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  1. No, writing order shouldn't be a big problem. In video games/technology/internet fields the CJK language users mentioned has always been using left-to-right writing and it is almost the right way to write nowadays. The problem is consistency. As a translator myself the least thing I want to happen is that someone who used a localized version of a mod while knowing a fair amount of English end up being unable to identify terms and functions used in the original mod text and spin-off mods: this can happen when the translators were taking too much liberty with local gaming jargon and/or trying too hard to make the text understandable for audiences who don't know a lot of engineering, aerospace technology and physics to start with...
  2. Yes! It worked! It's magic! Thanks for the fix, and just asking, what did you find in my files?
  3. I don't know if Google Drive would work for you, but here it is. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0_1amtr4ybua2VvSkVKbkNxVDQ This would be ModuleManager.ConfigCache and https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0_1amtr4ybuTHpjckZPTWp4M3c This would be output_log.txt Thanks a lot for your help by the way.
  4. That's the funny part to be honest. I TRIED to turn it on, but right click on the panels or inspect them in the action group settings shows nothing whatsoever. The deplorable ones can be extended, but even when extended they shows no sigh of doing any actually cooling nor has any display (about their current status). The fixed ones just outright don't have their pop-up menu when right clicked either in VAB or during the flight. Something tells me that this has to be related with MM somehow...
  5. I am very excited about the localization options the next version will be including. I am a Chinese player who lives in Canada, and has been enjoying KSP and its amazing collection of mods for a long time. However, many people I know who are interested in the game, especially expansive multi-mod packs (like RO or KSPI) expressed concerns about not being able to understand the game and mods contents which are mostly in deeply flavored, sometimes very technically worded English. After reading the pre-release patch note for 1.2.9, I am starting to have an idea of translating some of the more influential and enriching mods, since the new version will support such capability and I am fairly literate in aerospace terminologies and KSP jargon. I am not much of a computer person and know little about how licensing and permission works in the field of community created contents. Could anyone explain to me the likelihood of being able to do something like this (maybe with help from someone who are familiar with KSP mod development)?
  6. Oh, sorry for the oversight. Of course I am using RF and it is the newest RF that is compatible with KSP 1.2.2.
  7. Welp... It doesn't seems to be the problem of the mod or MM but of my own setup I guess...Heat Pumps never seems to work with my KSP install since my first attempts in 1.1.3... back then it says draining 0w of heat on the radiator and as of this time(1.2.2 and HP the radiators including those modified stock radiators just don't display anything anymore...and it seems to have no cryo-cooling either (speculation, since I'm seeing a loss of my LH2 in the supposedly cooled tanks). I Don't think doing anything will fix it and also am unwelling to bother anybody for this...just want to let you know this weird thing happens on me TAT
  8. I am using KSP 1.1.3 with Heat Pump 1.2.1, presumably the latest release, and I am trying to cool down a PP cryogenic tank with methane or LH2 in it. Also, I am pretty sure that I attached the radiator parts directly to the tank (I didn't even know that stock radiators work regardless where on a craft they're attached to!)
  9. Hi! Thanks for your work! However it appears that the mod refuse to work on my install, displaying draining 0W constantly. I'm no coder or modder, but is there anything I need to do to make it work for me? Thanks