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  1. Did Steam kill your puppy or something? I've used Steam since Gabe run it from his garage and I never had any issues, or heard anyone having issues, with mods, etc. I never heard about anyone having to buy a new computer because Steam changed something. You have some serious rage issues if you can't forget something that happened over 10 years ago. Unless they did really kill your puppy. But even then, venting after 13 years, wow! Just wow! What would you rather use? Origin, LOL:)
  2. In the end, sadly, I have to stop using this mod. Although, the problems do not seem to be the mod's problems but some kind of limitations or bugs of the GUI or the game engine. I saw similar issues with other mods that add floating windows to the Editor. Two major ones: - windows are click-through, resulting in frustrating accidental clicks while building (I saw this in other mods too) - massive lag and stutter added to the editor (possibly conflict with other mod?) Man, I love this mod but I can't deal with the above. Crossing fingers that the new GUI will fix it.
  3. Reputation is meaningless. Trolls are one of the reasons I stopped playing Elite Dangerous. I'm just not a fan of multiplayer at all because of idiots. I used to be, in the early days of the net. Some douchebags managed to put Shinrata Dehzra in lockdown. This was a protected system and base only accessible to Elite players and Kickstarter backers. Too many immature idiots out there these days. Some people will labor on their reputation only so they can wreck havoc for few hours or days. That does not sound to me like multiplayer at all.
  4. That's... awesome! PS. I like the music, my type of electronica/light trance.
  5. Holy Guacamole! The TCA mod is awesome! It took me many hours to learn how to properly use it. This, combined with the fact that I finally tweaked my joystick set up, finally gave control over space planes that I've wanted. I can't land them, I always crash. This allows me to fairly gracefully switch from standard flight to vertical and either control the VTOL while TCA just does VTOL engine leveling or just tell TCA to stop and hover at certain altitude and then give it a waypoint to land at. I am capable of building a decently behaving craft, take of and fly around but landing was always bad. Of course, I'm using modified engines. With stock engines it'll be out of fuel in few minutes. And since this is meant for space travel I don't want air-breathing engines on it. The VTOL engines are modified Aerospike engines that run on LH2/Ox and have totally unrealistic atmospheric thrust and ISP. In the latest revision I mounted two at the front for braking during descent from the oribit and it works great. The main engines are a hack of Nertea's Cryo Engines, Kerbal Atomics and NF Propulsion. They're dual mode: like the Aerospikes, they run on LH2/Ox for horizontal takeoff from a runway, atmospheric flight and getting to orbit then they switch to Litium/EC high ISP for space travel. I know, totally unrealistic, but it's incredible fun. For the first time in over 1000 hours, I was able to fly around Kerbin and land somewhere far from KSP in one piece! A nice little island. Now, if only my rovers didn't get torn apart by stupid physics when being detached inside cargo bays, eh...
  6. Slow Ninjas are the worst! This was intentional. The first avatar conflicted with Squad's staff member avatar so they asked me to change it. Meantime I went through few iteration of the logo I wanted to use in the game and just came across some Half-Life news while browsing the web and it occurred to me that K lends itself perfectly to this style. So I made the logo my avatar too in the end. I hope Gabe is cool with this. I love HL. This is a tribute. I eventually changed the in-game logo to gray but I kept the avatar HL Orange.
  7. Yes! Ha ha ha! You're the first one to notice:)
  8. I've been playing around with Throttle Controlled Avionics, working on a VTOL. This is all moded heavily though.
  9. I figured. Bummer. I went back to 1.2.2 for now as pretty much all my mods are broken.
  10. The prerelase (Steam) crashes (CTD) during the loading screen if MechJeb is installed, no other mods. Both, the CKAN released version and the latest dev version of MechJeb cause this. Logs:
  11. Slowly, very slowly, wrapping my head around this mod. Taking off, switching modes and letting MechJeb take over the ascent vertically is easy. Stabilizing the craft and switching modes on landing is harder. I can't do this manually so I'm digging into the landing autopilot and it looks good so far. Steep learning curve.
  12. AFAIK that only resets the global setting file, not the numerous files created for each ship.
  13. I agree that multiplayer KSP would be cool but there is no good way around time warp that would not ruin the game one way or the other.
  14. Which basically means instant travel. How would that make any sense? Some games just do not lend themselves to multiplayer and KSP is one of them. Just accept it.
  15. Have you guys tried deleting the MechJeb settings? Kerbal Space Program\GameData\MechJeb2\Plugins\PluginData\MechJeb2
  16. The orange Reset button in the bottom right of the VAB? That only resets the staging sequence for the currently loaded ship. It does not delete anything nor change any settings. Your description of the problem is incomplete. Something important is missing. From what it sounds like you must have deleted your current game. That is the only way your craft files would disappear. A copy of stock ships can be found in \Kerbal Space Program\Ships.
  17. If updated video drivers don't help then what DoctorDavinci said might be true. Having page file larger than your physical RAM is never a good thing.
  18. Thanks all. A mod could also be responsible for this but I remember this happening a long time ago when I was playing with very few mods. The only way that works for me is attaching the rover outside of a craft.
  19. Has anyone figured out an elegant (or even semi-elegant) way to carry a rover to the surface of another planet other than having it attached to the outside of a lander or using a weird space crane contraption? I tried to mess around with the stock cargo bays but they seem rather useless.
  20. Did it just start happening? Did KSP ever run properly before? Do other games run? This doesn't mean much: Version: Direct3D 9.0c [nvd3dumx.dll] to me but yeah, get latest drivers from Nvidia. Do not let Windows install video drivers!
  21. In CKAN go to File->Export installed mods and save the KSP CKAN Mods Export.ckan file. It's a text file. Open it with a text editor and it will look something like this: { "kind": "metapackage", "abstract": "A list of modules installed on the default KSP instance", "name": "installed-default", "license": "unknown", "version": "2017.", "identifier": "installed-default", "spec_version": "v1.6", "recommends": [ { "name": "B9PartSwitch" }, { "name": "CommunityTechTree" }, { "name": "CryoEngines" }, { "name": "CryoEngines-SurfaceAttach" }, { "name": "CryoTanks" }, { "name": "DeployableEngines" }, { "name": "DMagicOrbitalScience" }, { "name": "KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems" }, { "name": "EVATransfer" }, { "name": "HideEmptyTechNodes" }, { "name": "InterstellarFuelSwitch-Core" },
  22. I never had to do that. I just select Control from Here on the docking vessel and set a docking port on the destination as a target. JMS, pay attention to the status of RCS. I noticed that MechJeb would sometimes turn RSC off too early which might result in what you're describing. If that happens indeed then quickly toggle RCS and it should finish docking.Or just try to nudge the ship towards the port manually. I also found that the latest dev version is problematic so I'm using the latest release build
  23. @Ninadragonborn You don't have to install the mods one-by-one. There is the 50/50 elimination method. 1) Install 50% of the mods. Let's say you have 80 mods, so install only 40. 2) If the game crashes then your trouble mod is in this 40. If the game does not crash then remove these mods and install the other 40 of your mods as your trouble mod is in the other half. 3) The game should crash now if you install the other half. If the game crashes indeed, then uninstall half of the half mods and try again. So now you have 20 mods. Repeat, removing half the mods each time. Keep notes! If the game stops crashing then the trouble mod is in the batch you have just removed last. I hope you're following me. This will let you narrow down quickly do a small number of mods. 80->40->20->10, etc. It would be much easier to find the bad mod among 10 mods than 80 and this only took you 4 reinstalls! If the game does not crash with either half of mods installed then you have a mod conflict between two or more mods in both halves. That would be much harder. If you'd like, use this tip to create a list of your mods so you can post them here:
  24. How do you make your rover stay inside the cargo bay? I use docking ports so I can put the rover back if needed. But when I undock the rover it gets thrown out of the bay or explodes if it hits something. Example, this rover went flying hundreds of meter up. There was no damage since the roof was opened but if this happened inside a cargo bay with roof, the rover would be tossed around the bay and torn to pieces. BTW, this happens to tiny rovers too, not just large ones. I find KAS, KIS and IR to be very complex. Way too much to enjoy. And Kerbals are such a pain to control in EVA. I'd be perfectly happy if I could land a rover and build a small base without Kraken attacks. I may just stick to one-way spaceplane flights.
  25. Still struggling with rovers. I think, I'll just give up. So carrying the rover attached outside of a ship or under some sort of a crane, for a one way trip, works OK. But I want to be able to properly carry it in some sort of a loading bay. I figured ways to carry them inside various cargo bays but they always EXPLODE when decoupled. Always. Even with low separation forces or when used with docking ports. Whether I add a rover via Merge in Editor or actually drive it in outside and load it up manually, once I undock it at the distention, they always get thrown around with great forces that, even with cheats enabled, result in damage to the rover and the carrier ship. No nukes and no ISRUs on the rovers. In one case, on the Mun, the rover was thrown into orbital course! Getting really tired of the bugs in this game.