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  1. Found this picture from 1.0.4. Cant remember how Jeb got stuck here under the runway.
  2. Sorry for necroposting but is the development of this mod still going on? I like the idea of ACX weapons being in the game.
  3. I haven't really thought about which parts to remove in my 'Near Future' install. Maybe others beside the engines and cores and Series C? I would like to suggest an option for people to install a 'core' and install the other series as this would benefit a lot for those who wants specific parts or have a lower performance computer.
  4. I have a question for this modpack. What should I do if I only want to use certain packs for my game? For example, if I want to use Ship cores general and Series C and the landers.
  5. I have a question, are the cygnus and atv parts going to be re-added later?
  6. Huh, I got KSP at 2013, I may have a chance to get it! *Checks purchase date* Reads:2013-08-xx Why.
  7. With Squad's announcement of the 'Making History' expansion. They did a great job oh hyping the community. In my opinion, the expansion would be a great way to share missions, giving players both inexperienced and experienced some challenge. Share your thoughts about this expansion which they haven't released much details on!
  8. I am missing this. Considering its around midnight when the stream starts here.
  9. He meant the Ares is the Mars mission. Whereas the name of the ship going to mars is called Hermes (in The Martian). Which Felbourn used the roman name of Hermes for his ship(Mercury) for the ship in the series.
  10. Judging on the current time and ship design, we might have a Mars mission featuring: Mercury Mk[Insert Roman Numerals]!
  11. I'd knew the series will feature 'The Martian' stuffs when @Felbourn first announced the series. Few episodes ago he took re-purposed the MDV into the crew pod returning to Kerbin and recently that Hermes command pod on Mercury. Looks like we might have a Mars mission sooner or later (Don't add disco though, Mark dosen't like em'.)
  12. The command pod on the Mercury craft reminds me of those on Hermes from the Martian. Coincidence?
  13. @KittyCatGuyPerson I believe you can upload the images onto imgur and link the url here.
  14. You are not the only one @KroShan.
  15. Hi Felbourn, in your latest Project Ares episode you mentioned no one figured out the true meaning behind 'Ares'. I think I may have found he true meaning to it. Shall PM you my thoughts?