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  1. actually on a soundstage in north haverbrook this giant walnut hurtling towards earth...
  2. 21+
  3. why I do this I don't know @53miner53
  4. 22+
  5. 20+
  6. step 28: watch all kerbals get spaghetified and die step 29: go danny style
  7. NIEN! @0111narwhalz
  8. 18+ that's the first time in all of my 274+ posts
  9. 15+ oh look lots of turkeys! (if I can fool you once I can fool you again!) wow...perfect timing...
  10. 0+1I AM HERE! I WILL FOREVER BE FOCUSED oh is that a taco stand?
  11. I didn't exactly do anything in KSP but I can now do this
  12. okay, ill just do Kerbal, I'll do it later today or tomorrow
  14. okay! lets do this! do you see anything? its my KCT inventory if you do, and you see all of the weird names for my things! (Blavso-My space station, LKOV-General LKO ops ships, Comsat, you can tell, Mire- a failed mission to Minmus with the Little Brother Surveillance Camera, which you can see here and here, it didn't go all that well... did the pictures embed? they look embedded to me.
  15. okay, but I have nothing to do, so I might as well, but okay