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  1. Last Monday of school! Final week of my Sophomore year in High school!


    W0ot Wo0t

  2. No school today, major storm roll'd over us last night. Many power outages.

  3. just when flying a vessel, it fixes all problems for me.
  4. When the UI locks up for me, I just F5 and F9, it usually works. Perhaps it'll work for you?
  5. Ok. Thanks. 07 Doge <3
  6. Is there any cfg file that would allow me to alter a planet's parameters? (Inclination, pe/ap, ecc) Any help would be great! -TheKorbinger
  7. I love the idea of multiplayer, the fact that people can come together to build things just fascinates me. Co-op can be a thing along with multiplayer, but what if when a player where to time-warp, it would control the entire game's time, and everyone in it. Such a thing would require communication (like Discord/ TS3/Skype) to notify that player. Or, you can have something like when you where to timewarp, a notification box would come up, that would make you select whether or not you want to timewarp with that person. Someone needs to try this! I would, but i have no idea how to make mods =/
  8. +14+
  9. In an act of rebellion, I smashed my 230 ton plane into the ground to show the planet Kerbin to stop producing gravity. Didn't work.
  10. I want a straight edge to a round end, it (looks like it) kinda curves inward. I hate it. I use those too ;3
  11. My Sukhoi SU-34 replica exploded on the runway, shooting debris out of the solar system at like 30% the speed of light, last I checked, the number was so long, it was like 6 inches on my screen Due to timewarping, I travel alot :3
  12. Smaller engines, or bigger drone, yes. Have you tried adjusting the thrust levels of your vehicle? That could help if you reduced the engines thrust a bit.
  13. Ayy!! Long time since I've been here! anyways, I've built 2 new aircraft, that have been through some extensive testing, and i'm ready to release them. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner : 4 engines CONTROL GROUPS 1. Flaps 2. Speed breaks (Have problems with direction of deployment) 3. reverse thrusters 9. toggle lights _______________________ 265 parts 162 tons 13.6m high 45.5m wide 49.1m long Embraer ERJ-145 : 1. Flaps 2. Speed breaks 3. Reverse thrusters ___________________ 106 parts 44 tons 4.8m high 20.2m wide 24.3m long Pics :
  14. Propellers (Mk 1, 2, 3.) 2.5m intakes a not ugly 2.5m nosecone Wings that can be adjusted on size (like Procedural parts) an airline cockpit some radially mounted Ablator heat shields <3
  15. I use google to save my craft files. 1. log into google 2. go to Google Drive 3. click "NEW" 4. upload kerbal space ship (or whatevs) 5. click 'get shareable link' 6. post that link here if you want people to download it REMEMBER: NO PICS NO CLICKS