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  1. Hello mate! Hope you will do great on this forum!
  2. There is something distracting you(your game) to control the ship: for example if you have your cursor on Mechjeb/KE/KAC sign you will not be able to do anything. If taking your cursor away from Mechjeb/KE/KAC doesn't help, i have 0 ideas what is going on with your ship, perhaps it is some sort of a mod conflict or it is just MechJeb who took control of your ship. .
  3. Alright, alright here we go, hate or glory! Here is my first report made in this thread. 1. The third usage of a new system ''Contraplanetar" that allows to transport kerbals in between two planets. The idea is to have 2 crafts- one in solar orbit ,second in Kerbin orbit. After the command/habitation module have been docked (with second craft) second craft moves to solar orbit and then intercepting first craft in order to ditch the command/habitation module and let it dock with the first craft. Then the first craft is going to the planet (Eve/Dres/Duna/Moho), performing its mission and then does everything what the second craft did and eventually returning kerbals to Kerbin. Here is how i used it third time. 2. Test of "Necro" reusable rocket. 3. Solaris probe went on its maiden voyage to study Kerbol.. Contact lost at periapsis (989 542m) 4.Second flight of RampAge! 347m/s below 2000m !
  4. If you ask me,i will recomend you this- For Toasters; Texture Replacer DistantObject For okayish PCs: scatterer Planetshine Cloudshine SVT
  5. No lag and high resolution is almost an iincompatible thing on normal PC
  6. Hi after posting a lot in "What did yo do in KSP today?'' thread,i had a feeling of my own thread telling about my progress. Though i won't post now because it is not the time. (not so many users are active) But i will share my flags and new craft. Precious Gem company flag- Phoenix Aerospace Company (planes and rovers) And the latest and the most fast plane for now - Karambola-4
  7. When you get close (0.01km) to something at 105m/s but you still don't see it.

    Intensity Intensifies.

  8. So sad it went unnoticed.... Alright. ] Metal Gemstone. Spread Collision
  9. I've never made a ''pusher'' type rocket
  10. /use_0_as _a_ ban/banned {15:51}53miner53 has been set to-0 /Changelog:53miner53ban-imminent /UnityEngine: code 0 found{KSP/gamedata/squad} /Changelog:code_used-53miner53-banned
  11. Hi guys! Didn't launch a lot. Though had some great results. 1. Launch of "Federation" Munar visiter. This is the best craft for Mun i ever built! (i am based on 'federation'' russian craft) (I SUPPORT LAUNCH ESCAPE SYSTEM) 2. Landing and first visit of a comet! I think it was wonderful experience of making a randezvous. 3.Return of "Violator" crew from Mun. I am going to to do on Friday!
  12. Maybe you should just use less mods? I know right, when you have like 50 mods and you delete one, most of your craft is gone.Despite that, you will have your game running, and that is very important.
  13. Banned for thinking that shiney boostorz are better.
  14. Made a few more.
  15. Even with all the fans turned up, i feel like i need fire extinquisher. Though that is okay, i can stand that.