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  1. It worked! I saw that the new version was just 2 days old,and mine must have been a few months. Thank You!
  2. Hello! I Just made a post asking if the Inflatable habitation modules were bugged, since I couldn't inflate them. But then I found out you need to do it on EVA, and the inflatable Tundra Ring costs 46000 MaterialKits and 4000 ElectricCharge to open. I have those resources, but it still dosn't work! Is this a common bug that can be fixed by re-installing MKS/OKS, or is it something more complex? Thank You!
  3. ok... (1 hr later)
  4. I'm %99.9999999999 percent sure that there is alien life (microbes). But if there is intelligent life lurking in deep space, I would be surprised.
  5. oh that makes a lot of sense... does it say that on the github page where it tells you how to do that? Edit- I tried it, but it didnt work!!!
  6. I'm not sure If anyone else has this problem, but can you inflate the inflatable habitation modules (with USI) during flight? The button seems just to be not there. I wanted to get a habitation ring in orbit for my journey to Duna, but I cant extend it mid flight (space). Thank You!
  7. Thanks for the suggestions! It will be much easier to name my craft now- because of you guys!
  8. I have had this problem for a while now. How do you name a ship thats not called "first ship" or BOOM other than online genorators? Thanks.
  9. Sorry I haven't posted anything yet. expect tings to be up soon.
  10. ya I can do that..
  11. Hello The people of KSP! I love Fan art and awesome KSP screenshots, and I will try to get my own KSP art here if I figure it out without posting it online anywhere other than here. Also I have a poll to, so take a look at it! Note: I will always ask permission if I want to use a picture as a background for my PC.
  12. Awesome! that's perfect. Thx!
  13. I tried that, but it didnt work possibly because it's outdated
  14. As you can see, I really need help with this problem. I want to make cinematic KSP BD armory videos (for fun) But I need a good mod for it... help?
  15. wouldnt copying another ksp to a different computer be illegal?