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  1. Wow... It's kind of a dangerous way of ascending.
  2. Plesetsk military cosmodrome was built for a reason) Zenit's flaw was that it must be deorbited for photos retrieval, so it's lifespan was short. At least cameras and other equipment were able to be launched multiple times.
  3. Yup, Salyut-1. Edited a link, you can retry. P.S. Some extra ideas - Zenith (military recon sat), Resurs (earth observation sat), Bion (biological experiments sat), and Foton (material sciences research sat) unmanned craft series were (and are) widely used and they're basically a heavily modified Vostok capsule.
  4. Here is my attempt to put together the dimensions I've found. One thing - the overall station length is stated to be 13,6 m but sum of the station's compartments lengths is 13,9. This mismatch is possibly (my best guess) due to the working compartment spherical wall being partly inside docking compartment (marked with green arrow).
  5. Building and testing something as complicated as TMK will take a lot (more like A LOT) of time - so, in order to actually do something, you need to start doing things beforehand. Also, launch was planned to match an exact time in 1971, when Earth-to-Mars distance was minimal. So, no delays were possible.
  6. Forgive me for this, please https://goo.gl/photos/c8UH2c4bZz97zfRY9
  7. And now I am confused too, cuz THIS is Soyuz-MS: TMA and TMA-M confurmed using dual nozzles, then just what the heck I've found?
  8. One extra pic of Soyuz' orientation thrusters, as they were arranged before this last modification of Soyuz-MS
  9. You shure will. Below here is a pic of first ISS module Zarya (Dawn). It's basically a big warehouse, fuel tank and engine mount, and it's not as spasious inside, as you'd wish - even if things weren't stockpiled on the floor like that. Good news, not all modules are that small. For ex., russian ISS segment core module Zvezda (Star), wich dimensions are more or less similar with Salyuts and Mir base block:
  10. Not just mass, but empty space also. Soyuz is not so big, and the man needs a suit, some cargo, and - what the nonsence - some empty space to move his limbs a bit. And first american astronauts are jenerally taller then soviet ones.
  11. A-and one thing more - extra solid fuel booster as a reserve for deorbiting on top of the capsule (1).
  12. It's not only just that you are right about the resources, we're also sharing the same opinion about the shuttle size and mass. Making Buran similarly big was a silly step for us, I'd say. The smaller sized craft like that Spiral project was a better way.
  13. It's not the crashes wich made us first in the space at more than one single occasion.
  14. Nah, vodka is used as a tank fuel only.