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  1. yeah ive landed a probe on Duna during last transfer window. Done the warp all the way out and landed , it wasnt until i came back to ksc i thought damn i should have sent more.lol. So this time im sending a fleet . thanks for the quick replies folks. Should give a bit more peace of mind . also I'm on console so sadly do not have access to mods. I would kill for mech Jeb / kerbal engineer. Whichever one has the DV readout. But for now I'm stuck with eyeballing my builds. Literally had to do a practice run to Duna in order to test my landers capability. Its maddening
  2. So I will give you guys some background info. I have just made a 25ton lifter to the duna system. ,which with my 3kerbal lander gets me landed on Duna and back into orbit with a bit of fuel left. So my plan is to launch multiple lifters an send 3payloads to Duna ( 1x lander, 1x fuel tank to be left I orbit for the landers return to kerbin. And one 25ton satellite and mini lander cluster) and 2payloads to Ike( 1xlander and sat / mini lander cluster). My question is how much time should I allow between launching each vessel?,so that they all enter the Duna system at roughly the same time but not too close together so I have time to get each one into a stable orbit before the next payload arrives I was thinking to just launch them one day apart ,but unsure If this will make them enter Duna's SOI also 1day apart. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  3. yeah and seeing as I'm on console wouldn't mind sending a caged FT into oblivion. Lol
  4. so after announcing that a new type of spacesuit is to be added, I thought I would make the suggestion of the squad chimp as a playable character. its something I've wanted since first picking up the game, just wasn't sure how feasible it would be to implement. so what do you guys think, is this something you would like added?
  5. I'm unaware of a workaround for this. Unfortunately until this is fixed you will need to orientate using the map view and navball. Its tedious but will give you a better understanding of how the navball works. So if you set up a trajectory that looks like it will pass close to the target/mission marker. Then you just have to keep an eye at the top of the screen and it will tell you , you are entering zone xz86 for example. Then just come out of map view and run experiment/ crew report( whatever is required for the contract) hope this helps also try to get a good plane built for these missions, as it will cost too much(and be a lot harder to do)with rockets, that way you can guarantee a profit from the mission as you can just land and recover vessel/ fly back to ksc to get 100% of the cost of launching the plane.
  6. you don't need to mess around with your tv settings, there is an option in the game settings to adjust the aspect ratio. I also had to change it as it cuts off the parts list a bit when building,hope this helps
  7. well I can understand peoples frustration, and for a while ,I also felt like we were being completely ignored. However yes they may have gone quiet again on progress reports, but firing FT and hiring blitworks is a major step, which we should be thankful for, as I'm sure Squad would have lost a lot of money with this decision. I dont want to get bogged down with going in circles with the blame game and being frustarated. I personally am trying to be positive about it . (although I will say could have solved alot of anger and gathered a more supportive console fanbase, if it had been released on the early access program) so now I've said my piece what I really want answered is with this being a new port will it be possible to use our old save file?/even just craft files. I know this is probably asking alot but if someone from squad could give us an update /answer as to how likely this will be. Before they release the new port. the main reason I ask is I am currently building a station around kerbin. Therefore dont want to put too much more effort and time building it if I am going to lose it and my 15T reusable lifter.(took a while to get it working ) Anyway I'm really curious to see how much the new port can improve the game. as I am about half way through my station build and its not looking good (frame rate is already dropping) not sure if its the game/ console that is struggling. tbh I really dont think we will be able to enjoy ksp at its best until maybe the Scorpio comes out.
  8. I think you can also change aspect ratio through the in game settings, I'm sure this is what I had to do, I'm also on xbox and the edges of the screen where obscured. Hope this helps.
  9. great to see they will be adding some dlc. really hope they add base modules as I feel the stock game is really lacking without these. just a shame us console players probably will have to wait until next year for it, judging by how long it took to implement one patch lol
  10. while not as epic as posts above, I managed to reenter jeb into kerbins atmosphere from orbit in just a heat shield and external command seat, lol. Dont know how to upload clips from my xbox to here. so if you want to see proof you will have to check my clips. GT, NBC VETERAN. It was an epic ride,lol
  11. yeah I was using same method. thanks. I will probably start a new game soon as well, can just use this thread as a way to keep FT and other players informed how the patch is running.
  12. yep exact same issue , can someone who has started a new game let us know if their game is progressing ok now? would like some peace of mind before starting a new career ,thanks.
  13. I totally agree squad deserve a lot of praise for making such a fantastic game its just a shame FTE have made such a train wreck of the console port. Then again maybe its the xbone itself that's the problem I fear we may not have a stable build of this game until we get the Scorpio release, such a shame as I am totally addicted to this game,lol
  14. yeah my save is gone aswell. dont know whether to start a new game now as the same thing might happen when 1.2 comes out.
  15. yeah, it was the patch I downloaded Las night that corrupted my save. I probably will just start a new game but I hope I dont run into the same issues by the time I get to munar missions again, so if anyone has managed to continue their save file can you let me know if your saves are progressing ok now? Just so I and others can have some peace of mind before starting a new career, I'm totally addicted to this game and I need my space fix soon,lol