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  1. Nope! @Mordecai_Ender maybe?
  2. Welcome to the forum, @jackstech! Enjoy your stay! Morning breakfast is complimentary, feel free to pig out
  3. I clicked, my pc exploded. squad u owe my school a new computer Don't worry.. they're cheap hand-me-downs.. *so like 800 dollars*
  4. YOU'RE AT 1000 REP. THANK ME 



  5. Do not waste your money. The console version of KSP is incomplete, and bug filled to the max. Keep a look out for it, when they release a new version for console that works, then you can get it.
  6. 20 mods? Depending on what you computer is, don't install too many mods. Install the essentials only. Update your drivers, and if that doesn't work, try -force-opengl (I did it with 30, and it stopped crashing)
  7. I have it set to where the shaking on the outside is 0, but inside is set to 2.0 I'm sure there's a .cfg file somewhere in which you can alter it.
  8. don't forget the addition of stock propellers
  9. Sorry, Sir. We fired him last night.. He's been trying to sneak back in.. Waiter!, there's a black hole in my soup! it's consuming my legs!
  10. during one of my science missions, i landed in multiple biomes on Pol. Entirely Ion powered!
  11. Welcome to the forums, Mondoshawan! Enjoy your stay!
  12. When I was landing on Duna with a rover, made like 10 adjustment burns before I got there, reentry as usual, deploy retro rockets and parachutes only to hit the ground at 250 m/s... What was the problem? All that in about 45 minutes. Held F9 to see my interplanetary stage still attached, I didn't quicksave *alt F4'd*
  13. If you're flying between 700-1,200 m/s, you'd need to use the beefy atmospheric engines, they are very good at high altitude and somewhat fuel efficient. Propper altitude would be between 15 km and 20 km. you can maintain high speed, while fuel usage is low. I would know because I have my own 1:1 scale replica
  14. I am continuing to test my replicas, trying to fly inverted in my C17 and rage quitting after hitting the water at 260 m/s
  15. They should have continued to experiment with the game, develop it for the consoles before they released it. My guess is that they released it for a quick buck, knowing players can't refund, and are very slowly fixing it. RECALL THE GAME FROM CONSOLE AND FIX IT BEFORE YOU RELEASE A BUG FILLED PIECE OF TURD.