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  1. I'm currently experiencing difficulties with Github - the 0.4.4 version is available from SpaceDock for the interim. I will update when the issue has been resolved. The problem with Github files has been resolved. I hope that everything should now be correct for use with CKAN.
  2. I've been toying with this for a little while now. I was originally tempted to put RCS ports directly onto the OTAVcore, however I am limited to 6 if I wish for the stock RCS to be able to Toggle the RCS axis (and I do like to switch off pitch, roll and yaw when I use RCS). I may modify the dockingClamp to incorporate RCS, Which would work in concert with the core. when I next have some time for REKT I'll have a go and see what I can come up with.
  3. @linuxgurugamer do you know how I go about getting the latest release of REKT pushed out to CKAN?
  4. @usulrasolas I think you are missing the passable nodes. Try this as you patch and see if it works for you: @PART[PicoPortPlus]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleConnectedLivingSpace]]:NEEDS[ConnectedLivingSpace] { MODULE { name = ModuleConnectedLivingSpace passable = true passablenodes = top,bottom surfaceAttachmentsPassable = true } } NOTE: I will not be implementing this into PicoPort as it is much to small to squeeze a giant Kerbal head through.
  5. As @SchwinnTropius suggested:
  6. The problem appears that the PM systems requires addressees not to have Special Characters in their name. It's the ">" that it rejects in @cake>pie username.
  7. As requested on Github, the image below shows a 'Typical' OTAV vessel. Details of where the parts go and can be found. A quick assembly guide:
  8. Good spot, I meant to implement a patch, i just didn't.
  9. look here for a similar wheel based discussion:
  10. Version 0.4.4 is now out for release. With great thanks to input from @cake>pie who built on @DStaal previous module there should now be a working solution to the 'one shot' emergency freeze for the Cryo pod. I also extend my thanks to @CobaltWolf and @dboi88 who helped me with re-texturing the OTAV's and got me on the straight and narrow with normal maps.
  11. The reason it was bundled up into KF is because ShadowMage built his own wheel API for KSP. This meant that ShadowMage and co rebuilt all the ALG model colliders to make them work again.
  12. Unfortunately @Warsoul what cobaltwolf has posted is one of the clearest 'cheat' sheets for landing legs as they are in their current form. There is no proper, current documentation detailing step by step. although if you trawl through the forum there as bits of the answers in lots of different threads.
  13. Lunokhod!
  14. I wish to use the minimal dependencies as possible. If players use any mods with use CRP (which is pretty much all the bigger offworld mods) then the 'RegoSeal' resource won't be implemented. I'll change the focus of the MM patch to detect CRP. However, the dependencies may be changing for this mod to something more bespoke.
  15. Wow, I have failed on my delivery of Soon™ for the Inline 12 adapter. Fear not, for it is finished and I have it in game. My modding/Modelling/Texturing knowledge has greatly increased since this mod was conceived though there is still so much to learn! I'm hoping to release version 0.4.4 over this weekend which will hopefully fix a multitude of sins in little config errors. I will be completely restructuring how the SHED folder to allow for greater parts distinction. This should not upset any existing parts as its not intended to be game breaking. However if you have anything which points to a specific part config or model within the REKT folder it would be beneficial for you to revisit it and update accordingly. For 'Out-of-the-box' REKT users you should see no change. For CKAN REKT users I'm hoping to fix the missing OTAV parts issue in this release. I leave you with an image of the minor re-works to the OTAV core model as seen in unity: