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  1. That is seriously awesome. This is gonna be better than AVP tbh P.S. yup ground textures are working. Now to get Scatterer updated to 1.3...
  2. The color maps look fuzzy. I like fuzzy.
  3. Oh okay. I think it was 0.3, but i meant TR and somehow both comments merged...
  4. P.S. Nope, ground textures don't work. Ooooh that made my EVA crash! Thanks man!
  5. Cool! i recommend using Poodmunds OPm visual overhaul
  6. Okay, ill try it now...Ill let you know the results
  7. P.S. Now you're here, i wan't to say that the KSPRC textures are not working (I use KSP 1.3 and AV 0.3) Do you know how?
  8. Speaking of, would you mind changing how Eve looks like? Çause everything ecxept Eve looks absolutely breath-taking. Okay that explains it
  9. I guess... (The reason i think this is because Laythe reminded me of SVE, just saying)
  10. I mean't the scatterer inbuild SVE
  11. I am almost sure that was SVE-scatterer.
  12. Sorry, i'm gonna borrow one myself actually, i don't have one. P.S. I was going to do it myself to, but feel free to do it too! I really want to see the results!
  13. So recently i've watched a video about making a Solar System model, video here if you're interested: And my birthday is approaching, so i'm here like: ''What shall i do?'' Then it dawned up to me. How about a scale model of the Kerbol System? SLYTON AND IT'S MOONS WILL BE INCLUDED TOO. So here's the plan: Step 1: Install the MunPocketEdition mod. Check it out, it's really cool. It allows you to use planets as parts. Step 2: Copy-over Jool and make it Slyton(All rights to the creator for the mod, don't worry ). And also wrangle Kerbin to have the texture not flipped over anymore. Step 3: Use the KSPRC ground textures and make the vacuum bodies prettier(And the atmospheric bodies too). And edit the textures to give it clouds. Step 4: 3D-print the ''ships'' via blender and a 3D-printer. Step 5: Find a good spot. (Everything is scaled down 2.000.000 times so Kerbin something like 3 CM) Step 6: Place the bodies. Step 7: Make a video about it. (Might come later)
  14. So, I was messing around with this mod and i did a scenario(I just felt you forgot about that or something like that). The game crashed. So i just wanna ask: Would you mind doing something with the scenarios?