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  1. Guys, can you test, if shutting down and activating BV controller is working even with USI, WBI and other supported rovers? (Malemute, Karibou, Buffalo, ARES and Puma rover) Supposed function is as follows: - added new button in right click menu of a BV controller/rover cab which disables/enables controller - disabled rover will vanish from list of active rovers (on fly), BV control panel is disabled and if rover was active (driving to target), it's state is reset dll download link: Backup your saves before testing. Thanks
  2. Not by me, but it's in the latest release from RealGecko, so in my release too.
  3. Active rovers list is reloaded on scene change.
  4. Thanks. Next in production line is support for WBI reactors, fuel cells and Kerbalism, plus option to switch BV controller off (I need this too )
  5. *drum roll* Aaaand it's here. First unoficial release. Download version here Change log: Changed path encoding in a save file (backward compatible) Fixed IndexOutOfRangeException, when decompressing saved path Fixed app launcher button duplication, when Switch Toolbar option is on Power production check is disabled, when Kerbalism is present - will be fixed later Support for tricycles Average rover speed is lowered, when required power is greater then generated power. Speed penalty is applied after all other penalties. If speed penalty is greater then 50%, then rover will be inoperable. BonVoyage window is closed, when picking target on map
  6. You can't disable EC check. I will be doing EC checks revision and lowering max speed is possible. Be advised, that there is also speed penalty for unmanned rovers and for driving during night.
  7. You can "fix" it for now with one small solar panel EC checks (solar and other power) need some love and they will get it, but there are changes I must do beforehand.
  8. Good helpers are PAL parts from USI Konstruction. For example, PAL Magnet adds 10 tons to nearby Kerbal when manipulating parts. Build some rover with two PAL magnets and you can lift 21 tons with one Kerbal. I ship tubes and other parts attached to the core of a base in the most aerodynamic way I can achieve, than remove them on site with KAS and attach them again in the propper place. It needs some planning beforehand, but then it's easy. Keep in mind, that tubes has more attachment nodes. Press R to cycle them and save and reload after attaching a tube. The free space between a part and a tube will be filled with propper ending cap when game is reloaded. Use B and N keys when placing part on the ground with KAS. You can change hight over the terrain and clear parts from clipping into the ground. Inflatable parts doesn't have seats before inflating, so KIS can't add their module for storing EVA items to them. Use external containers before entering or do not enter inflatable parts.
  9. And I have that quick and dirty fix right here
  10. The problem with Kerbalism is, that it's zeroing charge rate value of solar panels and doing different EC production computations then stock system. I don't know right now, if and when this can be solved. Disabling the EC check for Kerbalism users only is possible option.
  11. @aluc24 Kerbalism changes how EC production is handled, which breaks the BV checks. BV is incompatible with Kerbalism at the moment.
  12. @DStaal Could you replicate it with stock, BV, KIS and KAS and provide a save? I can't replicate it.
  13. RealGecko is off since April 30. It's his mod, but I see what I can do unofficially. Probably next week, because I'm off for this weekend.
  14. Do you mean this? It's few posts up from yours and hidden in the spoiler tag.
  15. That's another option. I think, it's the matter of personal preference, how you build and fly your crafts