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  1. its all RSS it feel like real world i love it sorry for low resolution my system is old i will get a new one soon but for now i have to keep with this system i am also using a lot of mod thanks to all of them i can not remember them all its a lot
  2. can some one tell me how i can create an Ablative fairing i mean moding i know there is no ablative fairing in the game
  3. yes its really complicated i created a 2 stage ICBM with 5500 km range i have launched it from middle east to Ireland but because i was going against gravity it used 8000 m/s delta v will i launched it from middle east toward china it used only 6000 m/s delta v for 5500 km so 2000 m/s gravity drag losses however i have done a lot of study in Wikipedia but it seems in other to overcome gravity losses that much the trust versus ratio must increase a lot up to 4 g for example if what i have learned will help overcome the gravity drag then it mean i should have acceleration of 40 m/s on start for my boost stage or first stage to decrease the gravity drag to minimum i do not know i have not tested this but i think i should do that and see if its right the problem is i need to find good enough and powerful solid fuel engine
  4. E i know that its the drag do to the rotation of earth that's why almost all orbital rocket are launched eastward not westward you lose a lot more delta v do to gravity drag when launching westward but i want to know when they say a rocket have a range of 5500 km is it for both eastward and westward because there is a significant different in drag losses toward west then toward east because you moving against earth gravity not with it and since almost all ICBM use solid fuel which i also use i want to know how they calculate this difference in gravity drag toward east or west because its a huge difference in delta v
  5. i did not read the advice you mention and also i am not playing in Kerbol system anymore its to small compare to earth and delta V required to reach orbit is to small compare to real earth so i am playing Real solar system but to have efficient ascent you need three things 1- make sure the rocket is very aerodynamic this is very important because the shape of your rocket can greatly increase drag of rocket and so the the delta V losses the shape of rocket most resemble something like missiles and real life orbital rockets otherwise the delta v losses will increase the more bad shape and not aerodynamic the more harder it will be to reach orbit and more delta v needed 2 - make sure you add more delta v for the drag losses in atmosphere the amount of delta v losses Inside atmosphere depends on several factor like the gravity turn the amount of mass launching to orbit and the aerodynamic shape of rocket so always add extra delta v and i advice you to use Kebral engineer mod which gives data about the amount of delta v the exact mass of rocket and many more valuable data 3- you most know how much delta v you carrying and when to start gravity turn you most know the amount of delta v your rocket carries and how much you need to reach orbit for kerbal if i have not forgotten it most be something around 2300 m/s with out drag losses so with drag losses i think it will be something around 2500 m/s or 2600 m/s if i remember correctly and for gravity turn always begin in low altitude below 200 m around 100 m and even 80 m slowly turn toward east and you most reach in 45 Degree around 10000 m if i remember correctly and remember when you are in max Q ( maximum aerodynamic ) or in lower part of atmosphere never turn your rocket hard the atmosphere pressure combined with drag will easily turn your rocket upside down this is personal experience so be careful i hope this help you on your journey toward space and good luck up there
  6. i haw found this after searching the maximum altitude for giving range of ICBM but the problem is when you launch the missile eastward the delta V required can easily be calculated but when missile is launched westward there goes the problem drag increases significantly and also i am talking about solid fuel because in real life almost all ICBM are solid fuel except for Russian ICBM so how you design something that can achieve medium or long range for both eastward and westward launch that have significant drag losses is it have something to do with launch trajectory in first seconds of launch or something else i have designed ICBM but this drag losses between eastward and westward have made thing confusing and this are the flight altitude and delta V required for giving range
  7. if you have any picture in RSS then post it here from planets to spacecrafts this is my 3 stage orbital rocket carrying 2.5 t mass to low earth orbit and everything you see about this spacecraft is real even engine are designed from real life engine first thanks to squad for this amazing game (actually only space game which is about real rockets and how they work ) thanks to Modders all of them specially designers of Real Solar System i have near 80 mod for Kerbal installed so the list is big i thank them all and wish them the best things they wish because of squad and this modders we have the chance to see how the Rockets and the orbiting mechanism works unfortunately i can not upload picture of my spacecraft can some one tell me how i can upload pictures
  8. thanks @Urses
  9. SpannerMonkey(smce) thanks i really love to remake an ICBM of my design it amaze me who they use the solid fuel to get those massive rockets into the space and and with solid fuel which is very hard to guide them in the flight but thanks i look into these links thanks CobaltWolf i look into it
  10. thanks a lot Chaosinvoker i think the problem was solved with the realheat since its new version but thanks anyway hi Deddly that is OK i think the realheat solved the problem i hope but thanks anyway
  11. well thanks this is a good idea i should try it right away and hope to find the problem
  12. i have tested the game on my brother laptop it have 12GB ram still crash happen its weird i have not this problem before even with all 80 mod
  13. thanks Skylon i have real solar system and the crash happen when the ModuleManager is applying patch and i have removed the mod when the ModuleManager applies the patch to it when crashes but i did happen again i do not know if something is wrong with the ModuleManager or something is wrong when applying the patch i have all this mod before but since some of the mod updated the crash start happen i can not figure which one is but thanks for help anyway thanks Kerbital i have tested the game with all this mod on another system with 12GB ram but the crash did happen there i think some of mod that updated causing this but i can not figure out which one and i think i should take this the hard way installing the mod one by one which is really hard since that is a lot of mod thanks again for your help
  14. i have nearly 80 mods and i did not have this problem before the game crash in middle of loading i have the this is error Unity Player [version: Unity 5.4.0p4_b15b5ae035b7] mono.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module mono.dll at 0033:eefa0e6a. Error occurred at 2017-04-16_194238. J:\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64.exe, run by NINA. 83% memory in use. 4096 MB physical memory [686 MB free]. 9596 MB paging file [5544 MB free]. 134217728 MB user address space [134214972 MB free]. Read from location 00000010 caused an access violation. i was playing the game with no problem but i can not it crash when loading