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  1. In a career game, is there a recommended route for raising the funds for KSC upgrades? Although there is a role playing aspect to using MB + KCT to bank money, it still feels a bit exploity.
  2. Here here, and NFT is absolutely a must-have mod for me and a whole lot of people.
  3. I have to agree with that, or maybe make LFO vs. Mono a tweakable in the VAB? Also, the bigger engines have a 3400K max temp... typo for 2400K? Otherwise the new engines are pretty cool, looking forward to trying them out once the depreciating bug is fixed so it doesn't eat my own fleet again.
  4. Another option would have been to use cubic struts surface mounted on the bottom of the tank to give attachment points for engines without an adapter. Used this for 6x and 8x vector designs for a ssto rocket Look for tutorials on engine clustering for more.