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  1. @eloquentJane Forgot to tag you. You asked about Mk3 parts. They're here at at last, if you're still interested.
  2. Please do not attempt to use Kerbalism with MKS or with TAC LS. Go ahead and try using Extraplanetary Launchpads. MKS has functions similar to Kerbalism and requires game featurs which are disabled by Kerbalism. TAC LS may share resources with Kerbalism but the resource definitions and resource consumptions are different between them and that means more trouble. Some players have announced problems between TAC LS and Kerbalism.
  3. About that... That would be very easy to emulate with any existing life support mod. Once you know the consumption rate per kerbal (in whatever units works for that mod), RTG-like parts could be produced, which will infinitely generate consumables, and infinitely consume waste at exactly or near this rate. What would keep this LS challenging is if the crew capacity is exceeded long enough to empty the consumables tank, and long enough that everyone ends up dying. If this is made into its own mod it could be named after that trending new station-keeping space sim. The idea of stock station parts overall is indeed appealing. A few trusses, angle-locked docking ports, ring segments and even experiments that take a long time to start/finish would be a fine addition to stock. I admire the effort of everyone who makes a stock station ring but I hate the increase of part count and the challenge of aligning the parts to make a perfect circle.
  4. That's in v1.6 of Galileo's Sunflares. Click his signature then go to his GitHub
  5. I'd sure like to see screenshots of that. On a related note I had built a test plane with Karbonite jets and rockets and it managed over 2km/s on Catullus. It's one of the cover images in the general pages of GPP's KSPedia. I'm glad you enjoyed overall, man. And I'd also like to say thanks much for the feedback.
  6. I literally spent all day in Photoshop and KSP. But I fixed problems and produced Mk3 parts for Airline Kuisine. Your favorite life support now fits flush with both major non-cylinder shapes.
  7. Version 1.3.0 Bigger and Better! Added Mk3 parts. Added Agent. Adjusted weights. All processors now have built-in radiators as implied by textures, with exceptions: Greenhouses, Snack Grinder [SNX] Fixed parts having no or wrong category and being absent from part list. [SNX] Updated Mk2 Snack Grinder texture. [USI] Rebalanced MPU capacities. [USI] Updated Mk2 Greenhouse texture. [TAC] Includes SETI style greenhouse but which uses CRP Minerals instead of Nutrients. [KISM] Fixed wrong mappings of config to model for processors. Mk3 Rec Centre: [USI] High hab quarters stats. [TAC] 1000 EC. [SNX] Soil recycler for 8. KIS volume. Kerbalism, Snacks, USI, TAC (in order below) ....Literally spent all day on this.
  8. On the last mile kilometer now, with Kerbalism and a few synchronized texture updates for the Mk2 parts. Everything that needs writing has been written. The Mk3 greenhouse and snack grinder textures at this point are newer and far better imo than those shown above. I just have to nudge the dot textures here into perfect order (at least... such that the most obvious seam is cleared). USI and TAC. Did I mention Snack Grinders?! I think I did!
  9. Since when is this a thing? Is this a feature specific to RSS? There are many mod planets out there that need this.
  10. For "underwater" there is the splashed situation, just like on any terra with oceans so that's already there. As for parts being unsuitable for vacuum or extreme pressure I think some modder out there could whip something up in a short time. There's already the stock feature (disabled by default) that parts have g-force limits, making ships realistically more fragile while slamming into or through an atmosphere. It would be entertaining to see such a sensitive device stowed and protected in a cargo bay but then it explodes when the bay is opened.
  11. @ZooNamedGames The issue now is, as @Greenfire32 hints at, that the thread is derailing. People are talking about "land masses" and "flag planting" on Jool.
  12. Fine by me. I'd like to see weather and windmills happen but I won't be on the bandwagon trying to petition for weather.
  13. Hey @linuxgurugamer thanks very much for reviving this.
  14. It is common knowledge by now that Nertea renamed some parts which is causing your craft problem. As for CKAN, look for any red text in the OP. If this mod appears/updates on CKAN, it's because someone who wants this mod on CKAN, and has the power to make it so, used that power. Nertea cannot be bothered to do this himself, after how much effort he puts into just making his mods.
  15. @ZooNamedGames There's some familiarity to this subject as I've answered in another thread. That one asked about windmills, which by extension, also require weather. At the most abstract level, I envision the weather system being implemented as a swarm of invisible volumetric shapes just like EVE clouds. When you clip them, you experience a gradient and smoothly transition into whatever RNG-powered effect it's carrying. This makes it so (in opposition to) what someone said you can't just become accustomed to and easily account for it in your flight profile. You could clip a second wind field suddenly and simultaneously, and experience a change in wind speed and wind vector. Lightning strikes could have have an additional EMP or heat burst field if you happen to pass near one since they are plasma. The risk of getting wrecked by lightning could become real. The most interesting thing would be if on tidally locked planets with extreme temperature variance, the difference in atmosphere density (if it has an atmosphere) and temperature (surface or atmosphere) would be unmistakable (assuming anyone dares to visit these). Just as there's something for everyone, there's someone for everything. Users of Kerbalism, MKS, KerbalHealth, KSP Intestellar, Realism Overhaul etc have it in them to see the fun in this kind of thing, and enjoy it for a long time.