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  1. Well, I know my 10% are being pessimistic, but even intel only talks about 18% ("our results show that Hyper-Threading Technology offers a cost-effective performance improvement (7%-18%) for multithreading without doubling hardware cost"). And then let's take a look at some real case HT benchmarks, check the difference and build your own opinion, unrelated to the marketing people : Link1 Link2 Link3
  2. Hi all, I found a little time to catch up. I really wonder, who has seen my video at all, that we discuss here, cause some things get re-figured-out here in the thread, that I thought I have pointed out in the video already. But it's cool to have some discussion around the topic. KSP does multithreading, but at least in the flight scene a huge amound (maybe like 80%) of the workload is in one thread (the unity main thread?), which is the bottleneck. Intel Hyperthreading: Please don't mix up a "i3, 2-core, 4 threads" with a "i5, 4-core, 4 threads" there is a noticable difference. Simplified said, Intel Hyperthreading "only" gives you access to the (small) unused parts of a core (currently in use) to use it. This usually "only" gives like around 10% performance boost. So a "i3, 2-core, 4 threads" has around 60% of the performance of a "i5, 4-core, 4 threads" at the same clock speed and the same CPU architecture. On the other hand, as long as the flight scene only utilizes 1,5 cores of a 4-core i5, then a i3 can fully give the same performance, as and i5 can do. @Gotmachine Did you saw my video? I think you got plenty much to the same results as I, even If I only tested it with 3 ships a 800 parts in space. But even that utilized only 1,5 cores of my 4 core system. Thx for your work and more or less proven my theory. Are your core load percentages only from KSP.exe or windows overall utilization? Cause I could not reproduce for example a "91/84/83/83" = 341 = 3,4 cores utilized by KSP.exe only in the flight scene. So I assume that are values from the taskmanager, including all windows processes. If not, that would be interesting. Thx for your work at your tests. For these tests it would be helpful, to disable Hyperthreading in the BIOS, cause the 8 threads are not fully equal, cause of the hyperthreading thing I described above. So you can not really compare the task manager bars. Without Hyperthreading you have 4 fully equal cores, so you can compare them against each other. This makes it hard to get information out of the screenshots. And one more thing, windows usually shuffles the load around the cores (also said that in the video) so when you have ONE thread that runs as fast as it can at it's limit, on a 4 core system, being the bottleneck, you not see 100/0/0/0 in the taskmanager, but you see 25/25/25/25 in the taskmanager, cause windows shuffles the load to the less used core. KSPs flight scene seems to be limited by the performance of the main thread (which seems the only one thread running maxed out). So that's only one thread fully utilizing the performance it has aviable. In this case seeing 25/25/25/25 on a quad thread CPU (or 12,5/12,5/12,5/12,5/12,5/12,5/12,5/12,5 on a octo thread CPU, if the cores would be equal, which they not fully are) in the taskmanager means, the application runs at the limit of the CPU, more in detail, of the performance of one core of the CPU. Cause you see 100% load of one core / one thread with its computing spread out (shuffled) over all cores. I want to say, yes and no. The game definitely does multi-threading. But what do (let's say) 40 threads help, when one of these 40 threads needs to do 80% of the workload, so limiting the overall performance. In the video I had 3 ships with each 800 parts and one thread of the game fully utilized core1, while at the same time all other ksp threads added up didn't even fully utilize core2. (Shown in the video.) But again, I did not want to bash ksp/unity at all, I know there are computational dependencies, which I tried to explain with a simple example in the video, too. So fully utilize 4 or more cores in a flight scene is no easy task, I am sure. I only want to point out, if you get an CPU for KSP, get one with a high SINGLE THREAD RATING. For example the new Ryzen CPUs have a huge overall performance (cause they have plenty cores), but not that good single thread rating per core. So that would not be the best choice for KSP, as it is nowadays.
  3. Yeah, there is a NullReferenceException, at around the ROKEA agency, which is the last entry in the ingame console. So it seems the debug logger looses the "connection" to the ingame console at this NullReferenceException. If that's still present and unmodded, you could/should report it as bug.
  4. Would it be possible to transfer "DATA" between different science labs in the same station? I added multiple science labs to a station for using them as USI LS recyclers mostly. But when I deliver now experiment results to the station and putting them into a lab, one can not choose in which lab they should go. But cause a lab runs faster, when it has more data, it would be useful/important, to have all "data" in one specific science lab.
  5. May I add 2 more ideas? -It would be cool, if Fusebox can read the power consumption from USI parts. This is maybe tricky, cause it depends on the configuration of the parts. Don't know if that's possible. -Also a window, showing which part (can) consume what, would be nice. Maybe with a checkbox, if tis part should be added for the overall result, like the filter, but on parts. But that's just ideas, no request. o/
  6. OK, will do. This would be very nice. Thank you very much. o/
  7. Not that I know of. But I have to admit, that I always reverted back to v0.265 cause of these exceptions. But it would be cool to be up-2-date again. It's just the thing that it's much harder to check the log for "bad" exceptions, when you have plenty "no issues" exceptions in the same log. Didn't you have these exceptions, each time you enter the tracking station? Are they hard to catch? o/
  8. First, thanks for the great mod. Is there a chance to maybe get these two exceptions (going into the TS and back to the SC) fixed, very much please? It makes me crazy to see these exceptions so often and I am waiting for a fix since V0.300 release. I have a highly modded install, cause of that I need to have the exceptions turned on, to notice when something goes wrong. But these log I made with a very small modded installation and with Scatterer in its own config. PS: This could be used to also sync back the version number of the binary with the version number of the release. Which confused some people. [LOG 13:29:12.115] [AsteroidSpawner]: New object found near Kerbin: Ast. HSJ-227! [LOG 13:29:12.177] [Scatterer] Celestial Body: Kerbin (CelestialBody) [LOG 13:29:12.178] [Scatterer] Found: Kerbin / Kerbin [LOG 13:29:12.178] [Scatterer] Celestial Body: Duna (CelestialBody) [LOG 13:29:12.179] [Scatterer] Found: Duna / Duna [LOG 13:29:12.179] [Scatterer] Celestial Body: Laythe (CelestialBody) [LOG 13:29:12.179] [Scatterer] Found: Laythe / Laythe [LOG 13:29:12.180] [Scatterer] Celestial Body: Jool (CelestialBody) [LOG 13:29:12.180] [Scatterer] Found: Jool / Jool [LOG 13:29:12.181] [Scatterer] Celestial Body: Eve (CelestialBody) [LOG 13:29:12.181] [Scatterer] Found: Eve / Eve [LOG 13:29:12.185] Found scaled sunlight [LOG 13:29:12.186] Found Sunlight [LOG 13:29:12.188] [Scatterer] mapping EVE clouds [LOG 13:29:12.191] [Scatterer] Eve assembly type not found [LOG 13:29:12.192] [Scatterer] Sunflare config found for Sun [LOG 13:29:12.317] [Scatterer] Added custom sun flare for Sun [LOG 13:29:12.322] [Scatterer] disableAmbientLight: Found scaled sunlight [LOG 13:29:12.323] [Scatterer] disableAmbientLight: Found sunlight [LOG 13:29:12.323] [Scatterer] Added eclipse caster Mun for Kerbin [LOG 13:29:12.324] [Scatterer] Added eclipse caster Minmus for Kerbin [LOG 13:29:12.326] [Scatterer] Atmosphere config found for: Kerbin [LOG 13:29:12.337] [Scatterer] Ocean config found for: Kerbin [LOG 13:29:12.545] [Scatterer] Effects loaded for Kerbin [LOG 13:29:12.871] [Scatterer] Error calling clouds2d.reassign() on planet: KerbinSystem.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary. at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.Object]].get_Item (System.String key) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at scatterer.SkyNode.UpdateNode () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 [LOG 13:29:12.873] [UiApp] Awake: KSPedia [LOG 13:29:12.874] [ApplicationLauncher] OnSceneLoadedGUIReady: scene TRACKSTATION ShouldBeVisible() True ShouldBeOnTop() False iIsPositionedAtTop False [LOG 13:29:12.876] ScaleModList: listSize 164 maxListSize 1816 [LOG 13:29:12.877] [KnowledgeBase] OnAppLauncherReady 35054 [LOG 13:29:12.884] [UIApp] OnDestroy: ContractsApp [LOG 13:29:12.897] [MessageSystem] Reposition 0.02 35055 [EXC 13:29:12.902] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object scatterer.SkyNode.UpdateStuff () scatterer.updateAtCameraRythm.OnPreCull () [LOG 13:29:12.907] [PlanetariumCamera]: Focus: Kerbin [LOG 13:29:12.947] [Scatterer] Sky switched to scaled mode [LOG 13:29:13.025] [UIApp] Adding KSPedia to Application Launcher [LOG 13:29:13.028] ScaleModList: listSize 164 maxListSize 1642 [LOG 13:29:15.913] Flight State Captured [LOG 13:29:15.919] Saving Achievements Tree... [LOG 13:29:15.924] [MessageSystem] Save Messages [LOG 13:29:15.938] Game State Saved to saves/default/persistent [LOG 13:29:28.045] [AsteroidSpawner]: No new objects this time. (Odds are 1:2) [LOG 13:29:43.220] [AsteroidSpawner]: New object found near Kerbin: Ast. VCF-167! [LOG 13:29:58.430] [AsteroidSpawner]: No new objects this time. (Odds are 1:2) [LOG 13:30:13.641] [AsteroidSpawner]: New object found near Kerbin: Ast. USG-098! [LOG 13:30:44.081] [AsteroidSpawner]: No new objects this time. (Odds are 1:2) [LOG 13:31:14.459] [AsteroidSpawner]: New object found near Kerbin: Ast. OUG-416! [LOG 13:31:29.679] [AsteroidSpawner]: New object found near Kerbin: Ast. QSE-676! [LOG 13:33:00.954] [AsteroidSpawner]: New object found near Kerbin: Ast. FZD-015! [LOG 13:34:17.029] [AsteroidSpawner]: No new objects this time. (Odds are 1:2) [LOG 13:35:32.837] Flight State Captured [LOG 13:35:32.842] Saving Achievements Tree... [LOG 13:35:32.846] [MessageSystem] Save Messages [LOG 13:35:32.858] Game State Saved to saves/default/persistent [LOG 13:35:32.863] [Tracking Station]: SetVessel(null) [LOG 13:35:32.865] [PlanetariumCamera]: Focus: Kerbin [LOG 13:35:32.887] [UIMasterController]: HideUI [LOG 13:35:32.944] [HighLogic]: =========================== Scene Change : From TRACKSTATION to SPACECENTER ===================== [EXC 13:35:32.945] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object scatterer.Core.Update () [LOG 13:35:33.170] [Scatterer] saving Kerbin atmo config to: scatterer/config/Planets/Kerbin/atmo [LOG 13:35:33.172] [Scatterer] Saving settings to: scatterer/config/config.cfg [LOG 13:35:33.172] KbApp.OnDestroy Vessel Crew [LOG 13:35:33.173] [UIApp] OnDestroy: KSPedia
  9. If I see this correct, SVE installation now became easier, because it now installs the "default" versions of MM, EVE, Scatterer and then SVE configures them with MM patches. So the CKAN installation should be more easy, cause it just needs MM, EVE, Scatterer as dependency and then install the SVE and the SVE-Textures. But I don't know if that changes can be incorporated by the CKAN database without breaking the install possibilities for older versions of KSP/SVE. Hmm.
  10. I just recognized, that this is already an issue on github. I will append my description there. It's not urgent. And I made a short video, showing this problem.
  11. @linuxgurugamer I have a small "bug" report here. Before KSP 1.2 the camera focus was always on the center of mass (COM). With the advanced tweakables in KSP 1.2, there came the possibility to aim the camera on a specific part, for example the command pod with "Aim Camera" and then "Reset Camera" to switch back to the COM. Since KSP 1.2, Hullcam has the small issue, that when leaving a hullcam view (so changing back to the stock camera), it goes not to the usual camera (COM) but it focusses the root part of the vessel. One can see that when, for example, the command pod is the ships root part, you can right click it and see "Reset Camera", which means, it is focussed on this part at this moment. Also when you fully zoom in, you see that it is focussing on the root part. But it shoudn't be focussed on any part at all, when leaving hull cam. Or maybe only in the case, the stock-camera-focus was on that part when entering HullCam. I assume, the problem comes from the way Hullcam goes back to the stock-camera when leaving hull-camera. The view the mod switches to was OK for KSP before 1.2, but with KSP 1.2 this seems to be changed. If you find a little time, could you check, if you find the correct way to switch back to the KSP-stock-camera-view without an unwanted focus to the root part? A hint could be the mod "Camera focus changer" cause this mod switches correctly back to the KSP-stock-camera-view without an unwanted focus. So there it works like it should work. PS: The mod "Camera Tools" has the same problem like Hullcam, switching back to a root-part-focussed-stock-view instead of the unfocussed-COM-stock-view. But don't bother too much, if it's to hard to find, one can/have to live with that problem, I think. The workaround now after leaving a hullcam-view is to right click the root part and click "Reset Camera" to change the camera back to COM. However, when launching it is a little stress sometimes.
  12. If I am not wrong, the danger alerts options.cfg is not in a plugindata directory, so invalidating the MM cache.
  13. I just tried it, it's easy to reproduce this error. Just removed ALL mods (/folders except Squad) and installed Camera Tools 1.8.0 via CKAN (which also installs Module Manager) on KSP 1.2.2. With that "vanilla+CameraTools" install I was able to reproduce the "CT breaks music volume"-problem easily. It's still there. See this video.
  14. Working fine? You don't have this problem? As soon as I use camera tools, the sound is broken. The music volume raises/lowers when zooming in/out the ship. Until one restarts KSP. For me, at least. Is this a mod conflict, only I have?