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  1. Find flareSettings and spikesSettings in the config of the old flare and edit these values in SVE_Settings.cfg under the GameData\StockVisualEnhancements
  2. I'm not author of this mod. I have copy of the code, because I wanted to add MKS Power Pack as a power source (RealGecko has there USI reactors only). That change is of course possible, but I will not post link to the dll here without permission I'm considering to maintain this mod, because there are few things which can be improved, if @RealGecko don't have time to do this, but it's on him to decide.
  3. Yeah. Closest approach to target isn't there. If you mean distance to a target, that changes units when you are close enough, if I'm not mistaken.
  4. @DeltaDizzy @Loren Pechtel @DStaal I had finally time to check code. At least four operable wheels must be touching ground, at least two wheels must be active and a situation must be LANDED.
  5. I just posted about this in M.O.L.E. thread
  6. It's configuration for the [x] Science not MM config, so you need to edit it. I think it's better to ask him in his own thread. You can filter whatever you want yourself if you know an experiment id. They are in the config files of science experiment parts.
  7. You don't need to remove [x] Science. Just add this to the CelestialBodyFilters section in science.cfg config in [x] Science folder. This will filter out M.O.L.E. experiments. // WBI WBISurfaceConstructionStudy = AvoidAll WBIKNUTS = AvoidAll WBIBRE = AvoidAll WBISAME = AvoidAll WBIOrbitalRecon = AvoidAll WBICryogenicRadiationStudy = AvoidAll WBICryogenicResourceStudy = AvoidAll WBICryogenicStudy = AvoidAll WBICrystalGrowth = AvoidAll WBIGooStudy = AvoidAll WBIIceCreamResearch = AvoidAll WBILongTermCryogenicMiniStudy = AvoidAll WBILongTermCryogenicStudy = AvoidAll WBIMESS = AvoidAll WBIConstructionTechniques = AvoidAll WBIPowerToolsEvaluation = AvoidAll WBISpaceAdaptionStudy = AvoidAll WBITemperatureStudy = AvoidAll WBIThermalStudy = AvoidAll
  8. It's one of readouts in the Rendezvous section.
  9. @steve_v @westamastaflash I had this error too and pinpointed it to the planned path string in the game save file. It was probably corrupted. I planned shorter trip (around 120 km) and everything worked again.
  10. I did PR #1221 for that few days before. Just head ups for @RoverDude, that there are some other changes too, to resolve conflicts during merge
  11. Click anywhere in the ScanSat window except the map.
  12. No worries. There is at least that workaround with control core or service bay, if someone needs to use that two parts (esp. tail cargo bay). All your mods are great
  13. Sorry for a little delay @Nertea. Here it is. Steps to reproduce, screenshots, craft files and log file. Only mod installed was Mk4 Spaceplane System (version 2.3.6) with all necessary mods from the mod zip file. There is also interesting behaviour, when some cargo is unshielded, if you close all bays at the same time. Workaround is to open and immediatelly close a bay with an unshielded cargo (repeat for all bays with an unshielded cargo). This workaround doesn't work, if you have crew cabin or tail bay attached to the bays.
  14. I had this bug even with short cargo bays, so I did a few tests on a clean installation. It seems, that it manifests itself if cargo bays are after the Mk4 crew cabin or if there is the Mk4 tail cargo bay at the end. I saw first four hours of the @RoverDude's stream and he had there tail cargo bay. @sh1pman can probably confirm this.