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  1. A little self back patting on my part here; I just fulfilled a contract wanting me to park a satellite in a Keostationary orbit directly above an area called Kraken's backyard! I suppose this doesn't sound like much to you guys, but to me it's a genuine achievement and one I wouldn't have even undertaken if I'd read the contract properly with it's exact positioning clause. So the drinks are on me if everyone!
  2. Hmm... tried that, it didn't work, they must have changed it.
  3. Global Public Holiday on Kerbin... Ticker Tape Parade For Jeb & Bob... Kerbin's First Ever Space Station... Yes it's been a day of glory and achievement for the Kerbal Space Program! After successfully landing on Mun, Jeb became the first Kerbal to set foot on a surface that wasn't Kerbin. A few minutes later he was joined on the Loony surface by Bob and after a short flag planting ceremony, (Jeb insisted on carting a couple of bags of fertilizer along?), the real work got underway. A great deal of science was conducted on the surface of Mun, including taking soil samples (avoiding the fertilizer Jeb had put round the base of the flagpole) goo canisters and a most interesting experiment with a materials bay. Bob also noted that it's just as cold on the Loony surface as it is in the space above it, obviously something that will keep the labs back on Kerbin busy for the next few months. All too soon and it was time to scramble back on board the spacecraft and prepare for the trip home. Just before Jeb boarded, looking out of the hatch, Bob was left scratching his head when he noticed his captain sprinkling water - well actually ice in those temperatures - around the root of the flagpole he planted earlier! The craft roared off the surface of Mun, swung east, entered orbit and then fired its engine for home. After the boys successfully splashed down, the President of Kerbin decreed that all schools and public buildings would be closed for three days to celebrate this tremendous feat, and urged private businesses to grant the same time off to their employees. In addition, a ticker tape parade is to be held for the two heroes through the streets of the Kerbin capital, which might be slightly tricky to organise as no one seems to be totally sure where the capital is actually located. However being Kerbals, this reporter is convinced they'll "stumble" through somehow. But wait there's more!!! Just a few hours after Jeb and Bob had been safely recovered, the sounds of rocket engines erupted in the twilight as Kerbins first space station - called Kerbalab - was blasted skywards on its way to an 85k equatorial orbit of our beloved little planet. The launch was a total success (two missions on one day and no explosions... surely worth another public holiday!) and the, somewhat controversial, space station entered an orbit with just a few meters of inaccuracy. As hinted at a moment ago, this mission has not been without some criticism. It has been said that the name Kerbalab is one of the most inappropriate and misleading ever used by the KSA, as the thing doesn't contain so much as a thermometer or test tube. It's critics have - with some justification - claimed it is nothing short of an off-Kerbin holiday retreat for the personnel of the KSA. This has been countered by the KSA saying, " Sure what harm's it going to do anyone... at least as long as it doesn't fall out of orbit and hit someone on the head?" They then went on to point out that even if such an impact did happen, the somewhat solid nature of the typical Kerbal head would almost certainly inflict more damage on the falling space station than any crater that might be left by the said impact on the said head. The critics were not completely convinced by this argument... And just now as I finish typing this up, it looks like the police and Kerbin Customs Agency are sweeping into the Kerbal Space Centre in some numbers with flashing blue lights...?
  4. That's no rumour, it really did happen. However attitudes changed at the KSA after security staff discovered RSR Kerbals raiding the stores and R&D department, shoving extremely delicate cutting edge technology (and snacks) into boxes and hurling them over the fence.
  5. The grabber is actually the cargo bay that comes with the Rusty Star Rockets mod. I have no idea what Explorers is so can't comment, but it reminds me of how Blofield grabbed the spaceships in the 007 filme "You Only Live Twice"
  6. In my Kerbal universe, Rusty Star Rockets is the arch rival and bitter enemy of the Kerbal Space Agency. Originally founded by Jeb as an amateur rocket group, it lost its founder when the KSA poached him away to join them. This caused much resentment in the RSR and the hatred towards the KSA can be traced back to this point. However as the KSA started achieving success in space exploration, RSR struggled to raise funds for even the simplest of missions, until finally they were facing bankruptcy. And that really should have been the end of the RSR story, except... As they were clearing out the cabin which was their office, reception, research centre... the RSR Kerbals discovered an old plan Jeb had dreamed up and forgotten about years earlier. It was for a vessel that could be used to rescue stranded capsules and ships in LKO. It was soon realised it could be used for more than just rescue by the RSR however, and so was born the Vulture. This is the spacecraft that has kept RSR afloat - just. It's used to salvage (and steal) technology launched by the KSA, bring it back to Kerbin so the technology can be researched and stolen, or the captured craft patched up and added to the RSR inventory. A few pics: A Vulture on the prowl in LKO A target is sighted... Open wide... Another piece of space junk about to be removed. Capture almost complete. Gotcha! Reentry requires a lot of parachutes with the additional weight. Drogue chutes fully deployed, main chutes (stolen from KSA!) partially deployed... After splashdown and awaiting recovery! Currently research is being conducted into making as much of the launch vehicle as reusable as possible. In addition rumours of a Vulture powered by cheaper SRB's on its way to orbit have been heard throughout Kerbin. It's only fair that it's pointed out that although the KSA does have a much greater record of achievement in space research, RSR has managed a few firsts of its own! The biggest milestone was to put into orbit the first probe to be powered by an ion engine. Unfortunately their technical Kerbals accidentally placed a decimal point in the wrong place while calculating the amount of electric charge such a system would require. The launch went smoothly enough, then the ion drive was powered up, the batteries were drained within seconds and the thing couldn't be shut down again. Who knows where it is today several months later..?
  7. So that's how it works... I'll have to give that a wee go next time I fire up the Demo. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. :O)
  8. OK guys... I'll throw my hands up in shame and admit that if I feel like a bit of KSP but not want to take it too seriously, I load up the Demo version and away I go! There was a time I simply went straight to Sandbox but then I tried the career mode, and it's actually not a bad wee game. It's not the full KSP, but it's not a disaster either. But the one thing I can't figure out is how many contracts you can take on before Mission Control is closed? I used to think it was a fixed number, but it isn't; in some games you might get six or seven, in others only four. I then thought maybe no more contracts would be available once a certain amount of money was in the account, but nope it's not that either. I've been bordering on 700k at times before MC was closed, while in others I scarcely make 500k. So maybe it's one specific contract that is the catalyst for closing the building. I grew suspicious about Orbit Kerbin, but I can now definitely rule that one out, the last time I tried the Demo I didn't even get accepting it. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks everyone.
  9. Much as I would love to see flags and boots on Mars as quickly as possible - and providing they have a reasonable chance of getting back - I think that three years is just not doable. I suspect it would be no easy task to do it by 2030. What I think needs to happen to give the 2030 deadline even a chance is for the WH to genuinely commit to it in much the same manner as JFK did for the Lunar landing back in 1961. But back then this was driven by the desire to beat Moscow to the Moon, who would be the motivation for a similar commitment for a Martian landing "before the end of this decade"? And one last point, and this has already been pointed out by an earlier comment, what are the astronauts going to fly to Mars in? Are we really going to squeeze them into a rather small capsule and send them on a voyage that will take months and months? Nope... no way can it be done by 2020, and even with an enormous commitment, both political and financial, I suspect 2030 wouldn't really be feasible either. Just my thoughts, but hey... what do I know??
  10. Thanks very much for such a concise and informative answer. I was aware of some probes not being able to hold a manoeuvre, but it's the first time I heard about pilots needing to be three stars. So it looks like my planned landings on Mun and Minmus are going to have to be brought forward. I was wondering about this. I had come to the conclusion the Normal and Antinormal were sufficient to adjust the inclination without having to hold on the manoeuvre node, but I couldn't make up my mind about the prograde and retrograde. I have a small - almost microscopic actually - lander waiting to shoot at Duna but was trying to hold out until the manoeuvre hold finally did become available. So let me just get this right, if I set up the burn to take me to Duna and just lock on prograde, then all else being equal, that will work over such a long distance? Two great answers guys and both are very much appreciated.
  11. I'm in a bit of a hole regarding manoeuvre nodes. I've upgraded both Mission Control and the Tracking Station to level three - I've read level two is sufficient - but still I can't lock my spacecraft onto the node. When I place a node on the orbit to set up a manoeuvre, the blue marker appears on the navball, but the manoeuvre icon which I should click beside the stability control on the panel beside the navball never appears. It isn't the end of the world when I'm scooting around Kerbin's system, but when I come to plan missions to the other planets, it would be nice to be able to lock onto the marker instead of having to try to do it all by hand. So what do I have to do to have the ability to use this node?
  12. It's kosher as long as our little green heroes have room to breath. I took a few minutes to watch your video, those are really excellent and I'll definitely be having a closer look when (if) I manage to unlock all the tech tree in my current game which is when I will consider this game completed.
  13. OK update time! I downloaded the Bluedog Design Bureau package, how could anyone look at what you get and not be impressed? The lander is absolutely gorgeous and the Gemini capsule (my favourite space craft of all time) is pure magic... even if it has that missing rivet! Unfortunately the sheer scale and scope of what you get with that mod I found a bit overwhelming. Next time I start a career I'll definitely use those parts, but for now something much simpler is needed. So I removed that mod and decided to try the K2 capsule instead, and what a delightful little thing it is! What Fourfa said is absolutely right, it really is a gem and you just have to love the interior view. So I've finally got my two man pod I've been after for quite some time. I just can't suss out why Squad don't include one as stock in the first place. Thanks to everyone for answering and see you on the launchpad!
  14. Wow guys... I forgot to select the "Notify me of replies" option and thought nobody had responded. And your answers couldn't be more timely as I just picked up two contracts to take four tourists to Mun and rescue a Kerbal who's stuck in a Munar orbit. Rather than having to haul an extra passenger compartment a two man capsule would be very useful for combining bot missions. Lots of suggestions here and lots for me to look into a little more deeply. Thanks everyone for such helpful advice!
  15. Hey Guys, I'm looking for a 1.25m two man capsule. I've looked through a lot of threats on this forum, but they are all quite dated and what is suggested is either no longer available or not been updated to run on the latest version of KSP. I'm not too bothered about what it looks like, so whether it resembles stock or something like Gemini (my favourite RL space capsule BTW) is unimportant. I did find some fabulous looking parts produced by Orionkerbin under the banner Corvus, but they haven't been updated in ages unfortunately... Any help will be very much appreciated.