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  1. same here i to have been asked to send error file access violation the only mod i have is the module manager for the docking camera thats been working fine for months...till today 30mins ago..
  2. guys the same has just happened to me I cant access KSP anymore, ok the link shows a folder ....then what??? how do we get our error log in there.
  3. have been playing KSP fine for months then today error on loading message telling me what folder the error log file is at opened it with notepad, load of stuff i dont understand. how do i get it to the dev team.. regards Brian
  4. Hi Like you i to have come back after a year off, I got Minmus straight away, I remember Scott M saying when your on the launch pad go to map fast forward, so Minmus is at 4oclock, sun at top of screen, then launch. dont know about mechjeb, but starting time Must be important. hope this helps, dont want to teach you to suck eggs, iam sure your a capable astronaut. good luck.
  5. Hi guys having a night mere to day !Things not going to plan. Had a rest for a year and started again, trying to remember all that Scott Manley taught no rush to conquer the universe, a base on MUN/ Minmus/ ISS orbiting both will do for now, its what i achieved last year, so with your help guys.... infinity and beyond.... regards Brian
  6. Big thanks to all, !done It!! I did not no what the difference between translation / rotation, till you all explained how it works.
  7. Thank you for your comments You make more sense then and i am English. lol I only used the high hat =left to right (on lift-off) and 2 buttons for rotation (when docking) and the default keys w,s,a,d, But I had nothing for UP/Down. thats when i messed up trying to configure and up/down control. my saitek X45 has two controllers, i have lots of buttons It's just to complicated, maybe if you are successful at docking you could share your control. many thanks for getting back to me. regards Brian
  8. Sorry mate I was tired basically I never really understood the map buttons/joystick screen even though i got by. I need a basic docking config. up/down forward/back side-ways left/right and rotate maybe the same system you use, some advice. regards Brian
  9. can any one send me a guide to set up controls I come on tonight just to set a control for Up/Down when docking and I have messed up, what i once had, which was not much i only used High hat for left/right when leaving for Space/ my A& B button for /rotation the same keys when docking. WASD which control RCA astronaut. cant believe iv messed up I have sats/around Minmus and land easy on min, but now lost all. I hit the reset button as well, im tired gota go to sleep will check tomorrow. thanks in adv. my set up is a Saitek X45 i am happy to use keyboard
  10. Thanks But Not the case...just fixed it came back to let all no..what I had done while checking out the new screen lay out I in inadvertently clicked on a ship icon that turned off ships names, buy thanks for answering my MAY
  11. Guys having great fun rescuing people from spce done it once so when 2 people where on same orbit i took the mission. as before got to within 3.2mts away no one there, so i thought maybe i'd left it to long so i scraped the mission. But now Jeb is stranded around MUN so i sent up my Mun lander stripped of its legs replaced with two seater return rescue craft. but again with in less than 5klm no craft yet in the space station i can change back to Jebs craft and cant see rescue ship any help plz guys
  12. thanks for that yes i too last year watched Scott on my other saved games, I have bases on MUN and Minuss and orbiting stations with scientists on, I have just forgot all the controls, and I think I started with more monies last time. Thanks for help I;ll see if i have enough to save Brian made IT well done Jeb is safe I dont know what button i pushed but he came alive.. havnt found the up/down button yet but he's back Brian