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  1. I don't have EVE or scatterer installed. And I will delete SUP ASAP.
  2. Okay but I still want to know about the mod called SpeedUnitChanger. It just does as it says changes speed to either the imperial or metric system of measurement. I the save is still playable for my game.
  3. Well, I propose a solution make your 2 years saved ships part of the stock ships and make a new save for our battle, and the website Kerbaltek is the website but it only has the version for 1.2
  4. @MiffedStarfish What version of Hyper Edit are you using? Please place a link in your response so I can access it quickly. Thanks.
  5. I'll will be only using mods that will add parts not change characteristics of the parts
  6. I can do stock weapons but could we have the OPT Spaceplane system, Mk4 system, and VM as the ONLY mods installed? I might be ready on Thursday because I am off for spring break.
  7. If it is modded then I am in, if not it might take a while
  8. @DarkOwl57 They work at a one-story building in Mexico. Address: Zamora 196, Condesa, 06140 Ciudad de México, CDMX
  9. You must have either Blue Hawk Industries or NKD and Kerbin side and KK installed to participate. The rules are MAD (mutually assured destruction). The base must be completely or rendered inoperational to be counted. Two missile launches per round and reverting flight on the launch pad will be counted as a launch. All type of craft are permitted.
  10. I know
  11. For got about that and BDA Weapon Manager.
  12. I can't open them on launch.
  13. The one for the missile tubes that come with BHI.
  14. I agree with @Dman979. There should be a message 2 hours before the maintenance happens.