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  1. He is ok-ish. He slipped out of the door and started chasing a car then got hit. He has been caring it around and has some minor scrapes that has scabed over. Taking him to vet today (1:28 right now). Think there may be a break or fracture, but the vet will find that out. Will update when i get the info. But for now, here's a picture I took a few months ago. Something being finicky, Here is picture.
  2. He is home now. Just lounging around.
  3. Thanks everyone
  4. They x-rayed him and vet did not see any breaks or fractures. He does have an open wound on his ankle which will need stuff applied to it. Radiologist will review x-rays and make sure vet did not miss anything.
  5. He was putting weight on it and vet is not really worried.
  6. @Dman979 chewawa terrier mut. He is at the vet now. Have not gotten anything about how he is doing yet.
  7. So my dog got run over But there is some blood on his fur and some minor wounds. Would posting said pictures be against forum rules?
  8. Yeah, it doesn't look that bad. But it still scary before we can get him in. Thanks :\|)
  9. If I have warning, then I would flee. If I did not, go down in my basment. Wait for the worst to be over
  10. Any reply?
  11. Yep @Just Jim?
  12. @Tex
  13. While I don't think I can provide an answer, but you're asking why and how a reaction wheel can interfere with a gyroscope?.
  14. @Epox75 congratulations! Got a response yet? So is it a supernova, a nova, or something else. You would probably be able to make a separate thread related to this too.
  15. Let's call it... Jk
  16. Will break out calculator later today(as it is 1:28(am)) to help aid all of your efforts to calculate a large number.
  17. -81+
  18. *confused what the fluck*
  19. How is the suit going?
  20. 2 or 3 months ago I played ksp daily. Have not launched it in a while. But it will come back like it has in the past.
  21. I just think of what I want to do and build my rocket accordingly.
  22. A Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and a Pluto analog. Another solar system 2.5m nuke to get to said solar system More in depth science then just clicking "run experiment" Parts dedicated to surface bases Moving parts Telescopes Clouds Life support
  23. It could be that it's just pushed out too far then. Or the atmosphere is messing it up because you are magnifying it so muchg.
  24. @FokkerAce did you attempt to refocus it?