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  1. 1 month, one year, what's the difference right? It's not like I've been waiting since the game came out. Honestly, I'm about to drop KSP. I've been dragged around with promises and dates for months. At least with Ace Combat 7, I don't need to worry about the release date. I've been waiting for that game since 2011. And now it's coming out this year. So if nothing has changed between now and the time Ace Combat 7 is released, I can pretty much guarantee I'm saying goodbye to KSP.
  2. I agree. Before Microsoft bought out Minecraft, us console gamers referred to year long hiatuses as pulling a Notch. I guess now we'll say that they're pulling a Squad. Us console gamers have been constantly shafted for almost a year, so honestly, we have every right to be angry. No amount of being soothed by Squad or PC gamers who never had to deal with this will work until we actually see results.
  3. But of course! *Waves hands mystically*
  4. So now I have I have four things to be excited for this year on Xbox One. I've got Halo Wars 2 on the 21st this month, Kerbal Space Program this spring, Crackdown 3 later this year, and the one I'm most excited for, Ace Combat 7!
  5. It'd have to be a patch. A brand new port would mean that console players would have to rebuy KSP since it's in essence a whole new game, and we've already found out the hard way that Microsoft and Sony aren't gonna give us a refund for Flying Tiger's atrocity.
  6. I appreciate it. Let's stick to the topic at hand, shall we?
  7. I'm ecstatic to hear that consoles are finally getting an update. I bought KSP for my Xbox One literally the week it came out. Aside from the horrible save rollback glitch (which thankfully Squad fixed), I've been quite lucky to not experience many other devastating ones. Unfortunately, it seems I've encountered one I cannot find an explanation for that I hope this update will fix. For some reason, my quicksaves and quickloads are glitched, meaning not only do they not appear anywhere, but I cannot, load, save, or access them at anytime. Any idea if this will be fixed?