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  1. If anyone has AtmosphereAutopilot mod installed then the two first Wright contracts cannot be accepted due to unmet dependencies. You can fix it yourself by temporarily uninstalling AA or by applying this patch: link you can look into the mod's folder and delete the contracts you don't like. The folders containing contracts are located in (on my PC): C:\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\ContractPacks\GAP\
  2. OK, it seems AA renames module 'ModuleControlSurface' into 'SyncModuleControlSurface' so adding this requirement to the GAP contract fixes the issue and uninstalling the mod is no longer necessary. REQUIREMENT:NEEDS[AtmosphereAutopilot] { name = PartModuleUnlocked type = PartModuleUnlocked partModule = SyncModuleControlSurface }
  3. Hi, Joining in to say it's an impressive piece of matlabing Thanks a lot for this so useful mod! I've found a small conflict with 'giving aircraft a purpose' mod: for some reason AA makes this part of contract "Wright Aeronautical: Build and fly your first airplane!" impossible to acquire. The reason is that with AA installed this piece of contract REQUIREMENT { name = PartModuleUnlocked type = PartModuleUnlocked partModule = ModuleControlSurface } is never met for some reason: The workaround is to uninstall AA, accept the contract and install it again. However, this has the potential to break other stuff as well so it might be a good idea to change this behaviour.
  4. Hi, Welcome to the forums! If you put higher voltage to a lightbulb, it actually goes brighter. I didn't try with the head though
  5. You might want to check Memgraph mod. It helps with the stuttering.
  6. There are a good comments in the thread and I fully agree with the statement that single thread performance is what is most likely influences the performance of the game (especially in physics heavy scenes). We're however taking this conclusion from what we think is affecting the performance. The best way to be certain would be to create a repeatable test simulating different activities in the game (launching a huge ship would certainly need to be there) and throw it at the community to learn. Knowing us all I guess somebody has tried it but I have not found any benchmark mod or anything to support it. I am actually surprised that there is no mod like this as it would be a great help to find out i.e. how a mod affects frame rate. Or maybe there is but I have just not found it?
  7. Hi and welcome to the forums. What about using mission reports sub-forum or the thread below? enjoy your KSP addiction!
  8. I only know KSP from 1.2 and I can see it as a pretty stable piece of code. It is probably the most stable release in history (looking at the amount of issues people complained before). Theoretically speaking less code = more stability and less effort BUT once you get your codebase under control - is it really that beneficial to remove code? I bet it is not . All of us - Kerbonauts - are practical folks, theory does not bother us much. As @Nathair said - it's worth it.
  9. Here's the final chapter of mining bus.
  10. Thanks, very useful addition. However, when CommNet works through a relay then there is additional icon displayed and dropdown icon covers CommNet again. Issue #7 created on Github. It is an incredibly useful mod already and if you're willing to put a bit more time then I would see the potential improvements possible: 1. removal of the dropdown icon and only use menu button (to make the mod UI consistent with most other mods) 2. integration with Blizzy's toolbar 3. unification of settings storage - 'old' part of the mod saves settings to a file, the 'new' part (settings in difficulty menu) in savefile.
  11. There's not much I'd like to see removed but quite a lot I'd like to see improved One thing to remove for me would be all the biomes within KSC. How does temperature readings done by funny looking landing capsule on wheels push your research forward??? EDIT: I would not remove game elements I don't like. There are probably people who like them
  12. There are rumours that a former Kerbicrosoft director (he came from Eeloo(p)) was sent to manage Dres. Few yers later Kerbicrosoft bought Dres and announced that it will become a much better planet than anDunaroid and iPlock combined... Everything went downhill from that point and people started to question Dres' existence after this epic failure.
  13. Thanks for the update. It still says 1.2.2-2 in OP though.
  14. Thanks for this @linuxgurugamer. You've just motivated me to create an account there
  15. Looks useful to me too. Installed and working well. Thanks! Would you mind adding another category - 'Favorites'? Favorites would not hide, of course, but it would allow me to keep all those good mods that I do not want to have installed atm.