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  1. @Loren Pechtel Please, provide a save, error log, game version and minimal list of mods needed to reproduce it and I test it. When you don't see rovers in the BV list, than there is an error, which prevents to load it. Without more data I can only say "It's working here" P.S.: I want this mod to run as smoothly as it can, because I'm using it too
  2. I have a lot of work until end of month, but I look into it afterwards.
  3. Pictures? Planet? Planet pack?
  4. When you do lithobraking, then chutes are kinda pointless afterward
  5. @Loren Pechtel I got some weird positions on the Mun too. I didn't had time to analyze pathfinding and positioning part of the BV yet, but I look into it. It's possible, that this is some stock problem regarding Mun's terrain.
  6. @Canopus Never heard of it. BonVoyage only updates a rover's position, when it's active. Do you have a save before and after the incident?
  7. @Loren Pechtel @rmaine There will be some common point, where all our experiences crosses. It's not that simple as switching target, but there is definitelly something out there.
  8. Interesting, because I got it during Hohmann transfer to the Mun, where the target was already set.
  9. @Loren Pechtel @rmaine This is happening, when you switch from flight view to map view and maybe vice versa. I learned not to switch from flight view, when MJ is executing a maneuver. It's easy fix after all
  10. Look at settings of the main [x] Science window. I didn't try if it's visible in the Here and Now window, but you can display completed experiment in the main window.
  11. FIXED. I just updated both unofficial versions, no version number change: Download version for KSP 1.2.2 here Download version for KSP 1.3 here Hyped for official version
  12. Scrap them for now and make different models later?
  13. @SchrottBot Hi, get my version (I tried fix that), don't roll back. Visit first rover you can't see in the list (or just all of them), if you know their order, and rebuild their path. Use shorter paths. Alternativelly, go to your persistent.sfs (backup first), delete that mess of characters after "pathEncoded = " in BonVoyageModule module and change isActive flag to False (isActive = False) for all rovers.
  14. Hi, try this version, if it helps for now.@RealGecko is working on a new release Fuel cells as a power source aren't implemented yet. That error appears only after a rover deployment. Move it a little bit and you're good to go.