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  1. Is this question driven by Life Support Mods at all? There are no Cupolas in Tantares at present but that isn't to say you couldn't right yourself a little MM patch that implements the Cupola's Habitation Modifier (I'm guessing its that sort of thing your after?).
  2. That... that is impressive, care to share a screen shot?
  3. Sorry to hear about you having issues after having installed REKT. Have scoured through your logs and i can't see any obvious clues or pointers. the first none compiled part is a retired part anyway so it's absence will mean nothing to newer users such as yourself, its deprecated and will be removed from the next release.The same is true of the OTAVwinglets and the OTAVcore. I have no experience of Tweakscale and presently its support is not planned, so if that's causing issues i cannot help, I suspect though it is why the OTAVcore2 is not compiling, those undefined variables are not stock. I haven't seen any other issue/reports of PicoPort problems (that belongs in another thread), I am unable to diagnose whatever the issue is from there and i can't replicate it (i'd need you machine, your install etc.) the sheer volume of Mods you are running I cannot cater for unfortunately. What i will say is that something has changed in the code between 1.2.2 and 1.3 which has upset things, predominantly the bigger .mu files but i wonder if it may be a factor?
  4. Looks like its about to do some eve/duna flybys...
  5. Well this is a new one on me and a peculiar one too. Do either of the two smaller antennas exhibit this issue? I'll need some time to investigate. Interim update: I suspect i have found a partial cause to the problem. the 2.0.1 and 2.0 release versions have models built using an outdated set of PartTools (my fault, I'm very sorry to all affected by this). I have re-exported the JX2 model with the latest set of PartTools. The model load time is exceptionally long (it appears to hang and go not responding but it is actually still loading) the example below took about 3 minutes to load on the Pad. I have conducted some rudimentary testing. Now i'm not sure why this is a problem for 1.3 when it worked in 1.2 but I suspect that due to the size of the original model for the JX2 (the .mu is a bit of a fatty). I didn't suspect that there would be such a disparity in size but both the JU1 and JW1 (with similar deployment mechanisms) are less than 1mb in size whereas the JX2 is almost 12mb. Recovery Plan: 1) I will be sending @Snark the updated .mu files as a 'quick fix'. With this he can push out an updated version. 2) All players with vessels using more than one JX2 antenna should try, where possible, to not fly/load them. if unavoidable wait for the 2.0.2 version of JX2 and prepare for a long load time, ignore the 'Not responding' that is to be expected. 3) The JX2 model will have its deployment model/animation built from scratch (now that I have more experience with Blender).
  6. Version 0.4.5 is now available. This latest release see the OTAV hatch obstruction fixed (from the last release 0.4.4) and a few more bits of folder tidying to cut down on duplicate textures. Note the original OTAV air brake has now bee n removed, the previous OTAVairFins and Winglets (pair) have been deprecated. they will be removed in the not too distant future. This brings us to the biggest piece of rework (courtesy of the pointers i got from @Pak, @Beale and @riocrokite). The OTAV has been revamped and now features integral landing gear courtesy of @Shadowmage mighty KSPWheel mod. Also the aero-package for the OTAV has been overhauled to enable proper glide landings (that's WITHOUT the use of the reaction wheels). This last bit is something i had wanted to do for a while but didn't know how, so this vessel can realise its potential!
  7. Background things have been going on, development of this has NOT been abandoned but I have spent my time recently focusing on bringing other mods up to 1.3 (the localization stuff was a bit more work than originally anticipated but these things happen). Whilst I have no new pictures to share as of yet I have fleshed out the family of parts and the progression through the tech tree both Stock and CTT. Concept designs have been completed for about 80% of the parts with detailed sketches for about 50% so it's coming along. Balancing in terms of cost etc. is still to be done across all parts, hopefully this will be resolved or at least started in Beta. Plugin stuff is back up in the air again, as workload for all parties concerned is unpredictable. It is probable that initial release (certainly the Beta) will use USI tools for functionality, that is unless I can learn to write plugins oh and code too .
  8. I suspect at the very least the .dll will need a recompile, but you'd need access to the source files form that. Nice to see that the 1.25m survives, the centrifuge animation is most likely driven by the .dll and it drove the IVA round as well.
  9. I think I have come across a bug with the control surface, I have raised an issue on the Github for it. If you need any more details I'll try to get it for you. Still damned impressed with this mod, the OTAV would not be what it is without it!
  10. @ArmoredReaper any update on the development of this?
  11. Try to be economical with the available space. I see you have unwrapped the entire model. where you are doing that with cylinders you can often get away with 'mirroring' the image.
  12. Just a quick caution as I didn't see it posted above, if you use 'MYEXPERIMENT' in your config (or whatever you want to call it) and its not a Stock experiment, you will need to add 'MYEXPERIMENT' to the science definitions, example: { id = MYEXPERIMENT title = A Custom Mod Experiment baseValue = 5 scienceCap = 10 dataScale = 1 requireAtmosphere = False situationMask = 1 biomeMask = 1 RESULTS { default = An accurate reading of the local Custom Science Data is recorded. default = Local variations in the Custom Science Data are observed. } } There is a vast wall of text that is the RESULTS, basically you need to populate an answer based on where you can collect data. after the default responses there is an equivalent for every biome (see DMagic's repo or Stock Science Definitions for examples, there are a lot). Also you can tweak the baseValue and scienceCap values to suite your needs.
  13. That is an older version of Module manager you are running there. for 1.3 you should be on version 2.8 I believe? Also interesting to note that it's in your (x86) folder of windows, where the 32 bit stuff lives. Also it looks like it's trying to run KSP in 32bit compatibility mode: Environment Info Win32NT 7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Args: KSP_x64.exe Try taking out the KSP folder from its current directory and placing it into the Program Files folder? Then run it from there?
  14. with many thanks to @fitiales the next release will see PicoPorts in Spanish!
  15. You make an excellent suggestion, however all the lifting figures for the OTAV parts are likely to get tweaked in this update. The next update sees the OTAV's deployable wings split into two separate parts. Glad to see the OTAV getting used, and it's also a good comparison of how far along its come now (I think the latest version looks much improved over the 0.4.3 version).