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  1. I use my avatar because I try to make my slef look somewhat smart, (but mostly becuase I didn't know what else to put there ) and I use my username for most other games.
  2. (Ignore This text box)
  3. How High will it be? The Place Where I live Is Kinda surrounded by trees....
  4. Jupiter In Opposition at 6PM EST time! Where do I see it if I am in the EST time zone, at 6PM?
  5. P.S.- My 100th post!!
  6. One question: At any part of the flight, can this touch the ground?
  7. I've got a prototype, completely stock:
  8. Im pretty sure you mean Throttle Control Systems (I think that's the name)
  9. oh ok! Wait, How? -nevermind- got it!!!!!!
  10. Is there a way I can get the pictures in the paste box? PLSS I NEED HELP
  11. Extraction Challenge! Pilot: Jeb Crew: 2 Scientists Time: 2:28 seconds Time Shorteners: (Thinking out side the box -10) (I think) Total time: 2:18 Craft: Banana VTOL Car (VTOL Car)
  12. ok, thanks! -oh, and does the craft have to return undamaged, or can it return with a few bumps and scratches but with everyone alive?
  13. wait, we have to do it in video form? becuase I can only make MP4 videos, and cant upload them here.