least 3 more crewable parts. Here's a kindred flagship that I launched in KSP 1.1.3, the HMS NANC "Nancy" Brown a.k.a., "Not A Nuke Cluster". 6km/s I think on its LiquidFuel-only primary engines and somewhere over 1km/s and equal TWR on its 3x3 Toroidal Aerospike emergency boosters. It carried two landers and two scanner probes, and it launched direct to Dres. No orbital insertion, no gravity turn. Equivalently, it would launch direct to Gratian and land on Geminus. Totally not showing this just to tease you and @eddiew. You both make epic ships and I wanna see more. As for your lumpy ship, there's nothing a little Nekozjin brand creative juice won't add some aesthetic flavor to.
  7. My mobile, even landable 700 ton deep space vessel, the GPGT Station, with plenty of KH and H mount action.
  8. Make sure to read the red text in the OP, download the fixes, and install Community Category Kit to have OPT's parts show up under one tab.
  9. Nooooo! My MM patch count is over 9000! Here it is. My answer to @astroheiko mothership. The GPGT Station. All it's missing now is crew and maybe more radiators. On another note, I nailed the resolution for the composited starfield bit for the background so I tag you too @CatastrophicFailure @RocketPCGaming And strangely my GPP_Clouds is broken. But will I kill someone or everyone on the way...or during just the first interplanetary transfer? We'll see.
  10. @StarCrusher96 You may want to advise people to steer clear of Kopernicus 1.2.2-6. It's another terrible release and might add to KSS problems.
  11. Hey @Remi. Are you using our included copy of Kopernicus? The new v1.2.2-6 has proven to be very faulty. It's not our intent for solar panels output to be anything but what you expect if you were in the stock system.
  12. Adding or removing any planet or moon during a career will threaten to break your career. GPP_CareerSaver only covers GPP's own worlds so even if you had Rald around the entire time you used GPP, your career was at risk of being broken by an update. Problems aside, we appreciate you for being such a fan.
  13. @EnriqueBNew I think this should be in the Addons Development forum, assuming it's quite new and still very underdeveloped, and because there's no download link. Screenshots = Interest.
  14. Reinstall GPP itself and GPP_Textures, yes, but I recommend you put away your solar panel fix (and let us know what you think of ours).