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  1. Hey everyone, Squad staff, moderators, and forum users alike. If you been following me then you know who I am but if not then to put it shortly I am a semi-active member. So here's my point I am going to be out of commission from Friday of this week to about August 10, 2017. I will be Inactive. So this is Sgt. Doomball signing off.
  2. you must have battlefield 2 rules are posted on the bracket link Tournament Bracket
  3. You put the mod folder into your game data folder but don't put any plugins that you already have into it.
  4. Sal is following you???

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  5. @Red Iron Crown please close this topic and any other topics started by me before February 28th.
  6. Does anyone know what mod has the Norden bomb sight and cockpit with a Norden bomb sight implemented?
  7. I would like to be mentioned.
  8. Could you tell me how to lower the elevators on the Enterprise, for some reason it does not appear on the RMB UI?
  9. Raster prop monitor is needed to interact with the screen.
  10. Happy Easter

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  11. Thank you to the people who pulled an inappropriate topic of the forum lounge.:)

  12. Well they could be run by NPCs and every once and awhile there would be a shipment of supplies to the space center
  13. We all will miss you as a friend I never knew.


  14. How about in the future, Squad integrates the Kerbal Kontructs and Kerbin-Side* into KSP and make Kerbin look more like an inhabited planet, due to the reason that the space center is the only place on the planet that is inhabited.
  15. @ShadowGoat I believe he will say no. And luckily this is a simulation because if you wanted to "study" his weapon tech in real life and reverse engineer it, you could get sued.