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  1. @allista for some reason CKAN is telling me CC is not compatible with interstellar fuel switch. Should i just ignore that and install it manually?
  2. Looks like @TMasterson5 beat me to it... Good job sir..thank you for the TweakScale update.
  3. @blackheart612 the Krugers look amazing does everything else....just wanted to ask you you want me to update tweakscale file and post it here for the all the new parts, in case anyone wanted to magic mushroom the parts. BTW the CFM looks amazing but i do have to say it has to be a bit bigger in size....thats too small even for the fuselage in your parts and the stock wings... P.S. YOU ROCK!!!
  4. @blackheart612 You have truly out done yourself sir ...BRAVO!!!!!! looks amazing.
  5. @Zapo147 About 10 0r 11 postes above your is a full set instructions by @V8jester on how to get IR working in 1.2.2..... follow instructions... Win!
  6. @blackheart612 I would say hide it in the leading edge, users would have to action group it anyway. It would just be aesthetically pleasing.
  7. For some reason the mod wont let me upload pictures/screen shots today... anyone else having this issue?
  8. @blackheart612 wow that looks nice, Here is an idea, if you have time that is, you could implement some Krueger Flaps (ex. 727-200, 747-400) Leading edge-inboard wing root. They always look pretty cool.
  9. Funny you should say this, because i just posted a MiG 15 and Saber Jet craft to KerbalX, The MiG one i got from Stryker, but the Saber Jet one i had to be creative and build it from various parts. Happy to see these will be in your mod soon, Will make my jets look cleaner. Thank you sir.
  10. @Wolfair corp. i see that your HIGH DOME COCKPIT looks exactly like the RetroFuture mod except its round instead of squarish. Is there any chance you will do a RetroFuture Continued, because i would love to see that.
  11. @blowfish thank you very much sir for updating. Have a lot of fun with this mod. Had a question about the wheels. I have KSP Wheel installed and I see B9 wheels as well. So the question is, are the wheels supposed to have the strut and wheel angle/tilt options or is that part still not developed for the B9 wheels as they are for KSP Wheels and KF.
  12. @0111narwhalz Thank you sir.
  13. Hi @Shadowmage First of Thank you for all your amazing mods....I have been enjoying KF A LOT... now i have a question/problem...When im about to launch a craft with ALG and i want to turn off the tire dust and the all the other option, i hit esc and settings and i go into KSP Wheel setting and turn them off and i go back and keep on going. Now heres the interesting part, when i go back to the hangar and relaunch the craft all the setting turn themselves back ON. Basically i have to turn them off every time. Its not a big deal , but i was just wondering if anyone else has gotten this and if theres a fix for it? Thanks
  14. More like buy the man a case of beer!!!
  15. Can't wait for this. That's going to be a great addition to the krx pack. Will that be a separate download or will it be included in the Cvx.