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  1. Has anyone figured out an elegant (or even semi-elegant) way to carry a rover to the surface of another planet other than having it attached to the outside of a lander or using a weird space crane contraption? I tried to mess around with the stock cargo bays but they seem rather useless.
  2. Ah, got it. I extracted the sunflares from an old version of SVE: .All-In-One.v1.1.6 The author must have changed this. I don't like the new sunflare. Anyway, thanks again - I got my sun back PS. I just swapped the PNGs, I didn't edit the file.
  3. @Fulgora: great find, thanks, it was bothering me too. Although, the Sun still doesn't look the way I'm used too and I can't remember which flares I used. This is how it used to look like:
  4. I think, I actually had a nuke, but not the largest one. I needed more batteries indeed to buffer. I ended up lowering the power usage anyway.
  5. That does not benefit me and adds a layer of complexity. I don't foresee the need to change languages. My native language is not supported anyway so English is all I'm interested in.
  6. KSP performance has always been abysmal. Lag, stutter and FPS dips are just facts of Kerbal life. I think we need to give up any hopes that it will ever be fixed. Use fewer parts, mods and fewer ships. Try SSTU. Although I like to build my own ships down t every detail so SSTU takes some fun off of the game. But if you're the type who enjoys complex missions then SSTU will help. I have watercooled 6700K @4.6GHz and, also watercooled" GTX1080 and most of my creations give me FPS under 20. I pretty much gave up on doing any complex missions and just treat KSP like a box of Legos to build stuff, but I hardly fly anything due to poor performance.
  7. The new LOC syntax is a major pain in the butt. I used to be able to open a part file and read or edit the description, title, etc. Now you have to look for it in a separate "wall of text" file. It's a mess that I see no benefit in. Can it be ignored? I was waiting for the update to start with some modding but this is a total turnoff for me.
  8. LOL, I fund the EC usage to be ridiculously high.But Nertea thoughtfully included a patch file to change the specs of all engines in that mod. The first time I used one of these engines it sucked all the power in the ship in seconds.
  9. So when you right click on the command pod and choose Rename Vessel what vessel type is it?
  10. @NerteaThank you for the update and the extras. I really like the new shrouded panels and the addition of a shroud to the heavy command module. The new nukes and thermal panels look sweet too. @lovec1990 That didn't happen to me and I've been playing for few hours. Are you sure your missing ship is not accidentally categorized as station or relay and you have those categories hidden?
  11. As I understand the devs of this mod went all the way to prevent their mod from be using for online cheating. It only allows for extraction and modding of content for single player. Besides, the mod existed for years, why such a reaction NOW? New suit was hired and he's trying to prove himself? If that happens then don't buy the game. Hit them where it hurts.
  12. Thanks! Yeah, before I figured how easy it is to mod the files I tried to place a SAS wheel inside the body of a rover. It was weird. This is much neater. You just need to tweak the torque to your needs. Too much torque and the driving gets a little weird. It's great for doing some funny wheelies and stunts though
  13. I got tired of my rovers flipping over all the time. I inserted a reaction wheel into the stock rover body config file and I can just flip them back, the added stability control prevents them from flipping over in the first place, most of the time.
  14. TakeTwo literally said "modding games is an illegal activity".
  15. It looks to me that SVE sunflares aren't being drawn, I looked inside the directory: ...and yeah, this is the sun I want and I used to have: These PNGs are ignored and only vanilla sun shows in the game. I moved the PNGs up a level but that didn't help. BTW, the same happens in new version of KSP with no other mods installed.
  16. Hi all, I had SVE+EVE installed and my sun looked like this, which I liked for my screenshottery: Somewhere along the way the sun decided to look like this, which I don't like: I reinstalled all involved mods both through CKAN and manually following Galileo88 instructions, including manual removal of all files. I tried different sunflare configs. No matter what I do, the sun won't change and it always looks like in the second photo. Here is a list of currently installed mods: trouble/KSP Mods for 1.2.2.ckan The only thing that is different is that I moved the KSP directory to avoid Steam updating to the latest version, so I'm still running 1.2.2. But everything else works normally and CKAN can support multiple game installs. Any ideas? Thanks!
  17. Looks like Dropbox was having some issues. It's back to normal again.
  18. I haven't played KSP for a while. Today, I built another big hodge-podge space station. The round, gray panels are NF panels turned into Space Dust Collectors. I've added Space Dust resource and created an ISRU to convert that into Hydrogen. I was tired of mining ore:) It's pretty much un-playable, just for-show. I get under 10fps just looking at it with AA and all lights off. Forget trying to dock something to it.
  19. I think I saw it in 1.2.2 already. 1. Save the entire Kerbal Space Program directory to another location. 2. Change the version prefs in Steam as per above instructions. 3. Uninstall the game from Steam. 4. Manually delete the Steam/.../Kerbal Space Program directory, there will be stuff left behind as Steam does not uninstall mods, settings, anything that was installed or modified outside of Steam. 5. Now, use Steam to install the game fresh. 6. Go to Kerbal Space Program/GameData folder you have previously saved in another location and copy your mods from GameData to the newly installed Kerbal Space Program/GameData directory. Just the mods, do not move the old Squad folder. 7. If you use CKAN. then also move Kerbal Space Program/CKAN folder.
  20. Stutter is still there. I took a stock rover for a ride and every 7-8 sec there is a very annoying hiccup. I only have Mechjeb installed with 1.3. I did too, I started playing in November. 1.2.2 came out like in mid-December, right? Every single mod was broken and it took nearly til the end of January for the modders to catch up.And you can't blame them. This must be quite discouraging. I'd be surprised if all my mods actually get updated this time.
  21. Fixing terrain seams is a big improvement. From the short time I spent with 1.3, although only a fraction of mods, I did not experience the stutter. If that is fixed too then it'll make me very happy. But unfortunately, as you said, I need to stick to 1.2.2 for the time being. Lucky you. How about 30+ mods broken? Yup, last time it took about 4-5 weeks for my favorite mods to get fixed. I'm just crossing fingers that Nertea finds time to update Near Future mods. Although NF Solar, Craft and Space Station Expansions mods work. But there is so much more.So I have to stick with 1.2.2 in a separate directory. BTW, there is dev version of MechJeb that works with 1.3:
  22. Actually.... for me, and I bet there are many like me, mods is what makes this game fun. I can't play vanilla game. Since every update breaks vast majority of mods, yeah people get upset. It'll be weeks again before I can enjoy KSP again or I need to go back to an old version. The reason people are further upset is that there are many problems with the game that needed fixing. Localization was not one of them. So boasting how much time and effort Squad spent on localizations is rubbing these people the wrong way. For me, the dreaded Mono memory stutter and sudden framerate drops is what nearly drove to stop playing the game.
  23. Few things I'd ask for in future (near future?) updates: - resizable trusses and associated adapters - battery-only octo-truss instead of, or in addition to, mission support truss - patch file for cryo engines to tweak their thrust and ISP the way you did it for Near Future Propulsion Thanks! Love your mods:)