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  1. There should probably be a giant warning on the front page not to run this with 1.3. A lot of people seem to be having this issue.
  2. We could go the easy route too... Toy solar system + Mechjeb + Hyperedit in Sandbox mode.
  3. What about GPP+KSS+Principia at real scale and with only stock parts?
  4. Does anything happen at around 4000 km?
  5. Jool's atmosphere is indeed 400 km high. But the border between low Jool orbit and high Jool orbit should be around 4000 km high.
  6. I'd be more worried about the mod if there actually is a trillion bugs in it...
  7. @Felsmak You should check out the mod Kerbol Starsystem! It's a mod that adds multiple (beautiful) star systems and also changes the stock Kerbol System! Not only that, but 4 of the outer planets are called Jool, Voon, Oran, and Naal.
  8. Haha, no problem. I admit my idea may have seemed somewhat unrealistic/unnecessary, and you brought up some very good points. And thanks for the suggestions. I'll go check them out.
  9. Look. Those "magical unicorn dust drives" are pretty important from a gameplay perspective. I'm using a mod called Kerbol Starsystem, in which the closest star is about 1/3 of a lightyear away. Let's see... assuming your estimate of 284 km/sec maximum speed is correct, that means I have to wait 30.84 hours on maximum time warp to get to my destination. And that's the closest star, at the maximum attainable velocity possible even with a supposedly overpowered engine (at least according to you, I can't be bothered to check the math). You see the point of those so-called "magical unicorn dust drives" now? Thanks for the info, anyway. I'm starting to think the effort required may not be worth the limited benefit (it would only be useful if you use life support mods, and even then not that much). The Kerbal equivalent of Einstein will have to think up of some other theory.
  10. A: I'm not exactly sure how that would work either, which is why I'm asking. B: As I said: It could be good for people who use life support mods and interstellar planet packs, as time dilation would make your life support last much, much longer. C: I'm not thinking about a stock game, if you haven't figured that out by now. Some of us play with mods that add new engines so we can actually reach our interstellar destinations without spending hours on max time warp. Plus, it shouldn't be very easy to achieve anyway, considering how some people (like you) don't normally want to deal with relativistic effects, like you stated in part B.
  11. Fine. Circumvent this whole issue by changing c to 1/100, or 1/1000 times the real speed of light. As slow as you need to make it achievable. Now can somebody actually add something constructive to the conversation and tell me if this is possible to simulate in game? (Which, if you haven't noticed, was my question. You missed my point entirely).
  12. Does anyone know if it is possible to simulate high speed or gravitational time dilation in Kerbal Space Program? I think this idea can actually add a bunch of new and interesting game-play elements for players who use life-support mods. Have a really long interstellar journey planned out but don't have enough food to last that long? No worries, just accelerate to near lightspeed and your kerbals age (and consume life support) slower! You'll never need to freeze your kerbals again! And the speed of light in KSP can be 1/10th of real life values, to make it easier to achieve. Any thoughts?
  13. You'll get "paid" if you make a significant contribution, like everyone else. Lots of people have found bugs in KSS, pretty much anyone with the mod can do it If you find a lot of them, then maybe you'll get a mention.
  14. KSS version 0.7 will be able to run in KSP 1.3 (or higher if another update comes out before then). I think it's mostly a problem with Kopernicus, though. For now, KSS is broken in 1.3 and only works in 1.2.2, like most other mods right after a major update.
  15. Well, I've certainly never seen black lines as nice as the ones here in KSS