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  1. Recently, I and some friends were talking 'bout the DLC, when both of us realised there was no accurate data on the communities opinion of the DLC. So I looked on the announcement page, tried to find the opinion of everyone on there, but in the end, my computer crashed, along with all the data I had collected (Never forget to save kids.) So if you could, vote here:
  2. Chapter 1 | Human View Interstellar Space, Trappist-1 Oort cloud equivalent "Beginning Burn routine to get into SOI of Trappist-1, sending report to Mission Control," chirped the little probe to itself, "Estimated Arrival Time, 2 Minutes." Houston, Earth Camron Miles looked around the crowded room, finally standing up, ready to deliver his speech. The room became silent as vacuum, and then he spoke, "As you know, 36 Years Ago, in December 2020, we launched the Etna space probe at the Stellar System of Trappist-1. Today, the Etna Probe reached its destination, Trappist-1-d, successfully in an orbit of 4,350,000 at its periapsis, and 14,250,000 at its apoapsis. We're also proud to announce," He cleared his throat, clearly nervous about the news he was about to report, yet he grinned, "that we have discovered radio transmissions, two space stations, and various satellites in orbit of the Planet." Before any journalist could ask him a question, he walked out of the room, along with anyone with the answers they wanted. Orbit around Trappist-1-d Picture of Etna, back at Earth. "Why did I have to be sent alone? I guess I can activate the pong AI that they gave me, but it can only play pong. I guess that good enough while I record data from this dumb plan-" a shudder shook the little probe, leaving it feeling scared. It activated its camera to see a capsule similar to Apollo Era ones on top of an orbital booster. "It's coming closer.." A hatch on the front of the craft opened, revealing a claw. It moved forward using RCS, clearly trying to capture Etna. The Etna AI released that it still had the atmospheric probe attached to it, and decided it needed to be used."Well little probe buddy, even though you have the pong AI on there, I'm the main probe on here. You'll have to be sent off." Etna was faced towards the claw, and the probe was launched and was captured. The craft, satisfied with was clearly a decoy, started a retrograde burn, and disappeared out of sight.
  3. I'm gonna try for a light plane, wish me luck.
  4. Rune, along with Civ5, KSP was the first game that got me into buyable games, and I'm trashing it because I want it to be good. I don't feel obliged a tiny bit to pay for DLC. I payed 22$ for 0.22, I also think I deserve the DLC.
  5. "Going the Extra Mile to be the bestest game company." If they are the best company you've been a customer to, you need to get some more games. I bought this in December 2013, and because of me being "late" in buying it, I don't get the DLC free.
  6. Are you suggesting we pay for KER? Even if it breaks your only stock thing, if you have one, DLC is technically not stock, so that won't help either.
  7. Woo, I bought the gane in Dec 2013. You guys lied when you said that all the updates would be free. 10/10 Squad, I supported you until now. (Side Note: I don't think they know there's a mod for kerbal parachutes.)
  8. Chapter 2 DAY 34 Gerald Finch [LCM] Atlanta signing on, roger. Larry Mullen [CE] Houston signing on, roger. Gerald Finch [LCM] Alright, bring Pluto out of hibernation. Larry Mullen [CE] Completed, roger. Gerald Finch [LCM] Ok, so position is, uh what did we name the Gas Giant in the system? Whatever that is, we're on the same orbit as that. Larry Mullen [CE] We named it Voyager, roger. Gerald Finch [LCM] Send over some pictures of the planet, and start the Ion Engines to boost to the Terra planet, from what we can tell, it has water and oxygen in it's atmosphere. Larry Mullen [CE] Sending them now, roger. Larry Mullen [CE] Ion Engines on, roger. Gerald Finch [LCM] Full thrust? Larry Mullen [CE] Yea. Gerald Finch [LCM] Ok, ten minutes until we get into the Terra planet's SOI. Shut down comms till then. Larry Mullen [CE] Roger. ----11 Minutes Later---- Gerald Finch [LCM] Ok, we're back on. From what I can tell, there's two moons of the planet. No pictures yet though, send them through. Larry Mullen [CE] Will do, it'll be pixel like though, since it's taken from Camera 2, since Camera 1 is pointed the wrong way . Gerald Finch [LCM] From what I can tell, it's grey. Larry Mullen [CE] Wow, we couldn't tell. Anyway, shutting down comms for tonight incase there's any life with radios on there, Houston out.
  9. "Ok, the plane's out of fuel, time to ditch the one kerbal in the one cockpit with the canard near it." "Hatch is obstructed." "PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-" "Jebediah Kerman has died" "AGGGGGGGGHHHH-" "Kerbal Space Program is not responding" "-GHH" - Me recently after trying to find the correct amount of fuel to fly across Kerbin.
  10. NASA WEBSITE LOGS --- This is a log of the Human Exploration of the Kerbol System in the year 2032, 20 years after Kerbal Space Program was first released. The telescope that found the star was named after the star in the game, known as Kerbol. This star was the first one found using the telescope, and as such given the designation "Kerbol-AAA1". CHAPTER 1 DAY 1 [LAUNCH] TRANSCRIPT - Gerald Finch [LMO] - Confirm ignition. Larry Mullen [CE] - Ignition on. Gerald Finch [LMO] - Roger. Gerald Finch [LMO] - Tower Release, on. Larry Mullen [CE] - Tower Release confirmed Gerald Finch [LMO] - Roger. Gerald Finch [LMO] - We have achieved lift-off from the pad. You can now breath if you weren't before. Larry Mullen [CE] I prefer not to breath. Roll Program? Gerald Finch [LCM] Confirmed, roger. Larry Mullen [CE] Boosters off, trajectory is into west of California. It'll give them some nice waves to ride on. Gerald Finch [LCM] Satellite Region at 340 Miles above Surface. Confirm? Larry Mullen [CE] Confirm, roger. Gerald Finch [LCM] Ditch first stage. Lever pulled. Confirm there at engineering station? Larry Mullen [CE] Confirmed, roger. Gerald Finch [LCM] Confirm the Name? Larry Mullen [CE] What do you mean by that, roger. Gerald Finch [LCM] Did they pick the name of the probe? Larry Mullen [CE] Yea it's, uh, Pluto-P1, uh, roger. Gerald Finch [LCM] Nice, roger. Larry Mullen [CE] Permission to deploy Aeroshield, and ditch 2nd stage? Gerald Finch [LCM] Confirm, roger. Gerald Finch [LCM] ION engines on, RTGs confirmed producing power. Estimated Time until it reaches system: 1 Year. Larry Mullen [CE] Those FTL engines are really doing their jobs I guess. First picture is getting recieved now. Shutting down comms between Houston and Atlanta after that. Gerald Finch [LCM] Roger, Atlanta preparing to sign off. Larry Mullen [CE] Picture coming through. Gerald Finch [LCM] One last thing, prepare secondary comms. Atlanta singing off. Good night. Larry Mullen [CE] Roger, night. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Larry flipped the switch to turn on the secondary comms network on. He would only have to stay for a minute to make sure the comms turned on. Larry relaxed in his chair, thinking about the future of the probe. He only started to think about the design of the probe when something interrupted him. "34 days until the probe get's into the system." Said Karen Jaskey, a new engineer in the space program. Only recently recruited in the first wave of new exploration, she didn't have much experience. Larry replied "Yea, then we'll see another star system for the first time up close." He grinned. And to see if there are actually Kebals there, he said to himself, remembering the size of both the star in the game and the one they were sending the probe too. He talked about it with his co-workers sometimes, yet they laughed it off as a coincidence. --------COMMS DEPLOYED-------- "Uh, mhm. Time to head home." Said Larry, packing his papers up. He ran to his car to sleep, and then to head to his secondary job of making the first manned capsule that would head to the system.
  11. HELP WANTED - CONTACT IN ORDER TO JOIN TEAM Recently, as I was browsing a 0.95 KSP File, I found an old Kraken Drive. I opened up KSP 1.2.1 and made the same Device, yet it did not work. I have therefor wanted to see if anyone has made a Kraken Drive. If you have, contact me and I will update this as needed. I want all players to have the drives and for schematics able to be easily found. DEFINITIONS ---- Kraken Drive - A device that uses Deep Space Kraken Forces to create a warp drive like device. It has 2 Properties: 1) Able to accelerate the Craft fast with seemingly no thrust 2) Able to use little or no propellant, or electricity.
  12. Well it looks like I'm gonna try this and head to the Pole. Wish me luck!
  13. Just finished reading all of the chapters, now I have to wait to see more aliens
  14. LOG ONE Y001 M1 D001 “Testing, testing. Ok, this shoddy thing is on. Uh, hello to this log I guess. Pysch Word forces all of us to do this, to study our behavior and whatnot. Uh, I just joined the astronaut program of Kruken, our nation. I joined as a pilot for the Pluto Mission, uh, launching in a day or something. Hm, oh! I’ll talk about our training. First, we talk the Dove out for a spin from, uh, the KSC to the Runway Island. Jebediah crashed into the Control Tower, and flew into the water. Whole rescue mission out there to save him. Heh. Well, I’m gonna sign off- wait! I should insert a picture in this. Well, I’ll do that when I’m done talking. This is Lubur Kerman from Kruken, new pilot of the Pluto signing off.” ---Edited in by Lubur Kerman. Permission Granted---