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  1. Not to mention only 7 seats in the shuttle. Atlantis would have to have compensated for that. like leaving some crew on the ground to increase chance of survival for those who are not strapped in.
  2. When you're playing a video game and someone brags about how good they are, you watch the kill feed and they're the first one to be killed... By a noob.
  3. KSP is far better than that 2D game. Wo0t
  4. Or, a UI in which you can have multiple modes of control besides the ones we already have + horizon.. you could set it to hold a certain degree above/below the horizon.. Would be especially great on my shuttles during reentry.. or altitude hold.. <3 I'm sure a lot of people could support me on this.. I SUPPORT THIS
  5. Built a test interplanetary SSTO, had all the necessary elements to have one work;

    Stable elc charge, SAS for control, ISRU, Ore tank, Drill, a kerbal


    But one problem

    I landed on Minmus, to grab some fuel (of course).. I extended the drill, and nothing happened. I looked at it, it said 'no ground contact' so I retracted my landing gead, again same problem. The drill is literally 85% inside the moon's surface, and no contact. Why.

    Angers me because it took me 8 flights to get the dang thing into space, only to find out that it's useless now.

    1. TheKorbinger


      *Landing gear

  6. Banned for being in my discord. Banned for being an ape.
  7. played ksp twice in past 2 days, landed on moon twice. It's not that hard. I do it Apollo style tho
  8. The best angle to get anywhere is to launch straight east. You'll save fuel and time if you launch yourself into a nice equatorial orbit. It would be possible, but make the modules small, or make them go straight up and down the body of the station. The game doesn't like wobbly parts under acceleration, and would likely result in a kraken attack, or your station falling apart. Pe of 150 and an Ap of 300, boost at Pe. Efficiency is higher, and you will save time. if you boost at 300 km Ap, you'll need to match your Pe before you start heading out. The best thing to do for and Eve encounter is to wait until Eve is about 20-30 degrees BEHIND kerbin. By the time your probe passes through eve's orbit, the planet will have likely have caught up with the probe. For beginners, I recommend going to Duna. Its gravity well is smaller, and it's gravity is weaker, so you'll save a considerable amount of fuel. Duna has to be ahead of you by the same (20-30 degrees) to get an encounter. Since you'll be going so fast, put yourself into a flyby of about 8-15 km from the surface. You'll aerobrake enough to get into orbit, Ike, however is like the Moon to earth. It's tidally locked, and huge. Don't be surprised if Ike tries to consume your probes, because it will. =/ Hope I helped you! -TheKorbinger
  9. Like ejecting an E class asteroid out of the solar system WHY IS THAT A CONTRACT!?
  10. When people incorrectly misspell You're with your... person: "Your making me mad!" me: "*You're" *triggered*
  11. OH. I've never played PS4. Hope everything goes well for you!
  12. If it's not a problem, try putting this into Launch Options before you launch the game: -force-opengl With all of those mods, this will definitely reduce memory leakage. Any background processes that are running could be drawing some power to it. Close those off. If that doesn't work, reduce your graphics in the game until it's suitable to your tastes (pretty looking?) and isn't laggy anymore.
  13. Don't forget to push yourself while playing. Nothing wrong with a good challenge. (If you mess up, F5 and F9 are also your friends :D)
  14. Exactly. Start with career mode so you can get a bearing on what does what. I watched KSP videos for about a year before I got the full version, so I already had a grasp on what did what and started with sandbox. I've done career here and there, but I mostly revolve around sandbox. Once you have completed career mode, and just want to have a little fun, Sandbox is your best friend. "In career mode, is it possible to build your own space station, during or after the completed missions?" The answer to that question is both. The game will give you contracts like: "Build a Space Station that can hold at least 12 kerbals, 3000 mono-propellant, 2000 electric charge, has an antenna, a docking port" In that sense, launch what you need to space and put it together making sure all the criteria is bet before time runs out, which usually an insane amount of time between 1 and 30 years. (or never in some cases) And if you want, you can build space station wherever and whenever you want. I built a 700 part station that weighed like 200 tons, and had 20 modules. I wrecked it intentionally ( for fun) with a command module returning from LMO (Low munar Orbit).. destroyed the entire thing needless to say. bad thing is, I forgot to quicksave.. *sniff* Too-de-loo! -TheKorbinger