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  1. Like the old saying goes, 6th time is a charm. I guess it had nothing to do with the drills. It was just time warping during the deployment that did the weird thing. The unexpected launches as well. Maybe a warning label on the model of the dyi kit saying don't rush on deployment would be a good fix for this. It was just a few minutes, but I didn't want to lose them. Ended up losing hours to get it done. Now the base sits marvelously next to mmyy runway eating away precious fps when attempting a landing. Warranty void if deployed in a hurry
  2. Apparently was just time warping. I tried wo warping on deployment and it stayed on the ground this time. The problem this time was that I added the launch clamps and they ended a couple of meters above ground. A tank broke with the fall. Again I'll try it wo the launch clamps. And if that doesn't work I'll hack gravity.
  3. Ok this is getting funny. Tried it again but this time when it finished deploying and started fixing to the ground, the box just launched 100 meters in the air. I should use it as rockets propulsion cause it was so quick I almost lost it in the air. Maybe if I can't build bases I have to make a lemonade out of this glitch. Did it again. Same result
  4. I might just solve my problem with launch clamps. I'll see if that works.
  5. Nope. If it was that simple I would have figured it out. I'll give it another try in the afternoon and if it deploys too high I will hack gravity and see if it survives. Anyway, I have the same base sitting right beside the runway, that I launched directly when I was testing for functionality, and apparently those huge tanks don't handle time wrap so well when full. The juke the base gets when dewarping is enough to send one rolling and the other expontaniously combusts. I might have to get back to the drawing board.
  6. So, I have a problem with this mod. I wanted to build a ground station in minmus, so I decided to test it in Kevin first. Did everything to the letter. Using k&k to build the station. And sent a workshop with enough material kit and then left the package at the runaway. When it deployed, I realised it was off the ground by a fair amount, but I thought it was just a glitch. Went on with building. When it was finished and I launched, I realised my drills were deployed pre launch and that is why it was floating. It used the deployed drills as the lowest point and built up from that. The result when it finally launched, I had my beautiful base with its huge tanks, hanging a few meters above the runway. You can figure out what happened next. The result was the tanks did not survive the landing, and the cool round one I was using for hydrogen in near future, went of hilariously rolling off until it hit a building Everything was strutted and auto strutted and extra strutted. Apparently my problem is with the drills. anyone else has this? Is it recurrent? Is it a k&k incompatible issue? Or is it a weird glitch that probably won't happen every time? Btw the tanks might survive in minmus gravity, but I'm afraid of committing the time and resources to test it there.
  7. Hey, no biggie, really. I was disappointed, but them started a fresh save with Strategia and Kerbol Origins. that is gonna take me a looong time. that and for some reason I have an unstable mod collection that crashes my game quite often, really, the lack of science was a small problem. besides, it made me learn a bit of kopernicus to find out what was wrong, and I found it. so win!
  8. Hey guys, I loved the mod, but was very disappointed when I flew all the way to Savin for science and found out there was so little of it there. so I found this out. ScienceValues { flyingLowDataValue = 1 flyingHighDataValue = 1 inSpaceLowDataValue = 1 inSpaceHighDataValue = 1 recoveryValue = 1 flyingAltitudeThreshold = 150000 spaceAltitudeThreshold = 5000000 } is this correct? I mean, aren´t those ones supposed to be 10s or something. its quite a bummer to do a 30 minute burn just to find out you could get more science on kerbin
  9. quick question. did a flyby mission to Minmus. Valentina decided to Strike. I reverted back, added more supplies. she still striked, but much later. still there were plenty of supplies left on both times she striked. also loads of EC. I did warp, is there a relation to warping ?
  10. Hi, as usual I don´t even know if this is the right place for these, but here we go. I have been having problems with all RCS from interstellar since 1.2. then after I installed Spacey, I also had problems with their RCSs. I started looking into the problem and figured out that if I removed RCSsounds, the crashes stopped. so, it was not Interstellar per se, but a bundled mod that was crashing my game. I dont know if other people have this problem, but that was my easy fix. some small thing I have realized while messing around with KSPI 1.11.1 the antimatter collector multiplier, does not multiply. I mean, I suppose that larger collectors should collect more, and I assume the multiplier should reflect that. well, it doesn't. a 1.25m and a 7.5 meter collect the same amount of AM. one thing that is not bug related but I have come to realize by using it, and it makes perfect sense. there is some distance decay when using Microwave at least. (i did not know that, it´s not documented, but I should have thought of it) I made my beautiful antimatter microwave reactor in an optimal jool orbit to collect AM and basically be an eternal power source. then I figured out I get almost nothing beamed up to kerbin. I mean, I generate 45GW, beam some 36GW, and only get around 100MW in kerbin. what would be a solution for that? maybe using UV instead? cheers.
  11. I don't get it. I mean i do, the minute details of perfect orbits are impossible to get right, but my sats dont bunch up, specially the KSO. After I get the phase alignment i want, usually 120 degrees, i match the orbital period to the thousandth of a second. I am sure it will over a lot of time(a lot really, i have no idea how much) have a deviation, but hey, just go there and align the phase again, and reset the orbital periods.