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  1. @jd284, what a beautiful beast.
  2. Slightly off-topic for MKS (but not really given the past two pages) any pointers to threads on best practices for version control of the installed game, not the source? I'm thinking of some sort of Git for the save games and Gamesdata folders.
  3. Doh!, Thanks @cakepie, in my mad scramble to update, I thought I picked up a new version. Oh well, thanks again for the mod.
  4. @TriggerAu thanks first for the mod, and second for the quick 1.3 turn around. Is anyone else experiencing log spam? [EXC 08:50:51.287] MissingFieldException: Field '.KeyBinding.primary' not found. KerbalAlarmClock.KerbalAlarmClock.Update () Log file
  5. Is there an updated 1.3 Constellation bundle on the way?
  6. I get a 404 when trying to reach the USI main page ( Has it changed?
  7. @strudo76, look at the Kore Design page of the Wiki to see what concepts MKS introduces. If these sound interesting, jump right in. The water can get deep, but you can have fun in the shadow end, too.
  8. Valentina complained about all the Mun dust we brought in on our tools and other knock knacks, so she now requires that we install DERP toolbags by all our airlocks and leave every outside before coming in.
  9. For future reference, try the Wiki. This specific question is answered in the FAQ: Q. I see an option to change a converter for a module that says "B1 Cultivate(S)=>Cultivate(D)". What exactly does that mean? A. Most ranger parts can only be one kind of a converter at a time. If you want to change from one kind of converter to another, you have to "re-tool" all of the machines inside. So, the part before the arrow ("=>") is showing what mode the part is currently in (in this example, a substrate-based cultivator) and part after the arrow shows what the next option is (in your example, a dirt-based cultivator). Clicking on the previous and next B1 buttons will change the second part based on the available options. When you have the desired new second part, click the first button. Note that in the VAB/SPH, clicking this button changes it for free, but any changes made after it has been launched will cost material kits.
  10. Try the wiki page for skills
  11. One problem I've encountered with the Bigelows is it's hard to strut them; there's nothing on the ends to grab onto. I tried to make Bigelows Lunar depot but if you try to put anything at the top, like a docking port, the whole thing gets pretty wiggly.
  12. The second picture on the Wiki Resource's page shows this layout for machinery.
  13. And speaking of MS Paint... Each mini dome would be for a separate resource (or grouping) like the ILMs.
  14. Yeah, this. Something that would look like @Domfluffs domes picture. And the rail gun is a great replacement for at least half of orbital logistics I'm thinking of something more hefty, like a large dome with six to eight connection points around the perimeter for connecting containers. Look at @Domfluffs domes picture for an idea of what I have in mind. The central hub is the "processing plant", perhaps with landing ports on top, and the surrounding domes are the tops of the deep silos that hold indefinite amounts of a specific resource. Wish I had modeling skills. MS Paint is as advanced as I get.