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  1. Hey guys for some reason my B9 UI is not showing up when i press J...any advice on what i can do to make it reappear? Also when i try to launch any of my craft all the PWings are out of shape and my craft explodes on runway. Im on 1.3 Update ok after sifting through the other mods i figured out the problem is the B9 aerospace/legacy/HX parts mod. I did install it correctly with all the up to date associated mods that need to go with it, but the problem is still there.... Let me know if anyone else is having this problem?
  2. Has anyone tried this in 1.3 to see if it working?
  3. @linuxgurugamer Thank you for the update, I had a question i asked earlier in the year about TwealScale and Tweakable Everything . Did the conflict between the 2 mods ever get resolved or are they still not playing well together?
  4. Just out of curiosity ..and sorry for the dumb question...but do i put in the PARTS in on my own as a separate DL, or does it come with the IR DL. Beccause i installed this but i have no parts showing up.
  5. @linuxgurugamer @eberkain@Drew KermanThe last update fixed need to do anything to the mod (TweakScale involved) All is working correct and has a smooth transition between the patches and the updates. Trust me guys i stated before i use this mod and all its parts extensively, This is the best solution for anyone progressing through the updates of this mod, building craft and having them work/look as you built it. In my opinion All is Well in the SXT universe.
  6. Works perfect now...Thank you very much!!!
  7. @linuxgurugamer Thanks for that update..i see that you fixed the Nose cone we were talking about...but i think you forgot to change the radial hull (hump back parts) @PART[SXTOsualRadHull]:NEEDS[TweakScale] { %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = surface defaultScale = 1 } to @PART[SXTOsualRadHull]:NEEDS[TweakScale] { %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = surface defaultScale = 1.25 } Well basically all the parts that are type=surface should be defaultScale=1.25 instead if 1 so that it wont disfigure craft from previous builds, which are not that many parts...i had it a few posts back mentioning it to eberkain..and he suggested to do so, because of the same issue but instead of making the part disappear it makes them over sized.
  8. @linuxgurugamer because it causes some kind of conflict between the 3.9.1 version and 3.10 version. If you had previously used the conformal nose cone and tweak scaled it to fashion a craft and updated to 3.10 the part disappears/shrinks along with everything attached to it. There is something that it does not like with the default scale. I'll keep playing around with it some more and try other variations with defaultScale. But as of now the hump backs and the nose cone are properly working IF you had a previous craft built with it and IF you had it tweak scaled. Matter of fact I'll give you an example. Here's a link to my craft Try to load it up with 3.9.1. So you see what it looks like. Then load it up with 3.10. And you will understand what I'm talking about. Here's the link.
  9. @eberkain upon further investigation i have found that when i load the vessel and look at the debug console i find it throwing up a Warning [TweakScale Warning] Duplicate TweakScale module on part [SXTProtonlikeNoseCone] Conformal Rocket Cone Mk3...any ideas? EDIT....i have solved the this is the line of code that needs to be chaged to make everything back to normal for the nose cone @PART[SXTProtonlikeNoseCone]:NEEDS[TweakScale] // { %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = free } If you would be so kind as to mend these in your next update i would greatly appreciate it...thank you Sir.
  10. @eberkain Ok so did as you said..and did the experiment...and it WORKS..well worked perfectly on the hump back part like a charm..all craft that had it installed came back to proper size... Now the only problem i cant figure out is why the nose cone is be very specific it is the Conformal Rocket Cone Mk3....i use it as a tail cone for most my jet liners the part itself is there in the list(in game) and in the cfg and i think its properly written in for the tweak scale..but for the life of me i cant figure out why it disappears from the craft along with everything that is attached to it..i been looking through the files for a few hours now, but i haven't figured it out yet...if you have time can you give it a is said before in 3.9.1 it pops up on the craft..but in 3.10 it pulls a Houdini on me. Oh i also edited the TweakScale file for all surface parts to 1.25 and found a few surface parts that were missing the defaultScale, ill put it up here if you want to put it in your next update. Let me know if you find anything on that nose cone.. Thanks you
  11. @Pak by any chance did you get a chance to fix the filter extension config so it can show up on the manufacturer list.
  12. @MrFancyPL if you look at the previous page you will see that someone has already created a AP tweak scale file. Or even look at the OP. First page you'll see a link.
  13. @eberkain I do apologize for the double post I just was not sure where to address this issue. But I'm guessing you are correct about the scaling part and the relative numbers and due to the new tweak scale config it might have shrunk or grown due to it. I will try that experiment and report back to you tonight (at work at the moment). Thank you
  14. @eberkain First off thank you for all the hard work on the tweak scale patching... but unfortunately i have an issue with the SXT mod tweakscale patch in the resent 3.10 update. It pretty much disfigured all the craft that i have SXT on, specifically the tail cones and the hump back radial parts. The tail cones completely disappeared and the hump backs grew in size. Most of these craft were uploaded to Kerbal X so i can imagine what people are seeing with the the 3.10 patch of SXT (broken craft) .. i was forced to revert back to 3.9.1 just so i can fly my craft, if not i would have to rebuild them. If you have time can you please check to see if this can be remedied ..Thank you for you time.
  15. @linuxgurugamer I had a issue with the 3.10 release, it was with the tweak scaling of the parts. It seems to have broken some of my craft that was built from the previous version 3.9.1 ...basically what happen is that some craft were missing its tail cones and other craft that had the hump back have grown in size (the hump itself) which threw my craft out of proportion making them look disfigured. I was forced to revert back to 3.9.1 because in 3.10 i would basically have to rebuild the whole thing (i have quite a lot of craft that use this mod)...and most of these were uploaded to KerbalX so i can imagine what people are getting when they load up the there any way this could be fixed, so i wont have to go back and fix every single craft with this issue. Thank you for your time.