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  1. @FlyHighAviator @NeoFatalis KF has that gear configurations but its a single wheel on it, i think it is meant for smaller craft. Hopefully @Shadowmage has enough spare time and will make one that has double wheel (A320) and a triple wheel (B777). But KF and AP is for sure the best thing to even happen to airplanes in this game.
  2. Sorry @sebi.zzr...i was reading it off my phone i didnt see your message ...thank you to you as well friend.
  3. @DrLicor Thank you Sir that makes a lot more sense...i really appreciate your time and input
  4. So i been noticing that when i load my game lately iys been saying MODUAL MANAGER LOADING PATCH FROM CACHE ####....but before it just used to say MM loading Patch ####....Is this a good thing or something i should be concerned about. I just need some info because i just noticed it, and if there is any need to fix it or leave it alone...Thanks You.
  5. Yup It's broken alright. Especially the cockpits. All the textures are greyed out some of the connecting nodes are missing or non functional. But the rotors are nice and powerful and the wings still have the animation. So there is a silver lining. This mod just needs some tlc and it would be a great addition to anyone who likes B9 parts. I wish I knew how to model or code, unfortunately I'm not helpful in that department. But I'll be more then happy to test out new versions and give feedback on any bugs I find. Hopefully someone would pick this up and bring it up to par and make it functional.
  6. I'm right there with you @blackheart612. After being around jet engines for past 20 years, especially JT-8Ds with out the hush kits, I'm deaf as a post. Btw the engines look beautiful. Great job.
  7. @SpannerMonkey(smce) Hey brother..i still dont have the tabs for the mod itself but i did find all the parts in the BD tab ...i find it in when i hit F(x) and scroll downto BD and all parts that are weapons are there. Now like i said the Kerbin Dynamics, Blue Hawk Ind BD have its own tab...even SM Armory in manufactures but for some reason PEW and NKD dont show up...i installed them manually and put the folders in gamedata...there are no duplicates nested. So i dont know whats going on...maybe something is conflicting. Maybe the filter extensions might be the problem
  8. Ohh ok so it's in the BDtab. I did not know that. I thought it had its own tab much like blue hawk industry and blue vs red kerbin dynamics. I guess I was just looking in the wrong place. Thanks for the help
  9. Has anyone run into the issue where the parts are not showing up. I see them loaded in the debug menu but nothing in game. It's only this mod and NKD.
  10. Is there any possible chance this mod will get updated?
  11. @XOC2008 your probably right. I'm just going crazy lol. Btw I love your new aircraft you just uploaded. They look great.
  12. Hey guys is it my imagination or just wishful thinking but I remember the jump jets having the option to rotate 90 degrees. You know... kind of like the harrier where the jets point down then rotate aft. For some reason I remember it having that option but now it does not. Sorry for sounding nuts.
  13. Are these folding rotors in the mod part pack now ? Because I don't see them or did it get updated recently?
  14. @Puggonaut its a conflict with KSPWheel and KerbalFoundries. if you dont use DECQ's versoin of these you will have size mismatch. You will have proper size if you copy all his files that a re provided into GameData folder, BUT if you installed KF and KSPWheels from Shadowmages GitHub that will be the result. I have already mentioned this to DECQ, i think hes working on it.
  15. @Crzyrndm First off thank for keeping up the good work, i had a it possible to have a GUI for PWings much like the B9 Pwings have?