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  1. I'll be more than happy to report them back to you. Heck, I'll report all the bugs that I find and submit them to Squad, that way we can proactively eliminate them as they appear.
  2. Yeah. So we can (hopefully) expect a Q3-Q4 release. Half a year has passed since the "Early 2017", so we'll see if we get it by the end of the year... Also, as I said earlier, Blitworks is playing with fire. The bigger an update (I'm guessing at least a few Gigs), the more chances are that lines of code won't agree. And you may say "It's a new port", but I'm positive that even Blitworks is not immune to not finding bugs in the game. So I will remain skeptical until this update is released. Only after it stands up to EVERYTHING I can throw at it to break it will I believe that it works.
  3. I don't know. Cert testing is never a "for sure" business. Some games like Halo and Call of Duty may take weeks. A smaller game like Trails Fusion may take a day or two. I agree. The only DLC I've seen for this game is for PC only. I've heard nothing about a console DLC. Why would they even speculate on DLC when the base game still isn't even working?
  4. You should've asked me to do this. I've broken so many games doing my own debugging, I could probably finish this in two days! Fallout New Vegas comes to mind especially... So how many "new builds" are there gonna be before we see it? It all sounds good on paper, but I'll remain a skeptic until I can throw my hardest at it and it doesn't crash. PS: You guys have 18 days until a year has passed. Better step it up!
  5. Digital content is extremely finicky when it comes to refunds. Before Apple cracked down on it, you'd be able to get apps, report a problem, and get a refund while still being able to keep the game. The same could also be true of digital console games. Usually, for a refund of digital content, a claim must be filed within 24-48 hours. Unfortunately, this bug really became apparent during that time, and by the time people realized it was there, the refund period had already expired. I know because that's what had happened to me.
  6. Yeah, seriously! And it'll have all the features that the developers promised to boot! You know, at least Ace Combat 7 will fill my need for a serious flight game. I've also got Space Simulator on my iPhone, so I've got an adequate space game.
  7. Unfortunately, they don't have to release the update. They already have our $40, so if they decide that the update isn't worth their time, they have nothing to lose. They can stop all further work and tell us it sucks you chose the wrong console. There's been absolutely no accountability, and all attempts at recompense have come to nothing.
  8. So in layman's terms, more waiting? Lovely... Next month will probably signal the end of me playing this godforsaken game. I've waited long enough, only to be told at every opportunity that "improvements continue". If something MAJOR does not happen after a year of waiting, I'm giving up on ever seeing the update. It sucks that it's come to this, but there's other things that I'll gladly wait for. Ace Combat 7 is slated for 2018, and I'm more excited for THAT than this update!
  9. Really? I hit that phase before the anger one!
  10. Regardless, we all feel the same way about this game. It's getting to the point where frustration is turning to anger.
  11. That's very true. So it's safe to say that the FTE build was so unstable, that Blitworks had to create a brand new game port? I can understand how hard that would be, but it still seems like it's been an excessively long wait. EDIT: According to the clock, there's only 28 days left until the 1 year anniversary of this [snip]
  12. That's pretty much the whole of it. Bottom line is, if THIS PATCH doesn't fix the issue, I'm done with the game and filing for legal action. I hate to be that guy, but someone needs to be held accountable if a THIRD try fails.
  13. I hate to say it, but welcome to the bureaucracy of game developing. Sure, Squad could release a bug fix for the save issues, but it's way cheaper to make us wait longer for an all-in-one update that contains everything. I must say though that I am extremely leery of an update like this. Going around adding gigs of code to an already very unstable game is asking for trouble. You can say it's stable to the ends of the Sol system, but I've ruined enough games in beta testing (looking at you Battlefield) to know otherwise. Call me a pessimist, but I'm just being VERY realistic.
  14. I'm loving that radial menu on the console version! The UI is gonna look so good after its done. Finally I won't have to worry about the maneuver node freaking out on me! Oddly enough though, I do hope that rapidly activating custom actions to slow down time still works, since it will let you get that extra second to eject and save your Kerbals if your plane has an untimely meeting with gravity.
  15. Excellent! Now that's what I'm talking about! That UI looks way slicker than the previous one. It'll also make Hohmann transfers way easier without the node despawning as I'm trying to adjust it. Thanks for the screenshot @HebaruSan!