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  1. okay thanks and is there any way to put seperate oms engines so i can keep the oxidizer and liquid fuel for the deorbit burn
  2. when kerbals first began to explore they explored the land and the sky but not the water they ventured to the Mun and Minmus. but now we explore the sea we venture to its depths and explore our home!

  3. i prefer 70+ kilometer orbits to much heat other wise
  4. just downloaded infernal robitics CanadaArm here i come!

  5. I can get this one to orbit! Awsome!
  6. Inspiration... the spark of an idea the instant of its creation... 


    Well I had another one of those last night. I think the best OMS for an SSTO would be a crape load of monoprop engines... just think about it.

  7. Okay I downloaded this craft and every time I go to use it tilts backwards. Is there anyway I can fix it?
  8. Kerbalx link? I don't have a dropbox and this looks like a good station builder.
  9. thanks giving them a try now
  10. I NEED STOCK SSTO's for station building (with a pretty large margian for error) if you have on please give me a kerbalx link

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    2. eagle92lightning


      Well I am but the problem is my fuel margin an the altitude of my station it is in a 94×93 km orbit

    3. NSEP


      Well, i dont have any SSTO's in my garage now. Maybe look around the forum/kerbalx yourself and find some.

    4. eagle92lightning



      and i do have one vertical launch ssto but the drag delta v loss is insane

  11. Just made my first custom part... LV-N with 6000 thrust lol now I can go interstellar with a snap of my fingers.

    1. eagle92lightning


      Doesn't work now trying a raiper! ksp is loading as i type

  12. I love this jet first landing at old airfeild with it!