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  1. Just: Calculate all possible weight from bomb loss Then calculate multiple possible times you'll drop a bomb then work out stuff and more stuff.. I can't be bothered to explain well because im tired
  2. This is Orion Kerman taking control. We have incoming music coming in fast!! Scramble the ears now now now!! @JustJim has brought on a curse.
  3. We from the Kerbal tech labs never thought of this. You must be a god! We were thinking use jebgas Kerman (An actual Kerbal.) To trump about. And hows the super hard maths going on for calculating exact everything??? Is it I + give + up equals I give up
  4. I know this is off topic but since you like laughing so much here's some jokes. Horrible ones. And can't wait for chapter 5. Oh yeah I have an idea. You could make a challenge to calculate the most accurate (forgot name!) For planes using weight fuel and weight of fuel and intake drag. And also take off which will be something like. Go all the runway then pull up at 10 degrees then steeper until height which would be changed depending on mission which would be cool if you were doing something which had to be timed perfectly for a video or something.
  5. I tend to step away from politics. I just use rep to get science or funds of a contract for more science or rep for funds. I don't know what the best mix is .
  6. Damn it!! I messed up there!!
  7. Today's news, https://imgur.com/a/Bm1eL Can't wait for chapter 3
  8. Ya das is sehr richtig. Yes another chapter!!! This is very interesting. Also THERE NOT TOYS????
  9. The sun blazes red.... CURSE YOU JIM the just it's in my head!!
  10. Sorted now??? Also do the kerbal kids enjoy the rocket hobby van?? I think they love the company latest model of wild blue industries and bd armoury where you add payload most commonly homework which is collected by the teachers in this submarine When will you add this ??can't wait!!
  11. Yep Currently Im on ksp making a sub whilst darkowl is raging about a video he can't watch!!
  12. I remember that episode, absolutely hilarious would love a kerbal version!!! @JustJim
  13. I calculated recently that: 12091 funds is 143.84 rep 91.42 funds is 2.17 sci I think that 750sci is 31596 funds You've struck a great deal!
  14. You could use that!!! And whats SAFTEY????
  15. Can't wait it sounds very exiting. Also. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/KAlle