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  1. Well, Better Atmospheres works fine with me. themaster told me to use KerbalVisualEnhancements instead of EVE. Try it out, it's worth it.
  2. This reply might be late, but i have the same question. I'm going to test this for you if you didn't already
  3. Hello. Will you continue with your channel? I really like it.

  4. Thnx for the quick reply, will now install it
  5. please bring this back
  6. Yes. Well atleast AVP Insterstellar v2.
  7. Hello. I don't have any experience with making mods AT ALL, but i do have an idea. A mod that kinda adds a surface to Jool. Its actually just clouds, but it acts like water. It is not flat, just random clouds starting at a height of approximality of 1KM. If you manage to have such a heavy ship or use engines, or just somehow sink until 100M, the clouds will stop, and you will fall out of them. and on 50M, an ocean appears. This ocean is the last layer of Jool, and continues until the -250M mark, then your ship will, as always, explode on that height. BUT there is even more! if you manage to somehow accelerate to 200m/s and go through -250M, you will appear on a tiny rock, 10KM the size, and is the core of Jool. it's small, but if you take a surface sample,you will get 7.000 science points. Let me know what you think!
  8. There are tutorials to make mods with new parts. But i want to make a mod that adds a ''ocean'' to Jool, which you can land on.
  9. It looks so good - hopefully it doesn't affect anything from AVP insterstellar v2...
  10. I'm just wondring, why don't you give us ALL the .craft files? i know it does take alot of work, but some crafts are just if someone will see them, they look like: :0.0:




  11. I like the old textures, don't know why
  12. Awesome!
  13. I'm using Astronomers Visual Pack: Insterstellar V2,and im looking forward for this! is this compatible with AVP In V2?
  14. Due to the little bits i could read i bet Exp. Eve is a Archangel v3 ssto with 100 kerbals to fight duna. Seriously, that thing is HUGE.
  15. Hey Matt! Youre the master in SSTO's, right? Well, i need help. Look, i really like it to build spaceplanes, but for reasons, they keep rotating at the near end of the runway, and when i try to keep balancing them the plane will crash of the runway and boom. So, can you give advice so i can change my spaceplanes, and finally take-off succesfully? Also, how do you master all those plans like the Argus or Engadine? Well in cases you can help me, i REALLY will thank it.