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  1. I have to say I'm getting increasingly excited for the blitworks rebooted console version, the radials seem the way to go and it does seem to be (if I'm reading it right) a complete overhaul rather than a cut and patch of the FTE train wreck. Although......Does this mean I'm going to have to relearn all the controls? I foresee some planetary faceplants in my future
  2. My suggestions are fairly simple compared to a lot of you guys. Expanding landing platforms for ground bases with fuel transfer options. Wind turbines for atmospheric bases Programerble prob cores for staged parts, this is so you could fit srb's or staged fuel tanks with air brakes and chutes that activate at set intervals for recovery later
  3. I hope that includes fixing the SAS disengaging when the cursor is activated as that's caused a few headaches in the past
  4. Hello fellow kerbalnauts! I'm currently playing on Xbox in career mode and have landed a science lab on minimus, it's been there a while now and I've havested the first batch of science but now the science counter is reading -106.094 (that's negative, as in less than zero) the data counter is healthy sitting at around 625 of 700, I must admit that it's a bit underpowered but it seemed to work just fine to start with. The counter is now counting up to zero but in the 2 years it's been up there I've only managed the one batch of science. Have I missed something or is this a bug?
  5. So fiscal year it is then
  6. Strangely, at the moment, (touch wood, rub the rabbit's foot, kiss the blarney stone) it running alright for me, aside from having to reload saves only from the space center (otherwise it loads an old save) it's behaving itself. I've managed to reach Duna with a probe (a rare achievement on Xbox I'm told), So I'm waiting for a catastrophic failure soon You would think they would put that snippet of information on the thread labeled "development update for consoles!"......... Wouldn't you?
  7. I agree with this statement to a point but I do believe that developers as a whole need to learn how to communicate with Thier players. All many of us ask is regular updates, maybe some info on whats holding them up or something they've got working and also some info on whether they're on schedule or behind, even if they don't tell what that schedule is
  8. It strikes me that all your problems are small fry! I've got: patch conics that don't work, quicksaves that only seem to work at the space center, part context menus that work sporadic at best and just recently it's began to freeze out certain options in the pause menu such as space center, recover vehicle save and load. The space center and recover at the drop down window also stops working and usually just after you've made an inch of progress such as tonight where I managed my 1st flyby in career fluffing the return so I had to spend 30+mins performing an aerobrakeing manoeuvre over 20 or more orbits, finally I get down in 1 piece only to be froze out and having to restart GAAAARRRRR!!!! I neeeeeeddddd this patch to work!
  9. C'mon guys get a move on, I'm almost literally banging my head against a wall with all the ft glitches...... Gargh!
  10. I've been thinking for a bit and I've started wondering, will this be a new port (from scratch) by blitworks or will it be Thier attempt to patch flying Tigers abomination?
  11. Having read through the entire thread, it seems to me the greatest avertion to ksp2 is the notion of having to pay for it. Unfortunately, in real life, game devs need income to continue to work and they cannot rely on new players indefinitely. Imho I believe an approach similar to frontiers Elite Dangerous would be better, so that every so often new content would be released as a new paid season, these could include new systems to explore, new mission types perhaps even a new race to be in competition with. There is also much more scope for surface based activities This approach would also give sqaud opportunities to upgrade/overhaul the existing engine and provide much needed revenue. I know there are mods out there that can provide similar features, however I believe that a purpose built expansion by the devs would ultimately be better, more in depth, and more stable than any free mod.
  12. I am looking forward to the commnet feature, as I've been watching some Scott Manley vids, which look fun plus the wheels will be welcome as I've had tyres blow just from placing them on the runway!
  13. I'm playing on Xbox in sandbox mode with the heavy duty landing struts and I was touching down on the mun at less than 1m/s, as for the wheels, I'm talking about the all terrain rover wheels that seem to explode just by placing them on the tarmac of the runway to test back at the space centre
  14. Don't know if this is a bug or not. Firstly, when I land on the mun, regardless of how gently I touch down, some or all of my landing gear explode! This has happened several times. Secondly, I've been trying to build medium sized mobile modules to expand my mun base but whenever I test them weird vibrations destroy my tires within seconds and on one occasion exploded the front wheel Any thoughts?
  15. A bit small fry compared to you lot but I've accomplished quite a bit yesterday, I finally landed on the mun and returned my faithful Kerbalnaut home, then I managed a second landing just over 200m from the first. Then i attempted to land a fully assembled mun base from orbit (partial success) don't know if I hit the surface too hard or if my landing gear wasn't level but half of it exploded on touch down. (The landing gear not the base) on to the next challenge