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  1. okay, I have officially decided the winner of my heliology probe the winner is DRUMROLL PLEASE!!! @Skylon again! congratulations! (again) (Probe Found Here:
  2. looks good! I'll be looking at this from now on!
  3. "we like pie, so we are spending the entire yearly budget on pies for our employees, they will be paid in pie, we hope to increase the pie economy in Florida"
  4. I pickpocket the hill my hill
  5. floor 1618: nothing all that important, just a lot of cats wait, CATS!!! LET ME PET THEM!!! CAAAAATS!!! the elevator closes the door at the last moment before you get at the cats, and your nose gets cut off, you are now noseless
  6. New York
  7. I had a thread about roblox, I used to think it was good, and I also wanted to be a hockey player... but thank you Kerbal, for you have set me free from that very awful game, and set me to a much better games I don't know, all I'm saying is that I dislike roblox A LOT, and Kerbal is the main cause of that. true...very true...I know from first person experience, 96.5% of the community are not very nice, as in games they hack to ruin the game for fun, in war games thingies they spawn kill there is approximately 3.5 games that are actually good
  8. on the bright side you don't have to consider colonizing Eve!
  9. granted, but after interest and taxes it comes to a grand total of -1,000,000 USD I wish for a purple
  10. No! @ZooNamedGames?
  11. I have not only clicked once, not only twice, not only thrice, but quatrice!
  12. 0110110101101101011011010110110101101101011011010110110101101101
  13. nope? @0111narwhalz