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  1. Nope. No one can claim this. By the way, that view from Teloslate is too epic.
  2. Finished Kerbalism support for my Mk2 LS parts and put most of them at the back of this craft affectionately dubbed "Stationism."
  3. Kerbalism Gaeleanism! Featuring Airline Kuisine.
  4. All systems are go. .......I'm going to have to make a long cabin.
  5. Version 0.8 published. Kerbalism is now supported so the big four LS are all covered. Fixed MiniAVC component.
  6. In the last day or two I did a couple things concerning two or three planet packs and defined and tested a custom resource for shiggles and inspired by Kottabos' recent review of Space Opera. Now if I could get itto register in SCANsat that'd be great. Finally I prepared Airline Kuisine for: ... I'll publish in a few hours. I have unfinished business with textures.
  7. Found and fixed the AVC problem so update alerts through that are GO. And I finally setup Kerbalism. Everything looks like it works but I'm undecided on what one of the three Mk2 processor parts will do for this LS mod. Currently it's going to be: Standard Fuel Cell ISRU/Chemical Plant Air Filter Texture updates are pending and then there'll be a release later today. The cockpit and long cabin are a cockpit and the science lab from Mk2 Expansion.
  8. The code for my tank parts are almost good to go. I need to know how to apply container volume to them for their resource setups. I think I know what to do about that. A release shall occur later today. My 3 processor parts will be set as: Fuel Cell (2.5x output of stock Fuel Cell Array). ISRU (slightly better than small Convert-O-Tron) Air Filter (4x power) If anyone has a suggestion for something better than a fuel cell for that processor part, let me know and I'll consider it.
  9. @seanth I don't think you need to configure anything for Kethane to work with any planet mod. However, I'm being quite particular about how much will be available on specific planets. I wonder, though.... Is there a switch or patch for background scanning capability?
  10. @taniwha Finally got around to experimenting. My eye's not too sharp yet for fine details like the size of a hexagon but for the time being I just want the DepositCount to actually work. There are some worlds that I want to have nearly no deposits, and some to have quite a few. Any pokes at what I did wrong here would be welcome. @KethaneResource { @ColorFull = 0.6, 0.4, 1.0 @ColorEmpty = 0.2, 0.05, 0.2 -Generator:HAS[#name[LegacyResourceGenerator]] +Generator { name = GalileanKethane MinRadius = 7.29 MaxRadius = 16.2 MinQuantity = 10000 MaxQuantity = 500000 MinVertices = 20 MaxVertices = 80 RadiusVariance = 0.45 DepositCount = 10 NumberOfTries = 20 And now some screenshots of the mod in a useable state.
  11. @CatastrophicFailure Giving Gael an eccentric or inclined orbit would needlessly void all sorts of other things and introduce unwanted challenges such as waiting for additional and increasingly rare transfer windows in order to access the reduced cost of dV or just to get around.
  12. @Luovahulluus It's perfectly normal to take very long on a design of any sort and in any subject. Any well-crafted and well-purposed thing is deep and is time-consuming to bring forward. Galileo's Planet Pack arrived in only 3 months since its conception but is as complex and polished as any giant mod or any stock KSP feature that took a year or more to develop. When i was younger I designed fantasy world characters and my own Pokemon-derived monsters and even a magic arts tree like KSP has tech trees. Now I design alien species and tech and starships for them.
  13. @Gameslinx That's right. Those nulls.
  14. @Destructogaming @Gorbaez I've found the cause for your graphics glitches. @The White Guardian @Gameslinx The scatter atmo and ocean configs for some mod planets have bad assetpaths or mismatched body names. Scatterer is looking for stock planet shaders (not installed) to add to some mod planets. Scatterer's planetList.cfg also has an entry for "Balos" which does not exist. These are why Kerbin's sky is black, missing ocean, and some bodies are white voids. Unrelated, the Resources.txt should be Resources.cfg, better yet "Ore.cfg" and should be in a folder for the several resource configs you'll receive from me soon. Uh oh. I left it alone and am getting Null Spam again. ???
  15. I agree with that statement and also pondered whether that's indeed all the reason there is for that scale existing. I'm sure Eddie would've been just fine --not eventually getting frustrated to heck holding back with his upgrade mod if 2.5x was a standard option instead of 3.2x and I wonder whether many other players feel the same way.