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  1. "we have submitted to the flat earthers, and we have admitted that the Moon landings were faked, and the earth is actually flat" "todays Press conference is about the shape of the earth, neither us or the flat earthers are right, turns out the earth is a dodecahedron"
  2. I remember him saying something somewhere that something is taking time so he can't do the thing yet
  3. I always liked kerbalism its just that I'm terrible at it good luck!
  4. well at least you can solve it...I never solved a cube in my life
  5. super heavy things self explained
  6. is there any video for the Bulgariasat-1 landing?
  7. can anyone point me in the direction of how to make a planet pack? I'm having trouble with caching
  8. I came up with one I call the "lose control while trying to do a loop-de-loop and fall down into a fiery death and bankrupt the space program due to all those lawyers" a bit self explanatory, but you should see it!
  9. TAG! your it!
  10. I really like your "location description".

    Not so stupid are ya :-)

    Yeah I like to see floating question marks above heads as well.

    1. StupidAndy


      surprisingly the mods haven't told me to shorten it

      and my username was the result of a late night and a tired brain. but it works! :D

    2. Azimech


      Tired brains often surprise friend & enemy, even oneself :-)

  11. you are really far behind it gets better from the point you are at. where ARE you at?