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  1. simple, make a machine that can do a dab, how you do it and what you do with it is up to you. moderators, if you think this belongs in the lounge then by all means move it to the lounge.
  2. I have a very long youtube video I'm gonna upload tomorrow mountain time, if you want your name in the description then just ask.
  3. unfortunately the video wouldn't load past 4 percent, so no 10,000 hour video so moderators, just go ahead and delete this thread.
  4. Its about 136 degrees Kelton if the original unit was Celsius
  5. Your username, I wouldn't expect you to gibe me your real name
  6. that's an odd request, would you like your name next to it?
  7. I'm not trying to make it about anything really, it's just a very pixilated image of me trying to measure my puppy. That's about 10,000 hours long. I think some where in the middle of it one pixel changes for 1 second or something, really don't remember.
  8. Like what?
  9. I don't know, it just felt like something I should do.
  10. this is a user desired challenge where people will take there favorite plane they have already built and turn it into a vtol. rules: 1. it has to be a plane you've already made 2. it can't be one just perfect for a vtol conversion 3. you have to have a craft file of the original and of the vtol. 4. if you do not have a craft file then just record the original and it flying and the vtol with it flying normal and vtol mode (with it switching between them mid flight) 5. it has to have a vtol mode AND a normal mode. how the competetion will work: you will do whether rule 3 or 4 (preferably 4). and after a week or two I will de-side on the best 20 converted crafts. and then I will make a pole with pictures of all of the crafts and a brief description of how they fly and then the craft with the most votes will be crowned: THE VTOL CONVERSION KING!!!! my attempt: P.S. making a vtol from a normal plane is very hard, so you don't have to make it look as original as possible, but do try to. contenders: drtricky with: it is a modded super weaponized plane and the original
  11. What's the reeeeeeeeeee?
  12. I put up 5 huge fuel tanks on the eve station. posted the save zip file ready for next on list. the fuel tanks don't have all their liquid fuel, but it's hard to get that heavy of a load all the way to eve and dock to a station in a retrograde orbit.
  13. Do you need real solor system for that?
  14. I have time control 2.0 installed,so I'm gonna do it and upload it, if it doesn't work, then I'll uninstall it and try again.
  15. So can I go now?
  16. I think lights should use power.
  17. hey kal, when you gonna be done?
  18. but they can be ANY 5 parts, like I put 5 huge fuel tanks as my last module.
  19. define ISRU
  21. thanks
  22. I've seen badges under some peoples posts and when some people say to grab the badge once I did something. But, how do you get badges?
  23. I added a module, now I just need the badge.
  24. so are you done?
  25. so if I use will it affect the save file in any bad or unusable way?