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  1. I thought they were all Albert?
  3. omg! what is your fuel?
  4. Enemy Kerman. The rocket he flew on failed....
  5. cool! I have ave always wanted to go to Cape Canaveral!
  6. What have you done in real life, (Space Related) oh awesome people of the forums? I saw Jupiter and 2 of it moons for the first time through a telescope a week ago. how about you?
  7. I tried to land a base hub from planetary base systems at minimus, but since I have life support It's not manned yet, so it lost connection because I forgot to put antennas on it... I almost landed it, but It lost 2 docking ports for connecting other parts of the base rendering it unusable...
  8. ok. Already re-designed the lander to be a 2 seater.
  9. can the lander be 1 seater and the transfer module ( the one the lander docks with) have the other two kerbals?
  10. If they were adding this in the game, they should make it for debris only....
  11. I found the culpirt- its BDArmory.. They didnt make a 1.3 version, and it crashed my game as it was loading. I removed it, and it runs fine. Oh- and I installed it manually. P.S.- Saw jupiter and 2 of its moons tonight- First time! looked fake because it was so cool!
  12. Hello people of ksp! I have been having a problem with loading up ksp. its in both 1.2.2 and 1.3, and here are the mods I have: BDArmory, Cameratools, Hullcam VDS and scatterer. How do I post the crash log? thanks.
  13. cool! to bad the mun is too small in ksp to cover the whole sun... and to bad the game dosn't change the lighting..