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  1. @Gordon Fecyk I'd like to know what this in-game tool is that you use. I know one but for me, it seems, it's quite troublesome and counter-intuitive. Unfortunately I don't think the units are ever shown along with the numbers. Look at the atmosphereCurve within rocket engines as they all have varying Isp between sea level and ocean, unlike most/all jet engines. Note that Mainsail has a value for down to 9 atmosphere pressure. Squad had Eve and even harder planets in mind here. //The Mainsail atmosphereCurve { key = 0 310 key = 1 285 key = 9 0.001 } atmCurve will do what you want, yes. Concerning the Whiplash and like engines, it's a turbo ramjet, which means it's sufficiently fed by air being rammed in and compressed, slowed via scoop or shock cone than being fed via any fan intake, and that only happens at high speed and high altitude. Low pressure and low drag at that point also theoretically help its thrust a lot.
  2. @slubman you've officially built the little house on the prairie. It's too awesome for a small thing. And I find it nostalgic too.
  3. I know of 4 curves that go into an engine so it's very possible to have it lose efficiency while gaining thrust and/or altitude and to setup complementary engines as you suggest, or have a single engine that changes between both performance envelopes in the same engine mode or two modes like the Panther. Typically, in game, atmospheric resources are accessible in the lower half of the atmosphere by altitude. I don't know if this applies to gas planets but if it does it actually makes any form of gas planet chemical engines pointless. Also, can hydrogen jet engines even be done? It would be better in this case to only enter a gas planet's atmosphere to harvest that H2 to process into LH2.
  4. @Kielm I'm well aware of that and I dealt with that too. The atm curve is made fairly unrealistic, steep and enabling the engines to hold great TWR at many pressures/altitudes and then finally start to drop off in the pressure ranges relative to Duna sea level. But the vel curves should very effectively compensate and ensure a feeling of realism in performances.
  5. @maculator In that case everything should work just fine. Just copy out those definitions from CommonResources.cfg into your own new file and save the relevant distribution files from the ResourceConfigs\ folder. They can all be lumped together in whatever new folder you like.
  6. Gael's ice caps purposely don't have Ore... But if you're saying the entirety of these bodies have no Ore then that is a serious bug. You should be able to set resource abundance levels separately so I suppose raising it to 1000% (or back to 100% if the separate slider fell to 10% or so on) should be an effective fix.
  7. I also don't wanna be that guy but you run 5 zillion mods. You should have some good no-Oxygen jet engines lying around. I personally dislike that a given planet pack is full of oxygenated atmospheres. You'll have to ask someone from the Interstellar regions to possibly get on this. It's a real eye-opener how different its resource system is and the kind of effort that goes into setting up distributions in that.
  8. All of TAC's resources are contained in CRP
  9. You should meet with no noticeable performance difference for having the whole of CRP installed. Very rarely, I think, do people complain about it. And I would advise against cutting out the resources you don't need. Someone ran into a problem with stock Ore (of all things) and the stock resource overlay for messing with CRP. You can definitely try (no one's really stopping you) and let us know how things work out. I speak as someone familiar with resources in general, not TAC in particular. So in addition I have my own question... TAC disables those things?
  10. Some of the things @astroheiko does really make me forget he's playing in career mode. It just keeps getting epic.
  11. I have seen that which cannot be unseen! ...And finally in a good way!
  12. Yes. Install it and let us know how things work out. From one dev to another. I do expect some form of conflict with Sigma Dimensions but hey, that mightn't happen. Or you can rewrite those limits and save yourself the trouble of RSS dependency.
  13. I destroy Hela with a precise blow from a chisel. Right down the hairline crack.
  14. ^ THIS
  15. @TDplay @stali79 The USI LS configs are nearly finished. I decided not to have the LS-supporting parts never hold fuel. However the configs are colliding with the prior (and messy) FS and IFS setups. Some parts are failing to delete prior tank setups (in part due to ones that have texture/mesh switching) and the labs aren't getting any setup. Declaring multiple parts per opening part node isn't a problem. There are more instances of this and they work fine. Sample: //Stail class cockpits @PART[b_cockpit,b_cockpit_qs]:NEEDS[USILifeSupport]:FINAL { //Cleanup resources -RESOURCE,* {} -MODULE[FSfuelSwitch],* {} -MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch],* {} MODULE { name = FSfuelSwitch resourceNames = Supplies,Mulch,ElectricCharge,MonoPropellant;LiquidFuel,ElectricCharge,MonoPropellant;LiquidFuel,Oxidizer,ElectricCharge,MonoPropellant resourceAmounts = 1600,400,1500,800;800,1500,800;360,440,1500,800 initialResourceAmounts = 1600,0,1500,800;800,1500,800;360,440,1500,800 basePartMass = 0.29 tankMass = 0;0;0 tankCost = 0;0;0 displayCurrentTankCost = false hasGUI = true showInfo = true } ------------------------------ //Labs @PART[j_4m_Lab,b_4m_Lab]:NEEDS[USILifeSupport]:FINAL { //Cleanup resources -RESOURCE,* {} -MODULE[FSfuelSwitch],* {} -MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch],* {} MODULE { name = FSfuelSwitch resourceNames = Supplies;Mulch;Fertilizer;Gypsum;Hydrates;Ore resourceAmounts = 4000;4000;4000;4000;4000;480 initialResourceAmounts = 4000;0;4000;4000;4000;0 basePartMass = 0.29 tankMass = 0;0;0;0;0;0 tankCost = 0;0;0;0;0;0 displayCurrentTankCost = false hasGUI = true showInfo = true } This aside, I've handled all cockpits and cabins, added CLS, warehouse, habs and recyclers where I assume appropriate. But I've done nothing to actual tanks, bays, adapters or wings. I may have to require users to delete the existing fuel switch files, or add :NEEDS[!USILifeSupport] to the prior configs to get them to not execute in the first place, and then rewrite fuel switching for all un-crewed parts.