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  1. And my expanding Hodge Podge space station. Strangely, my framerate isn't dropping much despite having around 200 parts and High Res SVE Kerbin in the background. Seems like one of the mods was the culprit for my drastic FPS drops. Not sure which one, just did a clean install not too long ago.
  2. Awesome utilization of stock-only parts! Some serious imagination at work!
  3. I really have to try Galileo planet packs but I haven't gone past Dress yet in the default system. 500+ hours and I'm still spending all the time in Kerbin's vicinity. The main reason is addiction to mods. I end up moding KSP to death and have to do frequent clean reinstall. But it's fun. Then there is my tendency to spend A LOT of time building stuff rather than flying. Then I started tweaking around with cfgs and textures, which takes even more time. I'm doing one more Science playthrough with expanded Community Tech Tree and really hoping to reach all the planets this time.
  4. Inspired by the SSTU lander, shown here... Which has all resources built into the model to lower the part count, I moded the file for the stock MK2 Lander Can so it has all fuel tanks, battery, small ore tank, electric generator and science storage built-in into the model itself so you don't really need any extra tanks and batteries to fly it. Then I moded The Shiba NTR to be really efficient and powered by hydrogen (purveyors of realism, my apologies!) the result was a really small and capable vehicle. But then... I got carried away as usual, and my "everything but the kitchen sink" philosophy took over and I ended up with 97 parts in this lander and blinking lights to boot. But it can do everything. Some space left for a small nuclear reactor:) It's actually somewhat hard to squeeze all that stuff on a such a small frame and not have things touching when expanded. It was only possible thanks to Tweak Scale, even the science instruments are resized down. Some custom tweaks on other parts too. The 88-88 antenna moded to be 500G relay. The NearFuture parts have electrical charge built in as well so the whole vehicle has over 4000 electric charge available. The custom 88-88 uses a lot more power to transmit and can eat through 4000 quickly. There is also a custom Hydrogen Fuel Cell boosting the whole thing with extra powers. Still, solar panels have to be xteneded to be able to transmit science without interruption. Having fun tweaking the cfg files
  5. Does it go plaid speed?
  6. Yup. Big. It took 5000 counterweight and 20,000 of torque to stabilize this beast. But in the end it's not perfect and not practical. I might be able to get away with lighter counterweight, but still in the tens of tons. Sorry, I don't have any video capture tools installed. 1) I had to use MechJeb's Smart ASS to keep the core stable. The stock SAS would make the whole thing shake. I had to make sure all other SAS modules were disabled, of course. 2) Forget about moving 5000 of mass. 3) The wheel movement isn't smooth, sometimes slows and speeds up, then stops and goes. 4) The whole structure shakes from time to time. 5) Yeah, I had to set breaking forces in cfg to 999. 5) It survives even the fastest warp but shakes ugly afterwards, I have to stop and restart it to stop the shakes. EDIT->6) Oh yeah, and I had to enable "No crash damage" and "Unbreakable joints" in Cheats. Otherwise placing this mass on the launchpad would result in an instant explosion. So, in the end I'm not going to put any of my Kerbals on it:) This might work with a smaller ring though. The ring is TweakScale-resizeable so I will try that next!
  7. Either I'm missing something stupidly simple and obvious (I do that a lot) or I'm trying something that is not meant to be. Please read my conclusion at the end and please let me know if I'm getting closer. This is the core of the hub: This the ring that goes around it: I duplicated the core file, gave it 500T weight and slapped some dark texture on it for a good measure, to be the counterweight: So now I have this (the black ring just above the hub is just a huge capacity battery since I don't like the stock yellow batteries): The core still rotates faster than the station wheel while in space! The station wheel is 250T (it's also edited from the original to contain extra fuel), everything else should be negligible and under 300T. The station wheel has torque disabled. So, I went a bit extreme, added three 500T counterweights and a hacked SAS wheel with 3000 torque, but the core still rotates much faster than the wheel around it CONCLUSION: Assuming I remember my physics correctly, I guess, the 250T station wheel has so much angular force (since all of its weight is far from the axis of rotation) that the core, even at 1500T with the huge SAS wheel is not enough to counter it. I've no clue how to do the math but it seems that the core has to be either larger to provide more angular counter-forces (I'm making up words as I go...) or silly-heavy if I want it to be compact. I'll try that later today then.
  8. Thanks! Yeah, I did some experimenting after posting. Two counter-rotating rings also work. It would be sweet to have actual counterweights. I don't really want two rings and I want my core to be minimal. I wonder if I can hack some fuel tanks to be counterweights. I need to look into their cfg files to see if it's possible to increase their weight to match the weight of the ring. I don't mind some cheating, does not need to be realistic. I'm using the ring from Stational Constructs. Too bad, that mod seems to be abandoned. I dig the looks of the white ring. Now I have a new problem: KJR indeed breaks IR but the dev version you linked to doesn't seem to work at all for me so larger structures just fall apart. The weakest spot is where the "spokes" attach to the hub. The Rotatron does not seem to be strong enough for a large ring. I'll play around with this more today.
  9. No matter how I spin it, I can't wrap my head around it. Can someone please help me get things moving in the right direction? OK:) How do I go about creating a spinning station ring with a stationary core? I hope I don't have take a course in physics, but I guess I need something to counteract the movement? Right now, what I have is both the core and the ring spinning in the opposite directions when in space. Not optimal. I need the core to be stationary. Thanks:) EDIT: BTW, someone posted a link to this goodness in another very old thread and it works! It does not come with the parts linked in this thread. I just can't quite figure out how to make it behave as I'd like it to in space. PS. I know SSTU comes with a spinning ring but I want to build me own PS2. For those having problems with installation, this is how it should look like:
  10. It's not cheating. It's a missing feature. KSP should have a full autopilot built-in already an available in game difficulty settings. I wouldn't be able to play this game without MJ. Is TweakScale cheating? Is Near Future Propulsion cheating? Is Kerbal Joint Reinforcement cheating? Etc...
  11. Just paste link to the image into the text and the forum will convert it into an embedded image.
  12. Yup, debris set to "0" and I remove all unused craft. It's my tendency to build large, complex ships. I already play with coms on low range, etc to add some difficulty, but I just can't fly manually. I tried a joystick, a gamepad, maneuver node mods but it's too hard and too tedious to fly manually. Just did clean reinstall and will give SSTU a shot. My goal is to finish visiting all bodies in the system for now. Too bad my save game won't work after reinstall so I lost all my experienced Kerbals.
  13. Not sure what to do next. Almost feel like quitting. So I've been having fun building some weird, some cool, some even weirder ships but the problem is that all that coolness increases part count a lot for no other benefit, but looks. These ships look and work great when flown alone. But when I start docking them to large stations or motherships, my framerate drops to single digits and stutter becomes unbearable even with MemGraph. I have also been having problems with extremely slow loading times and switching between ships and facilities. I noticed that my save game file has grown significantly. I looked inside and there is information stored for every thing every Kerbal did, every landing spot, every science experiment ever done, etc. My last quicksave file has 131,587 lines! So I have been running into the same wall over and over trying to fly a proper mission. I like to collect experiment data and have my Kerbals progress with every thing they do. And I wanted my crew to visit each and every planet and moon in the system. But by the time I get to Dres, my game starts slowing down to the point of being unplayable. in 500+ hours I have not been able to fly further than Dres for this reason. I get carried away with ship designs to detrimental effects every single time On top of that, I am too dumb and too impatient to do orbital and inter-planetary maneuvers by hand, I can't precision land by hand either, so I have to use MechJeb and MechJeb seems to have problems flying large, wired, multi-engine ships or ships that include non LFO engines. All crashes during landing happened to ships with non LFO engines from other mods. MechJeb does some truly weird maneuvers while landing non LFO ships. The same ship switched to LFO engines engines lands fine. So it seems like the next thing to do is to cut down on mods and try to build ships that are functional and keep part count to minimum. I also have no tried SSTU mod yet, because I like to build my ships from ground up. However, this will lower screenshot opportunities:) I have some pics to post later. I really wish for performance fixes for KSP
  14. Igor, thanks. It has not happened in several days. It might have been a conflict with another mod. I did a clean reinstall couple of days ago.