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  1. Hi @Stranded, I have checked the links and they seem to be working for 1.2.2, could you please try refreshing (Ctrl+R) that migration page you get? Clearing your browser's cache might help too. If any of the above works, please provide us the email you use to buy the game. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, I will report this to IPS.
  3. I think its good now, can you please confirm?
  4. Hi guys, maybe reducing the image size will help, Im going to check with the guys here at the office if its ok to do that.
  5. Thanks and good catch about the target, you are among the early adopters of the game, the language depots were not associated to that package id. I have added the depots early in the morning, you must have access to the localization content now. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hello guys, @DMagic could you please start steam in dev mode and perform the following command? licenses_for_app 220200 We are troubleshooting this issue and we would like to know what packageid is associated to your account, please paste the result of the command. By the way, to start steam in dev mode, edit one of the shortcuts you have to start steam app, and add -devmode to the end of the target string i.e. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" -devmode, click on apply and start the app using that same shortcut. Then click in console and enter the command
  7. Hi, just execute the installer and then select the folder where you have KSP and click in Next and thats it.
  8. Hello Drew, we are working with the IPS people to see what are we going to do, we have tried some of their recommendations but no lucky.
  9. We encounter some problems in the process of the update, as soon as we sort them out, we will try the update again, hope it doesnt pass from this week.
  10. Hi, we are updating the forum software next week, lets wait to see if that helps.
  11. Hello guys, Yesterday we tried to update the forum, we found some issues and couldnt complete the process, we are working with our hosting provider to get this problems fixed, unfortunately we are forced to move the update for next week.
  12. Hi @Dman979, Its more like an update to correct bugs, its the same system, I dont think it will break anything, also we will take precautions and make the proper backups.
  13. Hello guys, we are planning to upgrade the software of the forum this week, lets wait to see if that corrects this issue.
  14. Sorry man, yeah I will see what can be done...
  15. Hello @Drew Kerman, I will look into it,