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  1. I had been using DX11 when I started playing the game (because why not) but when I landed on Moho and found its surface to look similar to a farmland (with SVT), i have switched to DX9 and I'm using it now. Good to know I'm not loosing anything in the visual department (I don't really care about memory usage). @Galileo thanks a lot for your work on SVT and other mods - they really bring KSP experience to a higher level!
  2. Good job what's advantage of DX11 is ksp though?
  3. hmm, I am sure the egg was done by OPM - once I removed it Mun was it old self again. I install it via CKAN.
  4. I'll provide logfile as soon as I can. I have around 100 mods but this issue did not appear before to me. Thanks a lot!!!
  5. that's a good one! It's my first year with KSP so I wasn't aware of the humour. I would leave it as it is but maybe change the texture to that of real Earth? This would be even better However, I dont have Sigma Binary installed - @Sigma88how did you sneak this in? Happy Earth Day!!!
  6. I've noticed a strage bug today - all bodies look like Kerbin from afar. They all look ok from a close view but there is a zoom level where this happens: To be clear - we have Mun on the picture above. One more person has reported this issue: This weird glitch disappears when I remove OPM and reappears again with it installed (via CKAN).
  7. unbelievable but uninstalling OPM fixed the issue. Need to check its thread...
  8. That's what happens when I'm slowly zooming in:
  9. Interestingly, I've started to see the same behaviour today too. Maybe it's an Easter egg in one of the mods or in KSP itself...
  10. OP says something different but for me left-click opens config window and right-click does nothing. @linuxgurugamer is that a mistake or desired behaviour? Also, I've started to have situations where the mod resets the total time (I'm over 390h now ). It started to behave like this today and I can't really find any reason for it doing so. Last run was without this issue though. Currently my totaltime.dat is TotalTime { secTotal = 1409440 }
  11. This bug has appeared in the last update
  12. @MaxZhao more details in BTW thread: @Jognt - thanks!
  13. Oh my, this is beautiful. Blackrack, are you secretly hired to work on KSP2 or what? cant wait to install it, hope it will work with my current 1.2.2 career play
  14. same here, I installed from CKAN. I have removed BTT for now as I am trying to find the reason for issue I see after playing my heavily modded KSP for some time: maneuver nodes start behaving in a strange way: they change dV without any apparent reason, target node in navball move and timewarping to nodes overshoot them by quite a large margin. I started suspecting that loseless physics might affect nodes in some way so I uninstalled BTT for now. One more person reported the same issue:
  15. I'm still trying to find the root cause by removing some mods and then playing again. No luck so far. I have also noticed that whenever the bug appears then maneuver nodes seem to be completely broken - they become completely unreliable and timewarping to them usually overshoots by quite a long time. The crashes however were caused by steam dll which I deleted and no crashes occur anymore @MaxZhao any progress on your side?