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  1. congratulations on a thing on the internet being the greatest thing you've achieved today! I bought KSP a year ago on friday that's interesting and relevant
  2. luckily im at school, @Jimmy
  3. not even close! @bobthebuilder
  4. yus! @munlander1
  5. internet stuff I'm good at, but not social teams, and that's why I'm on the bad-ish team and I am not all that good at analogies, but the school ones I'm good at, like the ones in English class
  6. I'm also not good with analogies
  7. ...yeah, but I actually make my team win at least a few games more than if I wasn't on the team
  8. @DeltaDizzy, i'm kind of like that, but i am good at sports, but everyone at my school hates me, so i never get on a good team i make it a good team
  9. how did you people survive?!?! I found one of these in my car, not MY car, but my family's car did you survive?
  10. nien! @LazySoUseHyperedit
  11. banned
  12. sounds awful! how did you survive?
  13. I'm not sure if another one had three, so yeah probably
  14. I keep saying that they're only gyroscopes, but the people of my school would rather live in a fantasy world where they're all becoming NBA players rather than face the truth and prepare for it wow, I hate people