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  1. Kepler is go. first stage is go second stage is go ignition in t-minus 10 minutes

  2. time to launch the hubble space telescope thanks to cacteye telescopes

  3. cool i cureenttly am using my own verion with an ion engine and mech jeb wieghs just over one ton and is launched on a atlas V four hundred with mainsail on the bottom so bassically a delta iv
  4. i think it is for survalience
  5. its a shoe (cool) Xplanes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DO THE XPLANES
  6. such as the X-3 Stiletto (i always laugh at that name)
  7. beautiful some one roll out the jdams
  8. I figured it out the day i posted that question whoops
  10. huge fan of this mod just downloaded it!
  11. okay i recently downloaded this mod and i love it but can't seem to figure out how to attach the wings can someone give me some tips on this?
  12. Can yall please do a B-2 spirit (and make replicas of all the spirits including the spirit of South Carolina my home states's B-2)
  13. My mother wanted to fly one of these in combat... I feel bad for her instructor when she found out she couldn't. I downloaded this craft but can't seem to get it to work right can you run me through the processof getting it airborne. (P.S. if you ever feel like updating a plane the XB-70 is the one I would suggest because one the wings like to break one me and two a probe core that can be controlled from that is not at an angle.
  14. Duck Tape saved Apollo 13... it truly is the ultimate building material.