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  1. Guys. I am going to draw flags for GPP soon. I got everything-patience,screenshots from @Urses and soon I will have time. But what do you think?
  2. @rocketbuilder there is a an Orbital Decay mod. Just search it in SpaceDock
  3. I forgot the answer.. Why to why a why while being a why itelf?
  4. Oh rescue missions you say? Do i really need to tell you such a personall thing? Alrighty m8. Someday when i was a complete noob,i laucnhed a station. (with just one module,because docking was something frustrating for me.) But i didn't correctly knew where the atmosphere starts.. So,my periapsis was 69 045m and then i noticed that my orbit was slowly decaying.. And then i aknowleged the atmosphere height and was terrified. I built a small rescue pod for the crew,and laucnhed it,i spent too much time getting a randezvous,and the station started reentering. And so was the resue pod. Just imagine,trying to claw to something when it is in atmosphere. I managed to claw,and very quickly transfered the crew. THAT.WAS.TERRIFYING But i didn't picture this. But i have and idea of remaking it now in 1.2.1
  5. I slap my face realy hard Drink 5 bottles of water Say "I will fail" 6 times Just do something. Alright,alright i will tell the secret-i have serious problems with sleep,so when i don't sleep i get myself a piece of paper and draw stuff i will be doing. As a sidequest i just look at concepts/projects of real mission and copy them. No insult m8! Just wanted to warn you. Just in case. You know there is "self-prevention" instinct ,it is an example of something opposite ,i just thought ''Wow,nice jet,wow nice tank,but wait,has it something to do with current events?Nooooooooooooo i must tell!".
  6. Hello guys? How is goin' huh? i better stop introducing this way... So here is some things i was doing lately: 1.Launch of the "Blue Dawn" mission. I was sick with my HyperEdited bases,so to i wanted to prove myself that i can do interesting things without using HyperEdit. So here is it ,in it's own minimalistic ,but fascinating way. 2. The "Emperor" mission. This is the largest 2.5m rocket i ever built. It was sent to Duna. Soon,it will descent to the surface and after that,the "Blue Dawn" modules will land nearby. (why would you land a lander near the base,if you can land a base near a lander. logicc). So yeah,laucnhing at early morning,that is my way. 3. Test of an old warhead "Oak".I wanted to turn war machines,into a explorers and scientists. I feal good whenever i do so. Its new usage is delivering small cargo in between peninsulas of Kerbin. 4.Laucn of the an other Mk-3 to the "Triangulurum". The crew had 3 missions-depart "Priroda' to the low orbit,depart "Ursa" resupply vehicle into its last voyage. And about Priroda module:it will be recovered by the first mk3 shuttle. Sorry didn't picture the launcher. 5.Tested a new plane-"Antipod-2". I like it is stable and has a quite low stall speed. 6. Photo of the day: "Emperor" over Duna's valleys.
  7. Clicked because this thread is asking me to click
  8. Do not magicc boulder
  9. Because the sun is a hologram. (Jk) Why are there conspiracies?
  10. I will take whatever they landed in and sell it. And after getting a lot of money.I will buy them enough of snacks,to safely live all their life.
  11. Я набрал достаточно популярности и выполнил достаточно много запросов,что-бы рассказать вам русскоговорящим и моей деятельности. Но,я решил поделится ещё одной новостью-я могу выполнить флаг на заказ (вы говорите что рисовать,я рисую). Но к сожалению я рисую только в MSpaint что сильно ограничивает мои возможности. По этому стоит сказать ,что нарисовать Юпитер с разрешением в 1440p да ещё и с космическим кораблём нарисованным до мельчайшей детали я не смогу. Но я предоставлю вам образцы,чтобы вы лучше понимали как я рисую. Просьба: просмотрите всё до конца,мой стиль меняется по ходу времени) (не бросайтесь критиковать,я не профессиональный художник и не с профессиональной аппаратурой,а если внутри вас сидит страшный критик который готов порвать и порушить всё что я делаю ,то пожалуйста,только конструктивную критику.)
  12. Don't get political. Please.Please.Please.Please. (i'm Russian,and this somehow offends me,but don't mind me,mind forum rules)
  13. Simon Viklund-dead man's hand
  14. Ohh forgive me for forgetting about this thread!\ Here is some stuff i did lately! Iodine (sublimate). Favourite! Was not quite as simple to do as many others! Natrium. I just like it,no idea why.. A commsion for @Spaceception! Happy birthday bro! Metamorf. Rather simple,but nice for dekstop.
  15. why can't i give more than 1 like!?!? Life is so painful..