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  1. Dead people is the answer because after time everyone will die.
  2. Next paradox: if no one goes to a restaurant because it is always full but everyone knows when it's empty what will happen.
  3. I like that Search up zenos paradox, it means the tortoise would not move Edit:ok But if the man weighs more we could put them 1000 metres high and the man would fall faster.
  4. Kill the tortoise???
  5. Good one hmmm well here is a solution it's no that pinnocio it's a different one Great solved @MiffedStarfish Now how do we solve zenos paradox
  6. But the sentence then at the top say it is false which is still another paradox so hmmmmm.
  7. Ok @MiffedStarfish Let's solve another. How about Both of the sentences refer to a sentence within the picture Then we will do hard and more scientific paradoxes
  8. Ok @MiffedStarfish But i will rename.
  9. I think you should get thompberry Kerman to help with brain problems. @Just Jim s book
  10. @Green Baron is the title better???
  11. The only reason i put this "puzzle?? Paradox???" On is that it's funny because it's hard to prove wrong even though its stupid
  12. That might prove to @Findthepin1you are not in a coma not find the pin @MiffedStarfish
  13. Better?
  14. @Green Baron the answer to your questions are the answer to your questions.
  15. We will do can you prove the universe exist then after one person solves this or we give up @Findthepin1 Then that after @MiffedStarfish