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  1. A Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and a Pluto analog. Another solar system 2.5m nuke to get to said solar system More in depth science then just clicking "run experiment" Parts dedicated to surface bases Moving parts Telescopes Clouds Life support
  2. It could be that it's just pushed out too far then. Or the atmosphere is messing it up because you are magnifying it so muchg.
  3. @FokkerAce did you attempt to refocus it?
  4. Packed up for a short cloud band. Will try again tomorrow night hopefully.
  5. Any objections to the ring nebula in Lyra?
  6. Where is this list you speak of?
  7. So I guess the next question is a target. Are there any limitations to any of your views of the sky (Houses, trees, etc.)?
  8. Don't know. Good night!
  9. We are thinking about doing a group astrophoto thing. Everyone will send in lights with calibrations then it will all be stacked. Could we address the problem of the different fov's first? If that's possible would we stack all of our frames and send in a final image? Or send everything? Who should process them? What target are we going to choose?
  10. Yup! @_Augustus_?
  11. You have camera and a tracking mount? Don't know
  12. So who would be able to contribute to this community project? I think we should start another thread for it too if we all decide to continue.
  13. Would you like to go into it?
  14. Uninvited mice soao in retainer
  15. Would that be a hybrid motor?