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  1. I like Elon Musk's Idea, but I'm not sure why he's not worried about radiation. but.... (fun fact, *mulch* in real life can block some radiation- I think)
  2. Hello people of Ksp! I've been think about spacex lately, after there acheivment of landing used boosters, as well as re-using them. Do you think that spacex will make it to Mars by the time they want to? Why or why not?
  3. Nice! do I need to re-install this to work right!
  4. looks cool! minimus's gravity is very little, so it *should* be easy enough to get a good amount of ore... does time count? oh, and do you have to acctually get science from your experiment? thanks.
  5. but does solid fuel count toward your fuel usage?
  6. looks cool! Gonna give it a try oh, and can we use solid fuel? It isn't part of your scoring system.
  7. I would Use Hyperedit, (always, for when you get bored or want to add some EC to your probe core) and extra-planetary launchpads, because you can build rockets of planet (using it on minmus, then going to expand to all of solar system). There are plenty of other awesome mods out there, like KAS (kerbal Attachment system) and KIS (Kerbal inventory system) which are super fun to build bases with! -oh, and KER (kerbal engineer redux) can be helpful for getting your delta V stats and landings.
  8. I was literally just watching that! -which is why i'm downloading it! oh, and can I use scatterer with it?
  9. I use my avatar because I try to make my slef look somewhat smart, (but mostly becuase I didn't know what else to put there ) and I use my username for most other games.
  10. (Ignore This text box)
  11. How High will it be? The Place Where I live Is Kinda surrounded by trees....
  12. Jupiter In Opposition at 6PM EST time! Where do I see it if I am in the EST time zone, at 6PM?
  13. P.S.- My 100th post!!
  14. One question: At any part of the flight, can this touch the ground?