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  1. Nice use of Spacenengine's models and textures.
  2. Hi! It is my dumb stories again!


    When I was in the first class I was not very intelligent (I never was),tall and sociopathic.

    There were a group of 3 girls, ravenous and savage. They disliked me, they thought I am dumb and so I was.

    Once they told me that some high-grade students made fun of them. I thought that this is my little chance to shine. But they fooled me, I was ashamed of myself, but I didn't go angry at them. Instead I was smiling.

    I thought of revenge, with a style of Zodiak. I wanted to be unnoticed, but make such things they would never be able to prove me guilty.

    The first girl was sitting right next to me. We had a long exam and she went out of the classroom to drink some water. I took a broken pen, with ink flowing out of its grip. And changed it to the pen she had. 

    She came back normally trying to find her pen in her bag, only to realize it all was flooded with ink.

    Second was very stupid herself. She was obsessed with animals and this annoyed me. She was quite fat though.

    Her desk was crippling under her weight. Just if one bolt went out, the whole desk would be crushed.

    And so i removed it. She was late for the lesson and in hurry and fury she slammed herself on the poor desk, she felt with it, tearing apart all her books.

    Third one was actually tough to reach. And she was the one to fool me. So I thought I will take her brute force. So I just stole her books st the end of the year, when we were supposed to give them back.


    1. NSEP


      Rly? Your life was pretty interesting compared to mine.

    2. kerbinorbiter


      that was mean

      but exelent revenge

    3. KenjiKrafts


      Sounds like my times in Year 11!

      There was once this guy, and his mate who used to make so much noise honestly his mouth never shut, but back to the guy, he loved sports and always has his sports bag with all his clothes in, including a towel, so about three days before he'd taken this box that had loads of art equipment, and most importantly all 89 pots of dye I had made the day before, now I got really mad at this dude, really really mad. And so on the day it all took place, I left my box open in the changing rooms on my bench and being the comedy genius he was he took about 5 pots and hid them all over, but most importantly in his bag with his towels and shower gel and shampoo, and this wasn't cheap dye it was professional grade dye, and at the end of the lesson he saw his towels covered in dye but what he didn't see was that the dye was in his shower gel, lets just say that he never touched my stuff again, because he spent the next day wine red :wink:

  3. Doing it right now.
  4. Yep. It is in the first page (as how i remember)
  5. I think i would only like 1 planet to be added: I proposed them by experience that cannot be gathered by stock planets. 1.One gas giant further than Eeloo by just a bit, but with way more inclination than Eeloo itself. Why that would be interesting? -Insertion burn will be tough. -Inciniation change will also be a hard thing -Not as big as Jool's atmosphere will be a bit dangerous to aerobrake at. -No big moons to use their gravity asist. Won't that just kill off visits to Eeloo? -No. -First of all it will take way more Dv than a trip to Eeloo, making it way more hard. -Do people go to Dres or Moho? Even if there is Eve or Jool? Yes they do. 1.1. Two closest moons, comet-like will orbit polar, its landscape will make up a challenge to land on. One will be bigger, approximetly Ike's size. It would be interesting because it will have lots of deep valleys scattered all over its surface. It will simulate Europa. Why? -Jool does not have small inner moons like Jupiter. It is probably becauce Laythe threw them away. -It is also fun to have a few boddies with their main attraction being its surface. 1.2 One dark purple moon in equatorial, high orbit around gas giant. It will have thin atmosphere which will be very dark, making it hard to land on. It will also have just 2 small lakes at equator. Why only 2? Because i think devs can make them look pretty, even without visual mods, simply by making it detailed! Why? -Atmosphere thinner than Duna is also a thing which does not exist in stock KSP -A moon with atmosphere and liquids is always interesting to explore! -It will also be a Triton anoloque.
  6. Okay people! It is twin com today! That mean there is 2 people getting a commision chance!
  7. Ohh ye lucky! What is the request?
  8. >Dat moment when you realize that u re doing dumb stuff

    >Trying ur best not to fail way too much

    >Look at others work

    >Realize u ar soo aweful you don't belong here

    >R.I.P my antidepressant pill box

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. KenjiKrafts


      I wouldn't say your work is dumb, I only started the whole Pixel art and Flags after seeing your work and thought "Hey, that looks neat, i'll try".

      I'd say you've amassed a following however small, you still have a group who view your works :) 

    4. Urses


      If you don't never try to do something "dumb", you will never be able to learn the edges of your abilitys? Don't you think?

  9. Woowie! Only look how far we've went! One free commishun for the first to reply!
  10. This is so cool i am losign my heartbeat.. Seriously man, you are awesome! Way better than any of my mublings! (except abstract art, abstract art is special)
  11. New badges!- a set for the Mun!
  12. Well.. That went barely noticed! Just like all my posts...
  13. awesome montage!
  14. Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuf: Neon. Platinum. Phosphorus.
  15. yeah nice idea! I support this! (cuz i am doing badge pack right now)