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  1. Can i use stupidly early versions, if so...
  2. Description: You have to create a vehicle inside a box (Made of whatever you want) that survives reentry from 1km above the end of the atmosphere and the start of space (The box must reenter from extremely low orbit), and deploys the vehicle intact from at least 500m above the ground (The box doesn't have to survive though). It must weigh a maximum of 1500 tons, and you do not have to build a launch vehicle (You can just hyperedit the thing into orbit) Rules: 1: No mods (Except hyperedit for getting the thing into orbit) 2: No debug mode (Nothing, just, nothing, no part clipping, nothing) 3: Do not put any engines on the box other than 4 "Flea" SRBs And finally, post a video or at least a few screenshots of it. -Terra1 List of players who have taken on this challenge: ASCIInerd73
  3. Where do i get the ammunition for stuff like the Railguns (Tungstenshells) I can't seem to find a part which provides the ammunition. Thanks Acerarity for telling me to get C.A.L++
  4. Hi to the KSP community! I have a challenge for you all! Build a bipedal walking Mecha that uses only stock parts and post a screenshot of it! (Optionally the craft file) Rules: No modded parts. No cheating (No debug menu!) It must be able to walk (NO STATIONARY DECORATIVE MECHS!) It must be able to have at least 1 crewmember onboard. It must be bipedal It cannot take advantage of any bugs in KSP (No Kraken Drives!) It must be able to walk at least 1km without exploding End of rules. Wish you luck! This is my first post. Please don't be too critical of my challenge as i only bought the game right after 1.2 was released.