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  1. I got once a Sharman Kerman lol
  2. So as far as I learned it turns out that take-two the tool to create mods for GTA 5 has been taken down, however is this going to affect in a way to the future development for mods of Kerbal space program?
  3. Check the change log to get the latest update of the mod
  4. Thanks a lot! although they did brought me a smile and laugh though lol
  5. [snip] Should i request ro lock this forum thread?
  6. My apologies if this caused a misunderstanding
  7. Thats the Normandy SR-2 (or one :P) of Mass Effect
  8. I've heard of it but never got the time to investigate, what is it and how it works?
  9. This gets me to ask the following, how in the world does Count Dooku ship is able to travel long distances having a solar sail?
  10. Well mine would be solar sail, I remember that either NASA or the ESA tested it on a probe as far as know, yet the drawback of this is as farther you are of the sun, the less enegry you get and colder it gets when theres no light at all I dont know how solar panels would react to extremely low light levels
  11. So in any case if you had to design your deep space exploration vessel, which type of energy would you use to power up and keep your ship running?
  12. So i've been reading some articles as well watching some documentaries that scientists are developing multiple ways to travel in deep space, however what would be the requirements for such engines to exist and keep the crew safe and sound without having a disaster?
  13. Hi

    Will do
  14. Hi

    hmmm hard to tell XD however I'm looking forward to see evereyone of 'em if thats possible (of course theres going to be exceptions )