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  1. This is great! haha
  2. Thank you Black for all of the hard work! Cheers to you!
  3. I just wanted to say thank you for a great mod. To those wondering this adds effects for any type of contact/bumping/landing/scraping and it adds great sounds for all of the above as well. I had two fairings scrape together during separation and the sparks went flying! It was great to see, also heard the *thud* when they crashed together.
  4. Does it have to do with the Nullref animation spam in the console?
  5. Like what? Last I checked mods can even start my microwave in the kitchen so I can watch Jeb crash and burn.
  6. I implore you to read the conversation past my OP before responding with such vitriol. This conversation has evolved and it looks like people who actually know what they're talking about about are split on this issue. Those who own an old computer that meets the min specs of the game and think that adding a beauty pass would make the game unplayable to you. This is countered by those who say that these said features would not depreciate your PC or KSP experience. There are also those saying that adding such things would in fact add to the resource demand for those wanting to play with stock settings. And I don't apologize for having "standards" I wish to be met, I paid for this game like everyone else and I work hard to play hard, the costs of PC's around the world isn't a concern for game developers nor is it for me because it's a hobby. Hobbies are activities one partakes in that does nothing but suck a hole in your wallet, some choose golf, fishing or whatnot, gaming(and building robotics and drones) is mine. There are a lot of crappy games with amazing graphics being launched these days, I'm just passionate about improving a GREAT game with bad graphics. The feeling that I get when I have all of my visual mods running full bore makes me sometimes forget that I'm actually playing a game and it's a feeling that I wish you all could experience as well, the stock game makes me feel like should be playing with a trackball. The last point I'll make- The world is getting dumber, politics are hampering knowledge and curiosity. Games like KSP opens a window into the world of creative scientific imagination. Even if the game stays exactly the way it is, it is still a marvel and a wonderful game that expose people to critical thinking they may not otherwise exercise. If nothing I wished here comes true, I'm still proud of KSP and it's contributions.
  7. I didn't know this, and it slightly changes my opinion on the matter. That explains a lot.
  8. Can I just ask why people with lower spec'd computers would feel abandoned if squad did spruce up the graphics as an option? Many games with similar starting dates and graphical spec's have updated their game engines to support better graphics and they did just that. It didn't leave out the lower spec'd playerbase at all, it just gave people an option to raise their settings for a more appealing view. I could be very wrong, but I think that the visual enhancement mods are what take the most resources to run, it would be a big relief to those of us that do use those visual mods if it were simply an option in the graphic settings to make it so and maybe a relief to those with lower spec pcs that can't run the visual mods but might be able to raise their settings to the same level if it were stock.
  9. Would it? I imagined extra options in the graphics setttings thus leaving the minimum reqs the same. I don't see a reason that they would have to re-label their min specs and most games come with a min and a recommended req. Anyway, it's clear this topic wasn't wise. It seems it's been covered and beaten to death but I think there's a reason why it keeps coming up. I agree that none of us will agree. That's incredible, I've only ever gotten to about 100 before experiencing constant issues. My computer far surpasses the spec's needed so I can rule that out. You can't possible install 200 mods without crashing, although you have the special ability to read those output logs and solve the issue, I don't.
  10. That was certainly my first go, I found it to be less reliable then doing it manually. Also the index can be outdated or reference incorrect versions. I'm very tedious when installing mods and try my best to do it right.
  11. That's a very selfless of you linux, considering all of the work you put into the modding community to make this game better. I would like to see people like you relieved of such workload. It makes sense why squad won't be interested in implementing said mods. I agree with Joe as well, there is something special about the lack of features in stock and it really simplifies the game- thats a good thing. I do stand firm on the visual though, I can't imagine people complaining about being ABLE to ratchet their graphics up to beautify the game. I disagree on your point about today's economy influencing less demanding games, in fact it's the opposite. Games with cutting edge graphics generally sell the most copies and as Squad has stated they need to "chop more wood" to reach a mass appeal market or squeeze more out of it's current playerbase. Better Visuals would help move the game from Niche to more mainstream. I took no offense to anything anyone said in their replies, I just saw that some of those replies really dug into the details and not the overall point. I can see now that this community is deeply entrenched, however helpful. Everyone has their reasons why they play and how they play, mods allow that flexibility... My frustrations come after a few hours of manually installing mods that are compatible with my version of the game, put in over 40 hours into a single player campaign then encounter constant crashes because some unknown modded part or feature of a mod is conflicting.
  12. I think that some of you are nit picking at the details of my post, and mind all of you that I'm not a modder or capable of understanding the work and effort that goes into it(that's why i donate). For the mods I listed, they all seem pretty basic to me to the extent that that should be in the stock game, I didn't mean to get into detail about how mods are licensed and it wouldn't work. I They don't need a license to steal an idea like they did with comtech. Also those mods i listed, IF implemented wouldn't bother people who didn't want them and I'm sure as always people can turn down their graphics settings. I guess my point was if you can add these features with adding little to the spec'd game requirement then it's a win. We can't cater to people who choose not to update their computer into the current day standards, it's your fault you own a potato not the games. For my comment about Squad not pushing this game forward- Okay sure they did updates to unity which is awesome and some minor graphics updates to make the game smoother in stock, but even with that the game still looks awful, the graphics are easy to get around until i decided that I wanted to invest actual time into the game to achieve goals that are beyond my current comprehension. Willing to buy the DLC but not willing to add a stick of RAM to your computer? Doesn't sound like you guys are very open minded at all. I want to be playing KSP for the next 6 years instead of relishing in the last 6. "A Simple Request" In words only, I get it. I meant "Simple" as in this is the path that I see and it's not complicated for me to explain. I don't believe I spoke for anyone but myself, and I do still stand by it regardless of the details. Edit: I changed the title, it's more appropriate
  13. KSP has come a long way, the gameplay is fantastic at its core however there are some very simple things(In theory) that should be done, it's been asked before but I'm here to ask again. Squad, please implement some of the essential mods into KSP. The work is being done by unpaid, passionate modders to lift your game into the future. You squad, have done nothing to push this game into the future. The current stock KSP has a serious lack of parts to be imagined, the visuals look like N64 mario and the stock game gets very boring once you understand what you're doing. Because of this it forces users to rely on mods for the game, a lot of which are so genius that its a wonder why you squad didn't think of it or at least implement them into your game to make it less likely that the bulk of us have to keep mod searching and reinstalling our games because too many mods broke the save. Now I'm not going to make a huge list of mods that in my opinion should be implemented, however a few notable mods that I think we all agree on are as follows, I'll let the community fill in the blanks after that. 1. KAS/KIS - I don't need to explain why these two mods are incredible and should be stock 2. Distant object/planet shine/ scatterer/ EVE- These mods combined bring KSP into current standards of visuals and makes the eye candy alone addicting 3. parts packs like KW, SpaceY, KSPI, Atomics, Near future- These packs make the interest in the game indefinite and the possibilities insurmountable. Just by integrating the above into the stock game you would have cemented KSP into the future and lightened the load on all of our CPU's making the game smoother, more enjoyable and less likely to crash and burn. I apologize if some of my words are direct, it's just mind blowing that this is a clear path to success and it seems that language packs are more of a priority for you. I won't be buying any DLC you release unless it does some of the latter.
  14. Thank you and yes the waypoints just popped up at one point and I've been able to fly to them in the very same slow prop plane that i couldn't track them on before. Feature? Bug? who cares, it works eventually.