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  1. Banned for having more posts than me.
  2. <autistic screech>
  3. Дороу. На данный момент мой проект под название "The whole solar system" (вся Солнечная система) набирает популярность. Сама суть проекта- это перерисовать все интересные объекты солнечной системы. Он отличается от моих прошлых проектов, тем что вы можете поучаствовать в нём. Абсолютно не обязательно уметь невероятно красиво рисовать, или заниматься фантастической графикой в фотошопе. Главное суметь поучаствовать. Вот ссылка. Как по полочкам разложены мои рисунки и рисунки других людей.. Как вы могли заметить, практически всё уже перерисованно. Но это только так кажется.. Если вам действительно интересно, вы можете написать мне в личку, и я дам задание. А так можете просто побольше узнать о планетах и их спутниках, там действительно много объектов.
  4. Great stuff! He deserves getting noticed by the SQUAD! (unlike me, lol)
  5. Story Freakin Time

    I won't start with prologue cause you know a lot about me.

    I like writing stories, even if they are not real.

    Just like it.


    In the deep, lonely forest, there is no hint that you will be helped, by the bypassing strangers....


    My little buggy was crossing large plain, flooded with volcanic sand.

    The plain was so dead.. There is no signal, people, trees or anything that will remind you of life.

    After riding under the sun for so long, I couldn't control the buggy properly.

    I felt dead, overused, yet lost and useless..

    I felt like my every action in the past so wrong, I thought I was the dumbest human alive..

    The lonesome village in the forest, was some sort of safe house for me.

    It is warm...

    There is people..

    And trees..

    I wanted to get there, after a long time looking for post-cold war treasures, in the old abandoned shooting range..

    Suddenly, I accidentally hit the brakes! My head bashed over the steering wheel!

    It all went dark..


    When I woke up, it was already dusk, and the mosquitoes were swarming me, faithfully trying to pierce though my thick jacket.

    I start the engine, and failed.

    Scaried, as I never was! I prepared to run all those 3 kilometers left.

    I took everything I could and began to run..

    Legs struck the stones and have hit the little leftover pines..

    I felt

    And stood up

    Again and again..

    I couldn't feel my legs when I finally got a visual contact with one of the houses!

    And when I've hit the gates, I've just dropped down.. like if I was shot.

    I didn't fall asleep..

    It was just way too painful to move..

    So I just shouted for help.. until I was brought into the village..

    The end..

    1. NSEP


      Nice short story man! I make short stories too sometimes, but i prefer to keep my stories, eh informational

  6. Wow The last one looks really impressive
  7. Banned for posting things that are not really good to show to the public
  8. Hullo
  9. Howdy maties?
  10. Be sure to check out @ProtoJeb21's art! He is doing exoplanets,  which is already enough to be cool!

    (There will be giveaway, maybe, but not today, or soon)

    1. NSEP


      @ProtoJeb21 is the best exoplaneteer on the forums. Will check it out!

    2. xendelaar


      looks sweet!

  11. Awesome! Will make an entire folder for you, when you'll finish!
  12. Known for long loss or activity
  13. The cracked crater is yours though
  14. Prepare Your Crater
  15. Hi! It's me, cratercracker! The guy who you probably heard of, but never really cared! So. So,so,so,so,so,so. Here is the thread, to tell your stories, about joining the forum and what you did here and what you are going to do here. I am going to start! So, I started my forum "career" is when I started my "The science behind the ..." threads. And oh, man. Those were the dark times of mine. Then I posted my "Beuty" post, it was noticed by the SQUAD. It was the breaking point for me. I started to post more things! I started drawing and THAT is what made me more or less popular! What about you?