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  1. This is where I try to see if liking cake and being good at kso have a connection.
  2. this challenge used to be on the very first page of the challenges list. it is where you have three minutes from launch to get as far away from kerbin as possible. 1. no cheats or mods 2. its counted as how far in height from kerbin you get in three minutes. since I doubt that anyone without cheats or modes could get out of kerbins soi in three minutes. 3. proof, pic of stock in-game clock at three minutes and the altitude. videos also accepted, even wanted. 4. if exploited, please say how. seperate if you need more info then just ask. need to watch dog, post my attempt tomorrow. leader board: 1. thomas h. with 1318 km 2. cunjo carl with 1134 km 3. man eating ape with 830 km
  3. a challenge with story: you have some rich housing marketers and landlords that'll invest BILLIONS. but before they'll invest they tell you: "The housing market is going crazy. A house worth 6 months pay 5 years ago now costs 40 years pay and we want YOU to fix it. We want you to expand the housing market to other planets. We'll invest in you space program but you need to prove that you're capable of this expansion. If you can launch a REAL 4 kerbal house, and not a silly looking base but a real looking house to the mun then we will invest that 2 billion kerbucks and start planning for the expansion. AND if you can launch a 6 kerbal house, again realistic looking to a planet, other than kerban of course. Then we will invest triple that and give you half of the houses you land to own, as well as paying for getting the houses there. We'll even pay double that if you can get it to eeloo." That's exactly what they said and its you job to complete it. Unless you DON'T want that 2 or 6 or 12! billion kerbucks and chance to own half of all the housing outside of kerbin. good luck:)
  4. my attempt crashed the game, I had a big first stage and I had five engines in a four on the side on in the middle for the second stage but when I went to put the first stage on again but it accidentally connected to the four side engines so there was now FOUR big first stages and I was like: "okay" so I went with it. it 10 g's but then it crashed. trying again later or tomorrow.
  5. so I'm in 3'd now?
  6. The list of who's in line is In the same folder as the save file. Just so everyoNE knows who's going.
  7. @53miner53 thank you for doing that and lets hope when its my turn I can access the file wait, how do you do the sunglasses emoji? I can do
  8. If my prediction is right then you guys are just odd balls
  9. SeND a pick will ya?
  10. After rocket builder, what place am I in?
  11. what moderator should I congradulate for putting all of those cakes on there
  12. This is where I try to see if liking cake and being good at ksp have a connection. If you think of a kind of cake I forgot, please tell me.
  13. Thank you for putting my part up for me, aND could you put me on the waiting list so I can do one for the mun orbit station, let's hope I can access it
  14. how do you access the 1.2.9 build from steam?
  15. if it can go super sonic, extra points if it can. some of my planes can't go super sonic and I bet the kerbals didn't like the fact that it couldn't.
  16. if its super sonic or not.
  17. no cheats, person who gets farthest by only using the tier 1 parts wins. saw one for this but lost it, SO I made a new one. me, 404 km and 2025 mps I mean: go as fast and as high as you can using only tier one parts, with powered separation and such. if you still don't understand please just ask. I try to make good challenges and I don't want the first comment to be how my challenge isn't good. so please, just ask. 1.
  18. could you send a pick of each of the three or more space stations. P.S. did you add my module back to the kerbin one since I couldn't access the save file?
  19. I try to make unique challenges, even if they aren't that good. you could've just asked to put up some more detail. EVEN better, told me where the original challenge is so I can post my results there instead of making a new one to get MORE links to the challenge submission guide.
  20. I'm surprised that no one sent you the challenge submission guide yet. when I post a challenge, even if I did it and I have proof I always (except for like two of them) get the challenge submission guide. I don't send people the challenge submission guide. Because when someone sends me the challenge submission guide I get really annoyed. ESPECIALLY when I have proof that its possible. the challenge submission guide it's useful for the first two times it's sent. after that its just annoying. it feels like nowadays the when someone sends you it they just don't like your challenge.
  21. very good question.
  22. this is a challenge to crash into the sun as fast as you can. you have to have a video of you doing it, from launch to crash, the timer will be of the real life time it took so no speeding up video and no physics warp. time warp is allowed. only rule: no cheats, stock or non stock but must be said which. it can be any controllable payload. if you just can't have a video then post a picture of the complete craft and the time, what my time is shows you what kind of time I'm looking for. my attempt, which won't count towards the leader board: leaderboard: 1. Cunjo carl with 3:15
  23. My attempt doesn't count, it's only there so this challenge doesn't get locked.
  24. I wasn't counting build time but okay. Build time is included as soon as I get to my computer.