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  1. Thanks very much for taking the time to respond Bornholio. I never for one minute even considered KSP wouldn't be running on anything but 64 bit, but as it happens it was! So that has now been sorted. I seem to recall reading somewhere that KSP runs by default on DX11; if that's the case then that's what it's running on as I haven't tried changing it, although I notice both openGL and DX11 are on this computer. To be totally honest, I'm not a computer whizz and wouldn't know how to change it even if I wanted to! However I tried a quick session after switching to 64 bit, and although it was very short, there was no sign of any crashes, so fingers crossed!
  2. Hey Guys, A little advice here if possible. I recently downloaded a few mods and immediately the game started crashing! It never crashed before this, but with the mods it was really bad. So I decided uninstall all the mods, and nit surprisingly the game became stable again. I then decided to install just one mod and went for the Environmental Visual Enhancements, and immediately the crashing resumed. I'm using KSP 1.2.2 and according to CKAN (which I use), EVE should be able to run in this version, but there's something not right... Is anyone else using EVE having similar problems and could anybody give me a few pointers as to how to prevent this, or else let me know of a similar mod which may not cause so many crashes? It's a real shame, because EVE really makes some difference to how the game looks. And just in passing, I somehow ended up with Mechjeb 2 installed? I didn't deliberately download it, but as it was there I thought I would give it a try. So I put the package on the side of the capsule, but couldn't figure out how to switch it on? I've read somewhere that a window or icon would appear on the screen which I would have to click to open, but there was nothing like that to be seen. Mechjeb isn't that important though, if I could get some way of adding some visual effects such as clouds, etc. I would be more than happy. Thanks.
  3. I haven't been playing much recently, but a few days ago I did get stuck in again, and there's a huge - absolutely MASSIVE - shock in store for all of you when you see what I managed to do!! First though a nice gentle polar scene with Jeb on the ice while Mun and Minmus light up the night sky: Jeb at the South Pole. Yesterday Jeb was in orbit around Kerbin when an old satellite suddenly jumped out from behind the planet without any warning! Poor old Jeb stood on the brakes but it was too late and he hit the thing, demolishing a solar panel and knocking it onto a sub orbital trajectory. It has since crashed and burned: Jeb Meeting With An Old Satellite. Never one to miss a photo opportunity, Jeb was out the hatch and posing faster than you could say "Warp speed Mr. Zulu": One For Jeb's Photo Album By now you may have figured out what's coming next! Yes, the champagne corks went sub orbital this evening after I managed this for the first time Who's Feeling Pretty Smug With Himself Right Now? And here's a couple more: The mission specified the Kerbanauts would have to swap seats before heading back home. Naturally Jeb realised the photo opportunity which carrying out this order presented, and Val didn't need a huge amount of convincing either. The 100 Km High Club! The release of these images is expected to add more fuel to the conspiracy theorists who insist the KSP is all fake and demand to know who takes these photos. So far the KSA has refused to be drawn into a confrontation with this Kerbals, some of whom go so far as to claim their whole existence is just a computer simulation...
  4. Would it be possible for Squad to add more systems into the game and still keep it small enough to work on our computers, or would they have to go down the same path as Frontier Developments with Elite Dangerous, having us plug into servers holding all the data for us to explore around. It would be a fun thing if one day we really could go where no Kerbal has gone before.
  5. Unfortunately real life reared its ugly head these last few nights, and the Kerbals quest to reach the stars had to be put on hold because of wallpaper and paint (this never happened at NASA), and indeed there's no guarantee tonight will be very much better either. However last night I did manage to find a very few minutes to load the game up, but not really having time to do anything too serious, I decided to enter that strange and mysterious place known as the Space Plane Hanger... Now admittedly I have to say upfront I'd never even been in the SPH before, let alone try to put an aircraft together, and I suspect ten or fifteen minutes isn't quite enough time to figure out what makes those things work. However after my feeble attempts I now have to look at those amongst you who build aircraft regularly, with a great deal of new respect... those things are seriously tricky to put together; even Jeb had stopped laughing before I was finished, and Bob was found hiding locked in the loo in case I wanted to put him in one of my flying death-traps! Bob's not the stupidest of the Kerbals... Without any doubt I'll venture back into the SPH, but not before I've got a few more prestigious missions under my belt in the Space Program. What I would like to do is to build a Kerbalised version of the X15, with something capable of carrying it aloft. Yes I know, I know... that should come before any rocket trips to space, but hey, nobody has ever said Kerbals are logical creatures.
  6. That's the sort of thing I would really like to play! It's not too far removed from the real timeline, yet is sufficiently Kerbal to make it quirky and fun. I must look out for Unmanned Before manned and see how it plays.
  7. Hey Guys & Gals, I'm just curious as a newbie to KSP, is it possible to acquire enough science to launch a satellite into orbit before launching a Kerbal out of Kerbin's atmosphere?
  8. A very sad day. We have "heroes" getting awarded for all sorts of nonsense these days, but Gene and his comrades... they were and are the real deal. Let's up that one day soon man will take another small step.
  9. Maybe the theme of "From the Earth to the Moon" is worth considering..?
  10. Thanks for the kind words Bill.
  11. Scott Manley's to blame for me getting into KSP. I was watching some of his Elite: Dangerous videos (another game I need to buy soon), and he happened to mention Kerbal Space Programme. That was all he said, just the title, and I must be honest and admit I thought it was a daft title and probably a game I wouldn't be interested in. Then a few weeks later I happened to find one of his videos, watched it and knew immediately my previous impression was wrong. The rest is history.
  12. Actually I think they're really excellent names. Simple and to the point, I really like Hopper, it does exactly what it says on the tin. I know I too am going to struggle with naming rockets, reading your list is a great pointer for how to do it.
  13. Congrats mate! I still haven't pulled that one off, although I've only been trying since October... Still one of these days I'll be posting a similar message to yours. I'm sure it's like most things I've pulled off so far in KSP, once you do it once, it becomes much much easier next time around. Again well done.
  14. LOL... yes I do know that one, I found it on this forum a few days ago. Thanks ME, very much appreciated.
  15. The Cosmos came about after quite a lot of development to enable Kerbals to land on the moons of Kerbin. It's not going to win any beauty contests, there isn't much in the way of innovation, and now even I can see where improvements could be made. However it was built with one goal, to enable a Kerballed landings on Mun and Minmus, and return the Kerbanauts safely to Kerbin. In this it was a complete success and even though it has flaws, I'm really proud of this rocket and hope you like it too. Specifications: Part Count: 281 (229 without Lander) Height: 21.1m (15.3m without Lander) Width: 9.6m (Lander 4.3m) Weight 140.9 tons (88.9 without Lander) Performance Notes: Considering the limited parts available in the demo version of KSP, this rocket handles really well. It does get a little tricky to control as the atmosphere thins, but overall it's not overly difficult to achieve an equatorial orbit with a Cosmos. I hope you like my first really successful rocket, look forward to reading your comments and thank you sincerely for taking the time to look at this.