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  1. totm

    such as the X-3 Stiletto (i always laugh at that name)
  2. totm

    beautiful some one roll out the jdams
  3. I figured it out the day i posted that question whoops
  4. totm

  5. huge fan of this mod just downloaded it!
  6. okay i recently downloaded this mod and i love it but can't seem to figure out how to attach the wings can someone give me some tips on this?
  7. totm

    Can yall please do a B-2 spirit (and make replicas of all the spirits including the spirit of South Carolina my home states's B-2)
  8. totm

    My mother wanted to fly one of these in combat... I feel bad for her instructor when she found out she couldn't. I downloaded this craft but can't seem to get it to work right can you run me through the processof getting it airborne. (P.S. if you ever feel like updating a plane the XB-70 is the one I would suggest because one the wings like to break one me and two a probe core that can be controlled from that is not at an angle.
  9. Duck Tape saved Apollo 13... it truly is the ultimate building material.

  10. So installing this!
  11. felling really good right now since i just took on scientists hold dynamo theory and ripped it right out of there hands

  12. Just built my largest launch vechile yet (almost clips in the rafters of the VAB) trying to get a class E astroid home leting it impact. (just destroyed the launch pad one it loaded LOL)

    1. eagle92lightning


      THE CREW SURVIVED LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. totm

    NO WAY THE VALKARIE!!!!!!!!! I named my first attempt at an SSTO after that bomber!
  14. okay thanks or could just use infinite prop LOL